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TGM results!

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Wednesday, 8th December 2010 @ 11:47am

Greetings, primitive alien races!

Now that the 8th week email deluge is over, here are the results of the Termly General Meeting (TGM)!
We had so many ideas for theme nights and activities that we're not sure we'll need another TGM for at least a year. The ideas are gathered at the bottom of the email, and even bullet-pointed for easy reading!

Please have a read of the ideas, and email me back saying if there are any you'd really like to see next term, and add any ideas of your own (especially if you weren't at the meeting)!
Please also feed back on the snacks and refreshments. At the meeting people said they wanted a return of the orange juice, and more cake. They also said that they wanted more cake. So if there are any snacks which you think are tragically absent (or any that you think we should stop bringing), write in!

And of course, if any of you on the mailing list didn't make it to a meeting this term, we'd still love to see you next term! Write in and come along!

Have a good Christmas! (or human or alien festival of your choice, celebrating midwinter or other season appropriate to the climate of your planet)


OK here are the ideas. Some of them have explanatory notes.

Season ideas:

  • Best of Enterprise/TOS/TNG/DS9/Voyager  - choose the very best two or three episodes of each of these series, and show them across the second half of term
  • Animated series  - Show some of the animated series as a taster, because most of us won't have seen it

Night ideas (different from simple theme nights):

  • Trivia & games      - Star Trek themed, of course
  • Mad libs        - for one episode of an evening we watch with the sound off, and each character is instead voiced by a TrekSoc member. Hilarity ensues!
  • Film marathon        - committee members' time permitting
  • Costume party         - Come in Star Trek fancy dress and watch episodes where the characters basically do the same

Theme Night ideas:

  • Time travel            
  • Visits to the 20th century    
  • Transporter accidents    
  • Weird holodeck        
  • Mirror universe        
  • Weird experiments    
  • Ship separation        
  • Self-destruct        - Episodes where the ship's self-destruct is activated (for real or in a bluff)
  • Telepathy        
  • Drugs            - Drugs, narcotics, addictions
  • Extra-galactic        - Episodes where they leave the galaxy
  • First contacts        
  • Abandoned        - Featuring abandoned ships, space stations, planets, etc.
  • Borg            
  • Tests/challenges/riddles   - Episodes where the crew are tested by aliens seeking to learn about humanity
  • Mind games        
  • Weird arts        - Alien cultures
  • False gods        - Episodes with aliens that worship lies, machines and impostors
  • Languages        - Alien languages and language barriers
  • Prime directive dilemmas
  • Medical dilemmas    
  • Racism/species-ism    
  • Genocide        
  • Annoying guests        - Episodes where the ship hosts a guest who's just intolerable
  • Empowering females    - Episodes with strong women
  • Ridiculous romances    - Episodes where someone falls in love in an implausibly short amount of time
  • No make-up        - Episodes where actors who normally wear huge amounts of make up (e.g. Michael Dorn, Armin Shimerman) get to play another character
  • Particular characters    - Episodes following a particular main or guest character
  • Clones
  • Kids
  • Violence
  • Accidental horror (again)
  • Martial arts
  • Shakespeare
  • Gems            - The best of Star Trek
  • Hidden gems        - The best but less-famous of Star Trek, that deserves to be better known!

Ideas I've had and written down during term:

  • Negotiation
  • Escape
  • Mysteries
  • Murder mysteries
  • Justice/trials/criminals/escaped criminals
  • Fantasies
  • Superpowers  - (people with superpowers - except Q, don't want him monopolising it)
  • Isolation
  • Flashbacks/history
  • Genetic engineering

Termly General Meeting

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Sunday, 28th November 2010 @ 4:25pm


Tomorrow (Monday) is the fabled Termly General Meeting to be held at Atomic Burger on the Cowley Road at 7pm.

So far the people booked are:
James Fraczyk
Lucy Eldridge
Amy Palmer
Simon Camilleri
Cory Lakatos
Alun Perkins
Nicola Mansfield

If anyone else would like to join in if you get back to me asap as it might be possible to extend the booking.

We shall indulge in burgers aplenty and brainstorm some exciting ideas for next term, so come prepared with an empty stomach and a full mind.

Live long and prosper,


Termly General Meeting

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Wednesday, 24th November 2010 @ 12:03am

Greetings TrekSocers!

Next week we shall replace the regular meeting with the TGM!  As decided last week this shall be at the fine emporium that is Atomic Burger (see for menu, location etc.) on Monday of 8th Week meeting at 7pm followed by Pub.

So that I can book a table in advance please e-mail me ASAP if you'd like to attend the meal (by Friday at the very very latest).

Please also put on your thinking caps as the TGM is when we come up with theme nights, socials and other fun things for next term.

Live Long and Prosper,


Monday - Espionage

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 21st November 2010 @ 11:43am

Greetings, energy beings donning human appearance!

The theme for this week is espionage! The episodes we'll be watching are secret, and all information about them is classified. We can only speculate that they may feature things disguised as humans smuggling invaluable technologies, romulan agents apparently double-bluffing starfleet by pretending to defect, and non-humanoid enemies moving undetected throughout people's minds and ships' subsystems at will.

The meeting is at Oriel at 8:00, but DON'T TELL ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE IT'S A SECRET. Meet outside the lodge at 7:45, where we will recognise each other using the secret passphrase. Come alone.

Our top agent has travelled through the neutral zone into Romulan space to try to steal some cake. If everything goes well, she'll and smuggle it back into federation territory this week along with the usual refreshments. The Romulans will be looking for her so we'll need to distract them by suggesting episodes to watch. This will jam the Romulan communications and give her an escape window. The mission is a team effort. Cake depends on its success. Don't let our agent down.

~Officer X

Wolfson's Intergalactic Winter Ball

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Tuesday, 16th November 2010 @ 8:12am

Trek lovers!

Below is the message from the Wolfson Ball Committee about the Intergalactic Ball I mentioned ...

Live Long and Prosper,


Wolfson College warmly invites Sci Fi fans to our Intergalactic Winter
Ball. All members of the Star Trek society are welcome on Space
Station Wolfson. We would appreciate if you could please forward the
message below around your mailing list.
Many thanks,
The Wolfson College Ball Committee

You are warmly invited to the Grand Intergalactic Ball aboard Space
Station Wolfson - Saturday 9th week, 11th December 2010.

As the sun sets on the 11th of December 2010, let us transport you to
a ball unlike any other... Wolfson college is transformed into a space
station for one night only! All manner of creatures will cross
galaxies to see and be seen at this lavish affair. Mingle and take
refreshment on the elegant promenades, be snapped alongside the
flamboyant extraterrestrials. Take time to relax in the splendid
viewing gallery on the upper deck, and indulge in your favourite
terrestrial treats. In search of a rougher ride? Brave the battle
against space pirates in the laser arena - emerging victorious into
the cool air of the artificial night.  Find entertainment also in the
lower decks: experience delightful jazz as well as on-stage antics.
Meanwhile, on the main deck, humanoids are taught breathtaking steps,
animated by live music from the stage, until the evening reaches its
climax, and all differences are lain aside as the guests fill the
dance floor...

TICKETS NOW ON SALE! Please visit our website for all the details and
to order ticket:
A wide variety of entertainment (including laser quest!), drinks and
food are included throughout the night (9pm-4am)- all of this for only
£55 per person (non-dining), or £49 each for groups of 6 or more. So
hurry up, gather all your friends and prepare yourselves for an
evening of extraterrestrial delight...!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Winter Ball of the year!

The Wolfson College Ball Committee

Monday - Outrageous technology

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 14th November 2010 @ 11:38am

Greetings, sentient computers!

The theme for the meeting this week is outrageous technology! Star Trek is packed full of amazing technology that we love to think about. Who can say they haven't already spent an hour today daydreaming about what they would do if they had a transporter? Or a replicator? Or a holodeck?!?

But by Star Trek standards even these wonders are actually normal!

This week we will stare open-mouthed in awe at technology created by advanced science that we can't understand or even dream of or *even* conceive of (but may already be able to disprove experimentally). We'll see devices that can transfer souls from one being to another being, possibly of a different species or even life-type! We'll see colossal machines that routinely control the power and fate of stars, wristwatches that can send the user through temporal and dimensional microfractures, and science experiments whose success runs out of control causing havoc as limitless energy thunders through the galaxy! We'll gape dumfounded at materials that can rearrange their molocules at whim to have any properties at all, field generators that wreck the distinction between perception and physical reality, and starships that can transform into cars! Eyepieces that solve world hunger! Communicators that explode, killing everyone but the user! Lasers that bring people back from the dead!!
And much, much more.

The meeting is on Monday at Oriel at 8:00 as usual. We meet outside the lodge at 7:45. There will be gigarefreshments and ultrabiscuits provided.

Don't forget to send in episode suggestions! If there's a suitable episode you know of then I'd be glad to hear about it, and I'll bring it along.


Weekly Meeting - 'Outrageous Technology'

  • Monday, 15th November 2010 at 7:45pm - 11pm

    The weekly meeting Mk2000-X !
    The theme is Outrageous Technology. We'll gaze in wonder at…

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Thursday - Geek Quiz

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Wednesday, 10th November 2010 @ 3:29pm

Greetings, crew of the Enterprise!

I am assembling an away team!

On Thursday this week, which is tomorrow, there is the inter-society GEEK QUIZ hosted by the Doctor Who Society. It takes place in St John's North Quad Lecture Room, and starts at 8pm.
It is a team quiz, and the idea is that people bring the rounds of questions. Not everyone needs to bring a round but we should probably have at least one round between us.

Nicola can't come, because it is against regulations for ships' captains to lead away teams.
As the first officer, I am leading the away team. I'm asking for volunteers. Who intends to come and represent Starfleet and TrekSoc at the Geek Quiz?
Once I have volunteers I'll mail out tomorrow to arrange the beam-down coordinates and time.

I'd appreciate it if someone other than me wrote the questions. If we have a few people in the away team then we can put together a round or two if you just write a few questions each.
It'd be good if questions were very *very* vaguely Star Trek themed, but it's more important that people from other societies aren't left clueless :P

Please email me to say if you want to come! And please indicate if you have or if you will write some questions.

Here is the relevant extract from the original message I have from the Doctor Who Society:
"We'd love it if your society wanted to field a team, but if only one or two people can come, that's fine, and we always have a couple of combined groups taking part.
The Geek Quiz takes place on Thursday of Fifth Week every term. This year that's 11 November, in the St John's North Quad Lecture Room, starting at 8pm.
It's not like a pub quiz - anyone can bring a round with them, and we encourage as many people as want to to do just that. The basic structure is that we form teams, and go round the teams in turn asking for a set of questions - if anyone in that team has prepared some questions (normally a round should be worth around ten points - allocated them as you see fit), they can then stand up and ask them. In the past these have been on anything you can imagine, from cult theme tunes on kazoos to fan fiction to computer assembly languages - although house rules state that any round where only you/your society will know what you're on about are generally frowned on."

I know I can depend on you! Meet me in transporter room 8. You'll know if when you see it, it looks exactly the same as all the other transporter rooms...

~First Officer Alun

Oriel formal hall and meeting - "The Needs of the Many"

  • Monday, 8th November 2010 at 7pm - 11pm
    Location: Oriel

    Social - formal hall at Oriel 7:00 - 8:15
    Meeting - "The Needs of the Many" - Watch…

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Monday - The Needs of the Many

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 7th November 2010 @ 11:17am

Greetings, space adventurers!

This week is our second social of term, formal hall at Oriel!
We had formal hall at Oriel last year for the first time, also organised by the wonderful Nicola, and it was brilliant fun! Next term we'll be looking to do formals at other colleges but Oriel is easier to organise for now. Thanks everyone who has sent Nicola £9:95 for their meal already.
We welcome late sign-ups to formal hall!
If you want to come please email Nicola to say so by midnight tonight, and put cash or a cheque in her pidge by 8:00am tomorrow. It's fine for you to sign up still so long as you do *both* of those, on time.

Those coming to the meal will meet at Oriel at 7:00pm tomorrow night for the meal which starts a little after seven. This week the meeting will start slightly late, to give the diners time to finish their meals. Those not coming to the meal meet at Oriel lodge at 8:00pm for the meeting at 8:15pm.
There will be refreshments and crisps and biscuits as usual, but people who come to hall will probably be much too full with hearty warm delicious Oriel food to be able to partake. ^_^

The theme this week is "The Needs of the Many". Star Trek gives us all an entertaining investigation of the moral and ethical dilemmas faced IN SPACE! We'll see captains weighing the fate of species against the rights of individuals, doctors pushing their Hippocratic oath to breaking point, and officers finding that the prime directive perhaps doesn't always demand that they do the right thing.

Please send in your episode suggestions to me! I'll bring every episode suggested.

Hope to see lots of you at both events!


Monday - Accidental Horror Night

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 31st October 2010 @ 10:29am

The meeting this week is halloween-themed! We'll be watching the scariest, creepiest, most disquieting episodes in the whole of Star Trek. Starfleet officers will be driven mad by invisible foes, civilians will scream uncontrollably at grotesque alien beings and cultures will be terrorized by nightmare creatures from folklore brought to life. I must ask you all to go through the pain of remembering the most terrifying experiences you've had, and to talk about them. I need to know which episodes you've found most disturbing, and I need you to steel yourselves and prepare to watch them again. I must warn you that this meeting will be extremely distressing, and should anyone find it too much, there will be opportunities to leave the room and receive counselling.
Before the meeting please inform the committee of any pre-existing mental disorders or phobias to help us ensure your mental safety.

There will be refreshments and biscuits available, but I must ask that you only eat them if you're sure you can handle watching the episodes without becoming sick with fear.

We will meet outside Oriel lodge at 7:45 for the meeting at 8:00. I'm afraid that since the country has just put the clocks back the darkness at this time will be much more deep and enveloping, and choking. If you know you are prone to seeing dark, shadowy creatures flitting about in the shadows in the corner of your eye then please bring a torch. Remember, if just one member of the group becomes hysterical with fear then a panic could start, making us more vulnerable to accidents, and physical and mental attack. With proper care taken, however, I'm sure we can all make it through the night, and be stronger for the experience.



Meeting - 'Accidental Horror night'

  • Monday, 1st November 2010 at 7:45pm - 11pm
    Location: Oriel

    Our weekly meeting... at HALLOWEEN! The theme is HORROR and also TERROR and FEAR. We'll watch…

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Monday - Characters you love to hate

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 24th October 2010 @ 1:27pm

Greetings, members of Starfleet!

This week we have our first social of term! We're going to The Chequers at 6:30, before the meeting, to eat, drink and chat about Star Trek. It should be a good way to chill out after the trauma of having finished the weekend and then spent the day struggling to adjust to it being Monday again.
Chequers is in an alley off the south side of the high street, it's easiest to find it just by looking for the sign. We'll wait outside until 6:30, and you can meet us inside if you arrive after 6:30.
We'll still be outside Oriel at 7:45 for the meeting at 8:00, if you can't come to Chequers but you want to join us at the usual time.

The meeting this week is on the theme of "Characters you love to hate" featuring the most annoying characters we can think of, but that we nevertheless feel strangely compelled to watch...
Perhaps you like an episode with Wesley in, or perhaps you find Barclay strangely charismatic, or perhaps even you find you can listen to Neelix talk for more than five seconds without screaming. Well, we've dedicated this week to just such characters. Through watching them we can all broaden our enjoyment of Star Trek, by teaching each other tolerace and a new understanding of these irritating, irritating people.

Please think of your favourite episodes on this theme and hit 'reply' to send them to me. I'll bring a copy of every episode you suggest to the meting.

Don't forget that as usual there will be free refreshments and nibbles for all!

To anyone who missed me collecting memberships last week, a reminder that the first meeting you attend is free but otherwise, meetings are £1 for non-members and memberships are £5 for a term, £10 for a year, £17 for life.

Also, you should all join the Oxford Star Trek Society facebook group! It's not been used much since it was set up, but I hope to change that, with your help. It's at!/group.php?gid=8731153518.


Meeting - 'Characters you love to hate'

  • Monday, 25th October 2010 at 7:45pm - 11pm
    Location: Oriel

    Our usual weekly meeting. The theme is 'Characters you love to hate' featuring the most…

Meeting - 'To Boldly Go'

  • Monday, 18th October 2010 at 7:45pm - 11pm
    Location: Oriel

    Our usual weekly meeting. The theme is 'To Boldly Go' (see email). Refreshments, crisps and…

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Monday - To Boldy Go

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 17th October 2010 @ 1:41pm

Greetings, Trek fans!
(Welcome to the new Groupspaces mailing list!)
Our next meeting has the theme 'To boldy go', where we watch episodes that capture the true spirit of Star Trek.
As the voiceovers of Kirk and Picard imply, we're looking for episodes featuring the exploration of strange new worlds, the seeking out of new life and new civilisations, and the boldy going where no one has gone before!
The crews will find alien life that is bizarre, hostile, seemingly utopian, or an allegory for problems with today's society. They'll go places further than is theoretically possible, find higher dimensions and other universes.
The episodes will be the selected from the suggestions sent in by members, so please get thinking! Hit 'reply' to send me your recommendations (the sooner the better, so that I can sort out borrowing any DVDs we'll need but don't have). Even though the voiceover that inspired this week's theme is from TOS and TNG, episodes from any series are welcome. Don't forget to browse Memory Alpha or Wikipedia to help find an episode you like but can't remember the name of.
The meeting is at Oriel on Monday (18th), we meet outside the lodge at 7:45, for the meeting at 8:00.

And as usual, we will supply free refreshments and nibbles for all!
The first meeting you attend is free! Otherwise, meetings are £1 for non-members, or become a member for £5 for a term, £10 for a year, £15 for life (1st/2nd week discount from £17 for life).

The Oxford Star Trek Society

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