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Are we missing the picture on this thing. Look at these posters that tell just how bad the situation is. Why have we got less than 20 K growth yet Black wealth has increased by 56% where is the bottleneck in this lot? Something went terribly wrong when a sector empowerement was seen a means to domination instead of ALL micro and small business being included in the economic enviroment of the country. 

Let’s just take a look at what we are talking about.

Corporate business is asked in each province to once a year to give back in the form of sponsoring a spot for an SME to showcase their products to the public in an extremely expensive venue at the Procurement Show.

Ms Malcomess was totally disgusted when she saw the lack of turnout by the SMME's. 

On doing her rounds as required she was further disgusted at the attitude. At one stall where she stopped to ask about their service knowing that she could help them in the area where she lived (Randburg/Bryanston). Instead of a decent conversation which could of led to her to inviting said company to the area and addressing not only the problem, but also giving a SMME a hand up, she was affronted by the company. The elder at the stall kept stating they did not want to be employed by you (addressing her as a white person instead of as her position) The younger was trying but getting drowned out. Eventually she left and moved on. 

Further down she came across a stall selling something that she actually needed at a good price. The negotiations went sour due to being demanded to on the day and right then. In business you have 30 days to do an order, deliver and pay. No one would do business before confirming the details.

Whilst talking to a white stall (1 in 100) who was selling BBEEE products. Man had they missed the boat on empowerment. If you don’t help the companies who are trying to help the SMME then the boat is being missed. It all boils down to attitude. Here is a video from Penuel The Black Pen

One white business can create more business for black business simply as they have the knowledge, finance and capabilities. Where the problem lies is attitudes!! Government is strapped and has no more funding for undertaking a job so big which is like eating an elephant alone. Look at these stats that Rakgadi Motseto from National Treasury presented on stage of how they are under staffed.

Added to this is the public mistrust of the government caused by both the press and corruption. The press in that they focus on only the bad things government has done and use derogatory slander towards officials whether political or employed in capacity. Corruption is to blame because of the perceived need by officials to belong in the rat race and be better than anyone else. Then there is also the hiring stats caused by HR who read every brief to only include university graduated candidates or some other bench mark. 

An example is of a woman who attempted to get several jobs for which they were capable but was turned down on either colour or lack of university recognised degree despite holding a NDP plus 30 other certificates and being the creator in the sector. This led them to establish their own company which was then closed down by government as it was in competition to a government held Company. Then this person created an initiative and when it was beginning to make money the government once again stepped in and destroyed the company by taking away the initiative and spending millions on it whilst excluding the creator. The creator is now included in the poverty line of the country.

Empowerment needs to start at grassroots.  The creator of initiatives and projects needs to be helped no matter what colour or standing. They need to be shown how to meet where they lack. Legislation needs to be adapted and not changed in many cases to allow for business to thrive. Creators need to be recognised and promoted as well as be compensated for their achievements.

Heather Zynbad


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