TRAC Club Championship 2018

Following consultation with members and taking on board representations made the officers of the Club have finalised the following rules for the Championship for 2018.

We hope that this will reward the competitive members of the club for their running achievements. This year the championship is open to all TRAC members (inc non UKA membership option), who compete in a TRAC top!

We have two trophies and accolades up for grabs for both Males and Females in 2018!

We are also introducing an ‘OPT OUT’ option of the Championship competition. To opt out simply email: - Tracy.Clow72@gmail.com by the 25th March 2018. Stating you are opting out of the competition, you, of course can still participate in the race. By opting out, the club will not record your entry or count towards the club championship or participation awards.

The annual awards will include a Club Championship, with points awarded on the basis of results in races. We have added races which are free to enter and also cover various distances.

1- Trust-10k Clumber Park 25.3.18 https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/events/68c8830a-0b1a-4122-b52d-b50e718cccf6/pages/details
2 - The Longhorn – 5k, 10k or Half Marathon 22.4.18 http://www.sbrevents.co.uk/events/the-longhorn-2018
3 - Pawson - 10k 16.5.18 http://www.rotherham10k.co.uk/
4- Askern - 10k 16.5.18 Wednesday http://northernrunningguide.com/race/askern-10k
5 - Park Run 5k – Clumber Park 2.6.18 http://www.parkrun.org.uk/clumberpark/
6 - Elmton Chase- 5M 27.6.18 Wednesday http://clowneroadrunners.org/?page_id=2085
7 - Chesterfield Spire – 10M 1.7.18 https://northderbyshirerc.jimdo.com/our-races/spire-10m-2-5k-fun-run/
8 - Rockingham was Milton Arms Race - 5M 18.7.18 Wednesday http://www.rotherhamharriers.org/milton/
9 – Trust - 10k Clumber Park 29.7.18 TBC https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/events/68c8830a-0b1a-4122-b52d-b50e718cccf6/pages/details
10 - Park Run 5k – Sandall Park 4.8.18 http://www.parkrun.org.uk/doncaster/
11- Sherwood Pines Trail race – 10k 2.9.18 https://www.runbritain.com/entries/EnterRace.aspx?evid=79b509c85e5f&erid=7db807c85e64
12 - Park Run 5k – Poolsbrook 15.9.18 http://www.parkrun.org.uk/poolsbrook/course/
13 - Worksop Half Marathon 28.10.18 https://www.worksophalfmarathon.co.uk/
14 - Kimberworth Canal Race – 5M November Wednesday TBC http://kimberworthstriders.co.uk/joomla3/index.php/2015-08-13-15-51-30/canal-race
15 – Doncaster - 10k 25.11.18 http://www.curlysathletes.co.uk/doncaster-10k-road-race.html
16 - Park Run 5k - Sherwood Pines – Xmas Eve 24.12.18 http://www.parkrun.org.uk/sherwoodpines/
17 - Trust - 10k Clumber Park– Xmas run December – TBC https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/events/68c8830a-0b1a-4122-b52d-b50e718cccf6/pages/details

Out of a total of 17 races the best 8 scores count for the Championship with points being awarded according to race distance, placings and age adjusted scores.

The races comprise:

·         5 x 5 km

·         2 x 5 m

·         7 x 10 km

·         1 x 10 m

·         1 x half marathon

·         1 x choice 5 km, 10 km or half marathon


The proposals are summarised as follows:-

1. Eligibility:

In order to qualify for the Championship members must:-

·         Be a fully paid up member of the Club for 2018/2019

·         Marshal at the OffTRAC10 race on 21st October, or actively offer support to the race

·         Not ‘OPTED OUT’

·         You must compete wearing a TRAC top (not the training top)


2. The points awarded will be in five tiers.

·         Age adjusted scores with 5 points for the highest age adjusted time down to 1 point for the 5th highest age adjusted score.

·         Place points with 3, 2 and 1 point for first, for second and third over the line.

Distance points to every competitor irrespective of place, adjusted according to distance, as follows:-

·         Half marathon - 5 points

·         10 mile - 4 points

·         10km - 3 points

·         5m - 2 points

·         5km - 1 point

Where a race distance does not exactly match the above distances, points will be awarded for the nearest distance.

3. The age adjustment

Will be based on a member’s age on 1st January at the start of the Championship year and will not be changed until the following 1st January.

4. The Championship will continue to be based on a set list of local races.

5. There are 18 races available

Your best 8 results will count towards the final result. This is for both Male and Female members.


TRAC Participation Awards 2018 Link to webpage

We are continuing with the Participation Awards for simply getting out there are running races in a TRAC vest promting the club in 2018!

In addition to the Club Championship a completely separate award will be given to the Male and Female members who represent the Club in the most races in a year anywhere in the world – the Participation Award.

NOTE: Please do not record any Club Championship races within the participation awards.

The purpose of this award is to recognise the two members in the Club who have got out there in a Club vest the most times in a year which all helps to promote the Club. The onus under this rule will be for individual members to notify the Championship Secretary with the details of the races they have finished in and provide a link to the results.

1. Eligibility:

In order to qualify for the TRAC Participation Award members must:-

·         Be a fully paid up member of the Club for 2018/2019

·         Marshal at the OffTRAC10 race on 21st October, or actively offer support to the race

·         You must compete wearing a TRAC top (not the training top)


2. You must record the race within 10 days on the TRAC website

Yours in Running TRAC


Tickhill Running & Athletic Club

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