Interesting Trademarks

Trademarks held by Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson holds many trademarks. Their most unusual application was for the Harley sound which is described as "THE MARK CONSISTS OF THE EXHAUST SOUND OF APPLICANT'S MOTORCYCLES, PRODUCED BY V-TWIN, COMMON CRANKPIN MOTORCYCLE ENGINES WHEN THE GOODS ARE IN USE. An interesting concept and well covered by Michael B. Sapherstein in The Trademark Registrability of the Harley-Davidson Roar: A Multimedia Analysis

Of great concern to Harley Davidson is the trademark of the shield containing the words Harley Davidson. When I approached them for comment they responded as follows

“Without a written agreement of some kind directly from Harley-Davidson Motor Company in the U.S. (dealers can’t give permission), no one can use any of our trademarks for pretty much any purpose, but especially not in connection with merchandise of any kind.”

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