Lost your job Now what

I have seen it time and again how people loosing their jobs have thrown away money and not done very well and this has pushed me into writing this article.

First thing to realise is that it was not your or anyone related to you faul. We all loose our jobs for various reasons. I walked out of corporate life over 25 years ago. I cant say it was an easy decision. At the time I was so pissed off that I really could not of cared. I was a very well trained IT earning top wage of the day. However what I discovered was that everytime I did a good job which brought out innovation I was not credited or rewarded but rather that idea was farmed on to others and I lost credibility. 

It was a in the middle of winter which is the hardest time to find a job when I walked out. My family where very upset with me and threats filled the air.

When I started Zynbad Bikers I had not planned on it being about motorcycling but about children's badges. At the fleamarket I was looking after a stall selling wooden products and on the side making tiny button badges for kids. At R5 or R10 a pop they were selling pretty well. Then a friend came along and suggested I join him on the following Saturday.

I drove out to venue not knowing what to make of it. When I saw all these rough looking bikers I was scared and though I had set my table up at the hotel which was on top of a slope by the end of the day I was 2 feet from my car next to the gate and ready to go. It was the most frightening experience of my life.

Getting home my family asked how had the day been and all I could talk about was how frightened I had been. One of the boys took my money pouch and counted the day. I had made enough to cover my expenses as well as invest in a new business. With the profit I bought a sewing machine with which to make bags that where useful.

What I had learnt was that is was not so bad having lost my job and that I could be resourceful and survive the most terrifying experience.

Being resourceful when you loose your job is to follow these principals:

1.Sum up how much money you need per month to survive

Doing a budget needs to include the following

Your accomodation plus electricity and any other costs
Money for food - work this as a weekly budget.
Transport money
Put aside a rainy day amount
Consider what entertainment you absolutely need. Remember that you cant afford to be frivoulous any longer.

2. Look at what you have that you could possibly make a job out of

Even small things like dog walking or raking the yard can earn you an income. Everyone has talents and using yours you can make an income for yourself.

3. Sell off what you don't want or need and take half of that as a capital investment in your new job

Here be very careful. I have seen people sell items that fetch a fortune for a few cents.
Don't fall for other for other people's suggestions.
Itimize your goods.
If you don't know how much to sell something for send it to auction.

4. Research your job

Going into a new job not knowing much about it could land you with egg on your face. If you want to be a pilot go to flying lesson's and practice, practice. Remember that you might not only be responsible for yourself but if others are involved then for them as well. When I became a blogger I was doing it for myself in order to get out my frustrations. Then I started realising that other's sought and used my advise and I had wise up. Now I am confident that what I say is as true as I can possibly make it.

5. Change your attitude.

Realise that the world has changed.
Younger people have entered the job market and it wont be that easy for you.
You will need to work with people who have not been brought up the same as you and whose values are different.
You will have to call others Sir and Madam

6. Get started

The quicker you can start the better, because until you start making money you are living off your capital and you will need the capital for growth.
You dont have to be perfect as you will grow in your job.

7. Don't dispair there are lot of people in the same situation as you. New SME are not only in demand but also every effort is being made for them to succeed by the goverment and private sector.

Traderz *

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