3 little piggies


Every story should have a villain and the villain of this story is the bank. Fonb shall play piggy no.1, whilst piggy no2 shall be played by Absas and the 3rd piggy by Saros. The house shall be played by business in SA whilst the wolf will be the ever resourceful and determined informal trader.
The 3 piggies got together to build a house which was ever so strong. They put numerous rules in place and sticks of expenses. The door was built of Flica. Whilst the roof Rico built to keep thieves out. The wolf would huff and puff and try to blow the house down so he could have a slice of bread.
No matter how hard the wolf puffed and blew the house would not fall down. But the wolf was a sly oldie at the game and he devised ways to bring the houses down.
First he put his money away and saved it day by day. But it never grew. He wondered why and to his horror he found that Fonb was helping himself to the coins and calling it bank charges. He was so disgusted when he found that Fonb charged him 11.50 for writing on a piece of paper to tell wolf how much he had in he bank.
Then wolf thought and thought about it and he decided to borrow some coins from Absas so he could get a job. Absas lent him the money but wolf soon went broke as he could not pay back the coins and the interest rate.
When wolf withdrew what little money he had left with Fonb to pay Absas the villain Saros came to him and demanded his share for not doing anything to help wolf to get a share of the food that was on offer. In fact Saros also charged wolf R120 per month just for him to work.
Hungry wolf sat under a tree and soon fell asleep. He dreamt of big fat piggies and sheep who followed each other through the field. 

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