We have become so used to the replacement of good quality for the cheaper article. This has affected our lives from the moment we get up to the moment we go to sleep. Each step in our lives have been made cheaper but what we have lost is quality.

What defines quality? The dictionary defines is as the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind. So does that make our cheaper imported products the NEW quality. I sure hope not because if items that break on the third use is quality our children will be living in a virtual world with one use products. The draw back to that is the load of garbage they will need to dispose of.

Quality is measurable as we speak of improving it. Which we can measure by standards and grades. We can then class it as premium, superior or economy. Economy is a commonly used phrase to describe a product that is cheaper and of a poorer grade. Whilst Supeior is only one step up from that and has a few changes made to it. Premium is the best that money can buy until someone discovers something better. 

A plastic life is made of items which once were made of genuine elements such as the replacement of cotton with poly-cotton. They feel and sometimes even look closely the same. The one will last for years whilst the other will deterioate fast depending on the break down of the chemical structure. Sometimes this is good as in plastic bags. Quality plastic bags that are made to disintergrate faster whilst cheaper ones will blow in the wind for years as flowers on the fence. 

Quality in things is a feature or trait which gives the items attributes. The more characteristics an item has the better it is. Take a chair and list the  aspects of that chair noting the fabric, the finish and the comfort. The more different the facets and  streaks to the  property which create peculiarity of the item the more expensive the item. One can then attach a mark to that item in the form of a badge or stamp which is called a  hallmark and then one can legally secure the product with a  trademark.

A product which is not considered plastic needs to meet the test of time. This is a very difficult test as there is no way to shorten it than to use the item and see if it lasts. An item which has been manufactured for years may not be superior. Mass production does not make it better. Only people using that specific item for countless times over a period can give the item a better status. During that time the item should not change at all except in aging colour. 

It gets my goat when I see stuff marked premium or superior and it has not lived long enough to have achieved anything. 

Here is a good example the shirt on the left is made of poly-cotton and is modern yet the shirt on the left made of real cotton has been through three generations. It was purchased for a special occassion by a grandad and then passed on the son. The shirt has now been passed onto the third generation and the person wore it to their matric dance. This proves that the quality lasted.

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