Type Of Cross Tattoos

My Favorite Celebs With Tattoos of Cross

Lady gaga the famous pop singer lady .her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta .she is born on born March 28, 1986..Lady Gaga is one of the top Pop Culture icons of this decade.Lady Gaga has furthered this character she’s created with funky hairstyles, makeup, costumes and even tattoos.
Lady Gaga having many tattoos on her sexy bod y .In Lady Gaga Tattoos including tattoos on her wrist, her shoulder, back and her inner arm,including a peace sign, a unicorn, and a treble clef.
lady gaga got a tattoo of a peace sign in that show one of her biggest inspirations, John Lennon, and the love and peace exhibited in her songs.
Written in German, is a quote from “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke, Gaga’s favorite philosopher, along with the death-date of Gaga’s aunt, Joanne, 12/18/1974, whom Gaga thinks she is a reincarnation of.
When Gaga said she was getting a heart tat with the word ‘Dad’ inside for her father, to persuade him to get a much-needed heart surgery, Daddy Gaga said,”Well you’re running out of real estate, so get it small.”
Tila Tequila .,is the tv star and  model in america,she is the singer and actress as well.
she is born on 24 october, 1981 at Singapore.her real name isTila Nguyen.She is better known by her stage name Tial Tequila.
This hot lady of america having a lots of tattoo designs on her sexy body.she become populer with her tattoos.she is having at most Six Tattoos on her body.all of her tattoos having its history and importance.all of her tattoos having special meaning.

Take a look for the Tila Tequila Tattoos and their meanings as well.Tila tequila having a heart tattoo on her left arm shoulder,this heart tattoos is having ribbon in the middle and this ribbon says in french “c’est la vie She also have design of unique cross tattoos ‘which represent the meanings that
“this is life”.
And second heart on right arm shoulder and this heart having wings and two guns crossed over and a musical note inside this heart that means that american model lives with music in her heart.this complete tattoo tell about her dyanamic nature.
On Tila Tequila ‘s back she having a scorpian tattoo this scorpian tattoo is the symbol of her Zodiac signas she born in october.
A chiness tattoo on her back of the neck.No body knows about this tattoo mean.
She is having Star tattoos on her both wrist.this tattoos is the symbol of her respect and love to her motherland and her native culture.this stars are shown for her feminine nature and have very elegant designs.
Here is the images of her tattoos.

Tila Tequila Right Hand Tattoo .
Soulja boy the world famous rapper singer ,artist,and record producer.his real name is DeAndre Cortez Way.he is born on July 28, 1990 .he is having a lots of tattoos on his body .,almost fully covered his body with tattoo ink,some rumors said that some of tattoos of the soulja boy are fake ,which are are on stomatch,but soon soulja give them answer by giving pictures of his body in shirtless.

He is having many tattoos on his body ,in which no body can guess the manings of all tattoos of him ,due to their mixing up combination.here are the tattoos of soulja boy.

soulja boy having at least 60 tattoos on his body .
he is having tattoos on :
On the neck tattoo those that stand out are he dollar sign, music note and red lips
tatatoos on chest is colorfully inked as well.
Soulja’s stomach having a Superman symbol.
Soulja Upper Back tattoos
Soulja Neck-Dollar Tattoo
Soulja Boy Side Neck Tattoo
Soulja Rose Tattoo
Soulja Boy Facial Tattoo
The cards and dollars hand
Front body torso tattoo
Soulja Full upper body tattoo

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Type Of Cross Tattoos

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