Flea markets are neccessary

Sundays I spend helping Entrepeneurs through "training and ideas to reality assistance" this I do through a flea market and office training program. 

Norwood market was started by B&B Markets when they were suddenly forced out of Rosebank during the reconstruction of the shopping mall. The market was forced to find a new home in a rush and Norwood Mall made the offer.  The market operated from those premises until the new premises where ready however some stalls failed to move back and a new market was started. In the mean time Dana had started a fleamarket at Rosebank in the shell of construction called Finders Keepers. With the move back Finder Keepers and Rosebank Fleamarket merged to form a new company called The Rosebank Sunday Market.

The Norwood Market has been battling since a split occured and half the traderz moved back to Rosebank. Those brave stalls that stayed there and tried to make it work have had challenge after challenge forced on them by a management who has no experience in the informal sector. Sunday 10 August 2014 was no different. When I got to Norwood Market I discovered the management in their wisdom had fenced the traderz in.

Stall numbers have dwindled due to various challenges from no advertising to the ability to get to one's stall at Norwood. Some have even been blocked off by a great wall of hessian from view, whilst others are just to far away from the entrance to the market.

The market has a lot of potential for growth and could of been successful had it been run correctly with a loving and caring heart.

On the other hand the professionalism at The Rosebank Sunday Market gives a stark constrast. I got to the market at lunch time to enquire if they had a stall. I was met with real compassion and as quick as a wink I was sorted out, given a spot and told how to get my vehicle there.

Fleamarkets need to realise that they are part of the growing change in South Africa and that they are no longer fround on. They give very crucial work opportunities to employees who are retrenched or pensioned off. Even students can find employment there as stall minders or helpers.

A family battling to meet ends can approach Traderz and after all the neccessary paperwork we can help them to establish their own stall at one of the flea markets. An investment is required. For those with no investment we can help them to find jobs.

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