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Week 2: In Which There Are Klingons

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Saturday, 19th January 2013 @ 1:06am

Hey everyone,

This week there are Klingons; and because I like the term card description:


HONOUR! Klingons are awesome, and so, by 

Kahless, this will be a night of songs, 

bloodwine, and glorious battle!


Credit to Louise(?) for it. :)

Meet at Hertford college at 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start!

Company and refreshments will be available as usual and don't forget to suggest episodes! :)

See you there,


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Week 1: Welcome Back!

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Saturday, 12th January 2013 @ 7:31pm

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a nice relaxing Christmas. This week there is no particular theme but a free choice on what you would like to watch.

So please suggest your favourite episodes so that we will be sure to bring them!

As usual meet outside Hertford college at 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start.

Refreshments and plenty of company will be there too. :)

Hope to see you there,



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Hilary Termcard

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Tuesday, 8th January 2013 @ 12:37pm

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everybody had a great break and I'm sure your tutors hope you're enthusiastic about the term ahead. In case the thought of work is getting you down, here is the termcard for the following eight weeks.

We will be meeting, as always, on Mondays at 7:45 PM outside Hertford College. For anybody who hasn't been before, my number is 07527119639 in case you get lost/have questions. We hope to see you there!

Live Long and Prosper,

Week 7: Guilty Pleasures

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Friday, 16th November 2012 @ 4:12pm

Hey everyone,

This week's meeting theme is guilty pleasures. This is a chance to suggest all those strange and bizarre episodes that you really enjoyed but nobody else fully understood why! Or maybe suggest an episode where a character gets involved in a guilty pleasure... :)

Meet at Hertford college entrance Monday evening at 7:45pm for a 8:00pm start and as usually there will refreshments available. :)

Hope to see you there and get suggesting! :p


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Termly Meal

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Friday, 16th November 2012 @ 3:27pm

Good afternoon, everyone!

The time has once again come for the Termly Meal, where members of TrekSoc go out en masse for food and chat. This year, we are going to Atomic Burger on Cowley Road. It will be at some point on Monday of 8th Week (time dependent on when I can get a booking). As such, I need an idea of numbers, so if you would like to come, please either drop me an email or sign your life away on the Facebook event page (

This will also be a good chance to voice any ideas you may have about the Society next term, and the more the merrier!

Live Long and Prosper,

Week 6 Meeting; Alternative Timelines

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Sunday, 11th November 2012 @ 2:54am

Hey Everyone!

Hope you got through the 5th week blues fine and now into the 6th week meeting whoo. :) This week the theme is alternative timelines - find out what could have happened if things had just gone slightly differently!

Please as usual suggest episodes - I have provided as usual a link to memory alpha to help you. :)

Meet at 7:45 Hertford college for an 8:00pm start and there will be refreshments to accompany your journey into the alternative timeline.

Hope to see you there!


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Geek Quiz

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Tuesday, 6th November 2012 @ 8:55am

Hi guys!

I just received an email from the Doctor Who Society, reminding me about the annual Geek Quiz that runs and involves all the geek societies of the university. If anybody wants to go, feel free! I will probably be there, and it will bo our chance to show Oxford who is the better set of geeks! And of course, it'll be fun, etc.

The original email is below.

Live Long and Prosper,


Greetings Whovians and fellow geeks!
At last, the Geek Quiz! For those of you that don’t know, the Geek Quiz takes place once a term and involves all the geekiest societies in Oxford getting together to compete against each other. All are welcome to write a round (the more the merrier) so long as this round does not specifically relate to their own society but is still appropriately geeky. Some creative rounds in the past have included fictional family trees, ‘Only Connect’ style questions and ‘Guess the evil laugh’. This week we are meeting at 8pm at St John’s and as ever directions can be found on our website. The room is through the left hand side of the Front Quad and then on the far left of the North Quad – please don’t ask the porters but feel free to email me if you’re unsure. Unfortunately, food and drink are not allowed in the room so please don’t bring any. As always, here is the termcard entry:
*~* 5th Week *~*
> The Geek Quiz <
Thursday, 8th November, 8pm – North Quad Lecture Room, St. John’s
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". If you can write a round not entirely related to Doctor Who, then bring it along. Be there and not feel square for once (unless your round foxes everyone).If you're part of a society that you think might be interested in coming along you can e-mail me ( and we can make sure you get directions to the room, as St. John's is a bit scary and enormous and easy to get lost in.
Hope to see lots of you there and bringing rounds! J
(Operator of the Mind Probe, a.k.a. Publicity Officer)

Week 5: Comedy Night

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Sunday, 4th November 2012 @ 2:57am

Hey Everyone,

This week it's comedy night! Suggest all those episodes that simply just made you giggle - perhaps a bit of cheese or a crazy episode of TOS. :)

As usual meet at Hertford College at 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start.

Refreshments will be available providing no issue with the replicators.

See you there,


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Week 4: Hallow'een

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Sunday, 28th October 2012 @ 9:49pm

Good evening everybody!

Sorry this email is coming out a bit late.

This Monday we're meeting, usual time and place, to celebrate all the spooky Trek episodes we can find! So, if you want to see zombie Vulcans, killer tar monsters, or terrifyingly bad acting, suggest episodes or just join us on Monday, 7:45 outside Hertford College. We have biscuits.

Live Long and Prosper,
Captain Louise

Week 3: Historical Figures

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Friday, 19th October 2012 @ 3:57pm


This week's theme is historical figures. The crew of the enterprise coming into contact with a past President of the United States or Winston Churchill. Who knows what strange events will occur...

Meet at 7:45pm outside at Hertford college for an 8:00pm start with the usual refreshments available too.

Please suggest episodes! :)

Memory Alpha:

Hope to see you there,


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Star Trek London

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Wednesday, 17th October 2012 @ 6:34pm

Good evening all!

This is an email specifically for those going to Star Trek London on Saturday. Ideally I would like us to all go together, but once we arrive, feel free to do whatever you want. After all, there will be plenty to do.

So, the plan is to get the Oxford Tube bus from the High Street bus stop (between the entrance to All Souls and Queen's Lane cafe) at 7:20 in the morning, which will bring us into London for about 9 AM. After that, it's just a quick hop on the underground (Marble Arch - Bond Street, Bond Street - Canning Town on the Jubilee line).

Also a reminder about t-shirts: anybody who wants one for STL please email me before Friday evening, so I can bring the appropriate number and size on the day. T-shirts are £8

If anyone has any questions or gets lost, my phone number is 07527119639.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday morning,

Week 2 Meeting: Mistaken Identities

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Saturday, 13th October 2012 @ 4:43pm

Hello everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the first meeting for this year. This week's theme is all about mistaken identities. This could be anything from from characters being cloned, impersonated or changed! Please suggest episodes people. :)


For those of you who are new, each week we have a theme and we ask you to suggest episodes for us to bring. On the evening we decide between us which 3 of them to watch. If you want to suggest an episode then quote the name, series and "code" for it. E.g.:

The Doomsday Machine – TOS 2x06

Here is a good place to go to get episode names and information:


Like last week we are meeting at 7:45pm at Hertford college entrance for an 8:00pm start.

Hope to see you all there! :)


Facebook event:


E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Friday, 5th October 2012 @ 7:14pm

Greetings, people who love Star Trek!

It's the start of a new year, so let me just say on behalf of the bridge crew, to all you freshers, welcome! And to our members, welcome back! This year is going to be exciting, with all sorts of lovely things going on around our regular meetings. For anybody who missed a termcard, by the way, there is a copy attached at the end of this email.

If anybody has any questions, problems, or jokes, my phone number is 07527119639, and my email address is

Live Long and Prosper,
Captain Louise

But alas! there are notices, announcements and whatnot, and so, without further ado...

IMPORTANT NOTICES and The Freshers are Coming!

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Sunday, 30th September 2012 @ 12:17pm

Hello there!

As you should all know, Freshers' Fair starts on Wednesday, and there are a few last minute preparations to be done before it begins. Please take the time to read because this is very important.

First of all I want to know if anybody is able to print out large amounts of paper at relatively little cost (physicists, for example?) because we will need lots of termcards to hand round at the Fair so we can entice new people into the fold. If you do and would like to help out (earning my gratitude and goodwill in the process), can you please email me ASAP? My address is at the bottom of the page.

Secondly, I regret to say that we are so popular that we've run out of space on our mailing list. So, in order to clear some space for the new intake, I will be deleting some of you at 21:00 on Tuesday.

The important bit: Anybody who wishes to remain on the mailing list must tell me before then (my email is at the bottom of the page), otherwise your email address with be removed from the system, starting with those who joined in October 2010.

Live long and prosper,
Captain Louise

TNG Radio Interview

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Tuesday, 18th September 2012 @ 11:55am

Howdy TrekFans,

BBC Radio Oxford have been in touch again, this time asking for a Next Generation fan to come along next Friday (10:30am) for a chat about TNG, our society, and 'any quirky facts about the series you might know'.

So, as per last time send me an email if you fancy some air time and you're free to head up to their studios next Friday morning so I can forward you the contact details.

See you soon!

Admiral Lucy

TrekSoc needs YOU!

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Friday, 14th September 2012 @ 9:29am

Hello everyone!

Summer vac is drawing to a close and it's that time of year again when we welcome Freshers into the fold, but for that, we need volunteers.

This year Freshers' Fair is being run Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th October (0th Week), and we need two people to man the stall at any one time, in shifts of two hours each. Here's a doodle link 

Please volunteer for at least one spot, it would be a big help.

I've also attached the Michaelmas termcard for y'all. If anyone has any questions, comments, or jokes, don't hesitate to email me.

See you in October,
Captain Louise

BBC Radio Oxford

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Thursday, 5th July 2012 @ 3:26pm

Happy Holidays TrekFans!

Robyn from BBC Radio Oxford has just been in touch asking if we could find her a 'superfan' to participate in a short interview for their 'on this day' feature, marking a Trek episode anniversary. I did this last year and it was an awesome experience. The questions were very straightforward: favourite episode, favourite baddy, favourite captain etc. 

If you'd like to do the interview and could travel to the Summertown BBC radio station on Thursday 12th July let me know asap and I'll give you Robyn's contact details. If more than one person replies, I'll do it on a first-come-first-served basis.


Admiral Lucy

Week 8 Meeting: The Amazing Annual Star Trek Quiz Night

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Saturday, 9th June 2012 @ 11:19pm

Good evening TrekFans,

It's that time of year again - time for the annual TrekSoc quiz! Time to find out how much you really know about Star Trek plus find out some crazy unusual facts. If only exams could be this much fun!

Come to Oriel college at 7:45pm for the usual 8pm start and as always there will be refreshments for the evening.


Facebook event: 


Sadly I will not be around for this last meeting due to exams - but I hope everyone has a really lovely holiday this summer and hopefully look forward to everyone coming next year! :)

Seventh Week: Let's Play Dress-Up

E-mail sent by William Dutton, Saturday, 2nd June 2012 @ 1:51pm

Good afternoon Trekfans,

What happens when the starfleet decide to wear something else other than their usual uniform - especially when it is something you would never wear in the normal circumstances? Find out what a star trek BOP might be like if there ever was such a one.

Suggest episodes with the most outrageous uniforms and laugh together at Oriel college 7:45pm for an 8pm start. The usual refreshments will also be available to complement the evening.


Facebook group:

T Shirts

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Friday, 1st June 2012 @ 11:17am

Greetings all!
OK, so I still have a lot of t-shirts left, and I know people are eager to get them. The simplest way to get them out to you is this:

Pidge/post me (Louise Peterken, Hertford College) your money, cheque or cash, with your name and college (or address), and I will pidge/post you your t-shirt. That way I can keep track of who's paid and who hasn't.

Have a great weekend.

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