OPCW report of the Fourth meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board's Temporary Working Group on Verification
1 Oct, 2014

"Per Runn highlighted key factors of a gap analysis conducted during the intersessional period. Preliminary analysis, based on interviews with over twenty staff members of the Technical Secretariat, indicated that: [...] the importance of preparing for future challenges - such as sea-dumped chemical weapons munitions, continued destruction of old chemical weapons and new riot-control agents and incapacitating chemical agents - that are likely to arise; [...]"

European Union Maritime Security Strategy
June 24, 2014

CHEMSEA Findings
Results from the CHEMSEA project - Chemical Munitins Search and Assessment

Oct 3, 2013

Chemical munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea (EN)
Broń chemiczna zatopiona w Morzu Bałtyckim (PL)
Aug 2013

Overview on underwater munitions technology and methodology for Military Munitions Response Programs (MMRP’s)
July 10, 2013

Working Document of Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Luxembourg
the Third Review Conference of the States Parties of the Chemical Weapons Convention
April 8-19, 2013

Munitions in German Marine Waters - Stocktaking and Recommendations

Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
2011, updated 2013

UN resolution 2013

UN resolution 2010

RAPORT dotyczący kwestii zawartych w decyzjach nr 23 i 24, podjętych na 1 spotkaniu Grupy Eksperckiej dotyczącej aktualizacji i rewizji dostępnych informacji o zatopionej broni chemicznej w Morzu Bałtyckim „HELCOM MUNI 1/2010” (PL)
Marzec 2011

REPORT concerning the issues included in Decisions no. 23 and 24, made at the 1st Meeting of the Expert Group concerning updating and reviewing available information on chemical weapons dumped in the Baltic Sea  “HELCOM MUNI 1/2010” (EN)
March 2011

The Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) of NATO report:
Environmental Impact of Munition and Propellant Disposal
February 2010

Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt FFI/RAPPORT-2002/04951:
Investigation and risk assessment of ships loaded with chemical ammunition scuttled in Skagerrak

Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)

January 13, 1993 (signed)
April 29, 1997 (entered into force)

Final Report of the ad hoc Working Group on Dumped Chemical Munition (HELCOM CHEMU)

to the 16th Meeting of the Helsinki Commission
March 1995

National report of the Russian Federation:
Complex Analysis og the Hazard Related to the Captured German Chemical Weapon Dumped in the Baltic Sea (EN)
Kompleksowa analiza zagrożenia stwarzanego przez składowaną w Morzu Bałtyckim przejętą niemiecką broń chemiczną (PL)

National report of Poland:
National report on war gases and ammunition dumped in the Polish Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea (EN)


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