Employment for you plus 2

OK here is my challenge. If you are a person who finds yourself in a position of being unemployed and got time on your hands to start a business. Any business which can grow and employ 2 more people within the year. This is not a company trying to sell you a product but an upliftment project. If you dont know how and need help email me. I have a whole committee of people behind me who are willing and waiting to help you do this. This is the only way out of this attack on our land. Give back and build a future. It does not matter what town or village you are in or what age or qualification.If you are willing to help me to get us out of this rut once more then please tell me the business below. I promise you that you will not be alone and that we will get you the help you need.or you can sign up on the website. With a team of over 1000 experts in all walks of life from farming to computers we can help you and point you on the right way. 

This was not an easy decision for me to make as I am an entrepeneur and naturally would like to grow my own company. However I also realise that without growing the economy I wont have a company. 

Some years ago I was contacted by companies wanting to invest in South Africa and they came here but most have left now due to the attitude of the country. We have to show them that it was not invane and that we are prepared to change.

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