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Weekly Meeting - 'Prime Directive Dilemmas'

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Sunday, 15th May 2011 @ 2:30pm

Hullo there Star Trek fans!

This week sees the maiden voyage of TrekSoc: The Next Generation, ready to boldly go where many other newly promoted ensigns have gone before. The Bridge reports ready for our first sortie into the unchartered territory known this week as Prime Directive Dilemmas. We will be watching our captains struggling to uphold Federation Law in the face of adversity; we will watch them try to defend the existence of pre-warp civilisations against alien technology; we will watch them attempting to right wrongs in the timeline made by shameless villains. It's exciting stuff.  

Pease note, we are back to a Monday meeting, meeting at 7:45 PM for 8:00 PM as usual. We are still at Hertford College, the entrance to which is north of the Rad Cam opposite the Bodleian Library (it's the big door with painted shrubbery across the top). My number is 07527119639 for anyone who gets lost/is late, and if you've never attended a meeting before, there's no better time to come and give it a go!

There are still some awesome snacks left from the elections last week, including Pringles and cake, and these will be topped up with Starfleet regulation nibbles and drinks.

All that remains is a request for all crew members to suggest epidsodes!  

First Officer Louise

Captain's Ready Room

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Thursday, 12th May 2011 @ 11:47am

Dear Crew,

It's my duty to tell you that not only will we be having elections and some excellent episodes at our meeting tonight (7.45 Hertford Lodge), but most importantly there will be AWESOME snacks.

To celebrate the promotion of our new Bridge Crew there will be Lemon Drizzle Cake all the way from Rigel V, Chocolate Indulgence Cake from Talax, Rocky Road from Risa, crisps from throughout the Cardassian Empire and Synethohol straight from Ten Forward.

See you tonight!

Live Long and Prosper,

(Soon to be ex-) Captain Nicola

Thu - weekly meeting and elections!

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Wednesday, 11th May 2011 @ 2:53pm

Greetings, androids!

The meeting this week sees the promotion of members to form a new bridge crew = committee! Remember, that no matter what we must be sure that there is one who is brave and happily goes into action, one who constantly recommends we raise the shields, and one who for some reason has no emotions. We hope that they will have at least one person supporting them by constantly saying that what they want to do is impossible because the hardware canna' take it. The remaining non-promoted members will be permitted to continue talking normally.

Since this is the last meeting Nicola and I will have as commanders, something which we're pretty sad about, we have decided that we get to pick the episodes! We seem to agree on four episodes, so maybe the society as a whole will have a token decision to make too. However, we will definitely be watching Inner Light and Trials and Tribble-ations! Two excellent episodes sure to have you singing and dancing with Star Trek happiness.

The meeting is tomorrow at Hertford. Hertford is just north of the Radcliffe camera, between it and the King's Arms, and the lodge is opposite the entrance to the Bodleian. We'll meet outside the lodge at 7:45 as usual, and start the meeting at 8:00. If you turn up late, ask the porters for directions to the Baring room.

The meeting will have a much-better-than-usual celebratory cake! The cake will take a whole three hours to replicate, in order to have every molecule produced with the highest quality and to reproduce exactly every flavour, both obvious and subtle. Anyone who is lucky enough to sample it will instantly be engulfed with the most intense mouth-joy that space can offer.

This will be an occasion of mixed feelings for Nicola and I. The meeting will be fun, but it will mark the end of a very awesome term of office. We've seen many strange new rooms, learnt some of the alien languages that the members speak, and led our crew through many crises. We've been cloned, split in transporter accidents, joined in transporter accidents, been through wormholes, and lived out a dozen alternate timelines for this year (although you won't remember them because your memories were reset in the last time-jump). I hope you enjoy the Trek Soc led by our replacements. It will be called Trek Soc: The Next Generation, and will feature better technology, more realistic make-up and less embarassing computers.

After we leave, Nicola will be promoted to Admiral Kirk, and I will either become Ambassador Spock or die saving the ship. So try to keep the ship out of danger for me. If I can become Ambassador Spock then I'll keep getting to come back, year after year, in circumstances seemingly designed especially for my convenience. That's the ending I'd like.

Nicola and I both wish Trek Soc: The Next Generation the very best of luck!

Live Long and Prosper!



Meeting on THURSDAY this week, and notice of elections!

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 8th May 2011 @ 11:27am

Greetings, damage control teams!

Please note a change to our routine! The meeting this week will NOT be tomorrow, but will be on Thursday in the Baring Room in Hertford. Thanks to Louise for booking it. This is because we couldn't get the booking for the usual room at Oriel.
I will send out an email the day before the meeting as usual, featuring more detailed directions. This email is letting you know that if you turn up at Oriel tomorrow there will not be any Star Trek waiting there. I am also giving you a reminder of a stupendously important event - the committee elections!

Nicola and I will be retiring, and the society will need new leaders! Between now and Thursday please think about it and be sure if you'd like to go for a position or not. The time commitment isn't that much, and Nicola and I will be around to help you for the rest of term, or available via email for advice after that.

To ensure maximum attendance we are going to provide an expensive extra delicious wonderful cake for everyone to share. We'll also make sure that there are some especially good Star Trek episodes on offer. Similarly, drinks will be delicious and free.

If you want to run for a committee position please email me before the meeting, or speak to me at the very start of the meeting. I won't accept new candidates once the meeting proceedings have got underway. Thanks very much to the ensigns who've already expressed interest :)

The election will be a secret ballot, but the exact form hasn't been decided yet - it will depend on how many candidates there are and what positions they'd like. For instance, last year the candidates didn't mind what position they got, so we held elections for President, Treasurer and Secretary one after the other so that if someone didn't get elected as president they could still run for another committee role. But we'll see how many candidates there are for each position and what their preferences are, and decide on the day.

We're going to ask all candidates to make some sort of speech saying why they'd be good at the job, or why they want it, or why their Star Trek knowledge is more comprehensive than the other candidates, or why the other candidates' deficit reduction plans will instantly plunge the country into poverty and despair. Say or do whatever you like, long or short, or in whatever form, just give the voters some sort of reason why they should vote for you. Before you come to the meeting you should search your soul and have some idea of what you will say, but you needn't write a speech in advance (although you can if you like that sort of thing). No 'Powerpoint' presentations, please! :P

Candidates should be competent, enthusiastic, and aware that even running a light-hearted society like TrekSoc still sometimes needs some serious consideration and thought to get right. But so long as you really enjoy TrekSoc you'll find those other boxes tick themselves ^_^

To sum up, the meeting is at the usual time of 7:45 for 8:00, but on Thursday at Hertford instead of the usual place. There will be elections, speeches, episodes, luxury extra-great cake and a general Star-Trek-themed celebration. The usual colourful email will be sent out on Wednesday.

Be there! ^_^

Genetic Engineering & A Call to Arms

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Sunday, 1st May 2011 @ 12:14pm

Greetings Treksters!

Welcome to Trinity with TrekSoc :D

Have you ever wondered what would've happened if you could make yourself smarter, faster, stronger?  Or if we bred a race of super-humans to do our bidding.  To answer all these questions and more TrekSoc brings you Genetic Engineering Night.

Come along and be astounded by the dizzying heights to which science can bring us, and the catastrophic consequences this can cause.

This weeks meeting will be at Oriel, meeting in the Lodge at 19.45 for a 20:00 start.  As usual there shall be snacks.

In Other News ask not what your society can do for you, but what you can do for your society!  

We're looking for some enthusiastic ensigns ripe for promotion to the committee.  If you're excited about Star Trek, and want to help make your society even more awesome send an e-mail my way - we'll be holding elections early in the term.

If anyone could help book a room this would be super-amazing.  Currently we only have rooms booked for weeks 1, 4 and 7 and I for one need more Star Trek in my life than that.  Please get in contact ASAP if you think you can help.

Live Long and Prosper,

Captain Nicola

Committee elections!

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Thursday, 14th April 2011 @ 7:45pm

Attention, ensigns!

It has reached the point in our mission where we the current bridge crew will be leaving to revise for their finals, and a new committee must be formed! This is a relatively long email explaining why you should volunteer and what it involves, with plenty of descriptive paragraphs, and finally includes a passionate call to anyone who can help book rooms this Trinity.

Running the Star Trek society has been great fun this year, and I'm sure that when you take over you'll find it to be great fun next year too ;) It's not a big time commitment, and you'll get to pick the themes of the meetings and decide when, what and where the socials will be. So you can bias it towards your favourite episodes and your favourite restaurants and pubs! (but don't do that too much, please do listen to members too... :P )

We require at the absolute minimum a President/Captain and Treasurer/First officer. There are a number of other committee roles, such as Secretary/Chief engineer, that have been filled in previous years that have helped divide up the work. In practice you can create as many positions as you like :P

Please email me to give me some sort of indication of your intentions, so we can plan the election and decide when it will be held, etc.

So what sort of Riker are you? Are you a young, headstrong lieutenant Riker, who powers through Starfleet hungering for promotion, or old, slightly creepy Riker, who keeps on passing up offers of promotion in order to continue to serve with bald men?

The plan is to meet with hopeful ensigns and write their crew assessments in the first week meeting, and then to hold elections in second week. For third and fourth week we will train you for your new command duties, and then in fifth week we'll give you manual control. Like how on Riker's first day he had to manually reassemble the saucer section and funny-shaped section of the Enterprise D, and he did it really well on the first try. He's an example to us all. You'll have a much nicer two-week transition period though, so it won't be as scary :)

I'd like to say that in the time I've been on the Trek Soc committee, I've had enormous fun and I've really enjoyed running the society, and helping make it much bigger and more enjoyable than it's been for a while. The general duties of the committee and the specific duties of different ranks are at the bottom of the email, for you to get an impression of what is involved. There are many bullet points but each one is a pretty small task ;)

We need help from someone to sort out the room bookings for this Trinity. You need not be part of the new bridge crew (although for the new bridge crew an ability to organise room bookings for at least next term is of course essential). Currently Captain Nicola has to be present at all meetings because they're at Oriel and she's the one who made the booking. However, the Captain would like to delegate this duty so that she can revise. For my part, I will probably have to skip meetings this term as well. So we can book and use the usual room for the first few weeks, but by fifth week (if not sooner) we'd like someone else to sort out the room so that we have the option of not attending.

Thanks! I hope that there are at least a few excellent officers among you who'll do great things with the society! ^_^


General society duties - at least one person needs to do each

  • Making materials for the freshers' fair (such as termcards, signs and tribbles)
  • Manning the freshers' fair stall (along with other volunteers, you don't have to do it all yourself)
  • Booking the room to hold meetings in
  • Deciding theme nights and events
  • Buying and bringing the food and drink.
  • Bringing the episodes, DVDs and/or laptop, or whatever is needed to get the episodes onto the projector or TV, depending on room.
  • Looking after the society episode collection. There are three bags of VHS tapes and DVDs that the society owns, to compliment your own collection. They need shelter whether you end up using them or not.

President's duties

  • Booking the freshers' fair stall
  • Organising the stall rota
  • Writing the termcards
  • Printing the termcards
  • Organising special events
  • Generally making sure everything gets done and that meetings go smoothly
  • They should be enthusiastic, organised, and have some sort of ambition for the society

Treasurer's duties

  • Collecting memberships
  • Recording all transactions in a CLEAR and UNAMBIGUOUS way in the ledger (something not done that well by some people who had it before me...)
  • Recording people who've paid membership in the book of life members and the book of term/year members.
  • Paying back the person who buys the food and drink
  • Providing room deposit cheques
  • Writing long and brilliant emails, each sparkling with more dazzling wit than the last
  • Looking after the mailing list - keeping it accurate and up to date
  • Maintaining the groupspaces page and facebook group
  • They should most importantly be organised, but also able to support the captain however they need.

Monday - society takeaway and Best of TOS

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 6th March 2011 @ 1:02pm

Greetings, earthlings!

Tomorrow is the last meeting of term! We will celebrate by ordering a big group takeaway, and eating it in front of the best of The Original Series!

Guys, there is a reason Star Trek is famous, and it's not because of TNG. It's because of the adventures of Kirk and Spock in the 1960s future, and the cultural revolution that followed. We'll be taken back to when the phrase "to boldly go where no man has gone before" was new, and when the series truly lived up to it. There are no repeat visits to Vulcan or Betazed or Risa, no re-used guests or plot devices, and no constraints. Every episode will take us to a completely new situation, with phenomena as fantastic as you like, populated with aliens as weird and far-fetched as the writers could imagine.

The 1960s had a unique perspective on space travel. While the constant threat of nuclear death hovered over their heads, science rushed around them at an impossibly fast rate and confidently set human beings down on a heavenly body that had previously only been looked at. People couldn't help but believe that very soon mankind would reach Mars, then other stars, and then other intelligent species. There was nothing in all of history that could serve as a guide for what lay ahead.

That's where Star Trek came in! Its larger-than-life characters and detailed technology showed people that mankind's future in space would probably be far more thrilling and wondrous than they'd ever considered. We'll see higher-dimensional aliens masquerading as gods, remote colonies rediscovering the difficulties of keeping mankind civilised, and the dangers brought by meddling with technology that has advanced faster than humans' wisdom could keep up.

The meeting will be at 8:00, and we'll be meeting outside Oriel Lodge from 7:45. Please bring money for your takeaway, including plenty of change - as much as you can find down the back of your starfleet-issue sofa. Please do not use a replicator to manufacture forged currency, as this will not be valid, and it will just slow everything down while we wait for Nicola to do a spectroscopic subspace resonance trace on all the coins to check for replicator signatures.

Please also email in with suggestions for what sort of takeaway to get. Nicola has suggested Domino's, but if you'd like somewhere else please say. I guess we don't really need to all get a takeaway from the same place, if you have some crazy takeaway idea that we probably won't all agree on. Just one big order is easier to organise though :P

The society will assist with the revelling by bringing a fountain of a thousand types of fizzy drink, for us to guzzle until night turns into morning.

Please also email in with episode suggestions! I will be bringing *all* of TOS, so you can just bring your well-thought-out suggestion on the night, too.

See you all at Hilary Term's final meeting's final frontier ^_^


Monday - The Borg

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 27th February 2011 @ 11:01am

Greetings, members of the collective!

After being separated from the rest of our kind for so long, this week we will be restoring our link to the collective as we watch the episodes where the Borg first added our televisual cultural distinctiveness to their own, back in May 1989. And let me tell you, they certainly made an entrance.

There is a theory about the creation of the borg. Originally they were a natural humanoid species, and had minds that were quite separate, and used to communicate by e-mail, as we do. But somewhere around 40-50 Earth years into their information age, their internet had got so fast that they could send e-mails in a fraction of a second. They would receive hundreds of emails, skim reading each of them - still thinking about their work, but absorbing the information into their subconscious. Each of them received e-mails several times a minute, which became several times a second, and then it stopped being clear where the person ended and the internet began. Eventually the 'e-mails' could not be separated from the minds of the people, and the Borg collective consciousness was born. There are some who say the same thing could happen here, one day. And there are some who say that could be sooner than we think, like maybe in a couple of hours. And there are others who say that in Oxford, our e-mail collective consciousness has already been born.

Sorry that this email kind of, makes that situation worse, btw. :S

Anyway, on Monday we'll watch with the Borg equivalent of glee as some foolish members of species 5618 are assimilated into the collective and with every one, we grow more whole. Now that this species is brought to our attention, their fate is secured. We will assimilate every one of them. We will watch other episodes where our knowledge of species 5618 is increased, and the time when we join with them inevitably comes closer.

Together, with one mind, we will gather at the Oriel College Node for data transfer, at what species 5618 call "8pm" (as usual, please start arriving at 7:45). The purpose of the meeting will be to adapt species 5618's culture to service ours.

There will be samples of the biscuits and refreshments of species 5618, and these biscuits' biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.

And mercifully, for the duration of the meeting, degree work will be irrelevant. Diligence is futile.

As always, we welcome new members hoping to be assimilated.

Alun of Eight.

[species 5618 = humans, in case you didn't pick up on it...]

Monday - Hidden Gems

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 20th February 2011 @ 10:54am

Greetings, underappreciated geniuses!

This week we're celebrating a selection of the many hidden gems that Star Trek has to offer.
It's oddly appropriate that it should be in sixth week, because sixth week itself is generally one of the best weeks of term.
You'll have all heard the phrase "Fifth week blues". I find it really rather annoying because I've never noticed fifth week being particularly more or less miserable than any other week, and I suspect very few people do, yet people keep repeating the phrase over and over as if it's an unavoidable truth and a law of physics, which, as we have all learnt from Scotty, we cannae change. Therefore, I'd like to suggest a new phrase, "sixth week awesome", because sixth week is a hidden gem of term. Lots of student plays on, work generally comes together a little, the end of term comes into view, and TrekSoc celebrates Hidden Gems. The list goes on. But since the phenomenon of "sixth week awesome" isn't very famous, this makes sixth week a hidden gem of term. So I spent a paragraph trying to link the meeting theme with the time of term.

So write in with hidden gem episodes! We're looking for the underdogs, the brilliant subordinates of seasons. Episodes that are the Jeeves to the Wooster of "City on the edge of forever", and the Penny to the Inspector Gadget of "The best of both worlds".

I've been really wanting a hidden gems night for ages because when I sit down to watch Star Trek I often enjoy an episode SO MUCH that I feel a desperate need to share it with the world, as if I've stumbled across a lost but recently discovered archive of sci-fi, never before seen by anyone except the editor. It starts to bother me that there are some people out there who haven't seen this episode and therefore don't appreciate its brilliance. The injustice of it, the desecration of art. The idea that some people haven't seen every excellent episode makes me so angry that I just have to get out there to the world and start to set things right. That's why I joined the Star Trek society committee. Any of you thinking of going for a committee position next term, by the way, be aware that an irrational consuming passion for spreading the magnificence of Star Trek to every corner of the world until all people appreciate it the way it deserves, is an advantage.
So hidden gems night is all about fighting for justice. Making sure that episodes get the recognition they've earned. I'm sure that basically everyone reacts in the same way as me when they enjoy an episode of Star Trek, so we should have a selection of episodes fit for a king that will BLOW OUR MINDS. Having to pick just three to watch will not be an easy decision.

The nature of this week's theme makes it extra important that you
Just think of an episode you watched recently (outside of TrekSoc) that you remember enjoying. Don't hesitate, just email!

Meet at Oriel lodge at 7:45 for the meeting at 8:00.
Food and drink will be there too!


Captain's Ready Room

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Monday, 14th February 2011 @ 5:27pm

Dear Treksters,

Sorry for the spam, but a few last minute things you might like to know about . . . 

DocSoc are hosting the termly Geek Quiz this week on Thursday, they say:

Hi all,

Hope term is off to a good start for you.

Last term's Geek Quiz was a great event, with representatives from lots of Oxford's geekiest societies - but we want more! More people, more exciting rounds of questions, more random and pointless prizes to give away. If you think that your society might be interested in getting involved with any of these, then let us know! At the very least, please publicise the following fact to members of your society (we welcome individuals just as readily as we welcome societies fielding whole teams) -

The Geek Quiz takes place on Thursday of Fifth Week every term.
This term that's 17 February, in the St John's College North Quad Lecture Room, starting at 8pm.

It's not like a pub quiz - anyone can bring a round with them, and we encourage as many people as want to to do just that. The basic structure is that we form teams, and go round the teams in turn asking for a set of questions - if anyone in that team has prepared some questions (normally a round should be worth around ten points - allocated as you see fit), they can then stand up and ask them. In the past these have been on anything you can imagine, from cult theme tunes to fan fiction to computer assembly languages, and we would love input from your society too!

Looking forward to seeing you in Fifth Week,

Emma Lewis
Publicity Officer

It'd be really great for us to get a team together and meet some other geeks, maybe even get a peek of AnimeSoc before the joint social in 8th week.

We've also got some exciting snacks - lots of cake, LOTS of crisps, LOADS of biscuits and a veritable cornucopia of drinks.  So come along with your snacking hats on.

See you all tonight!

Live Long and Prosper,




Monday - Ridiculous romances

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 13th February 2011 @ 12:54pm

Greetings, space lovers!
The meeting this week is all about ridiculous romances. This is because it's being held on Valentine's day!
Depending on the status of your love life, different sections of this email are applicable to you - See the 'Contents' links :)
The meeting is at 8:00 at Oriel, meet at the lodge at 7:45. There will be free refreshments and biscuits - possibly even valentine's-themed ones, if they exist(?).
I'll definitely be there, my girlfriend and I are celebrating Valentine's on Tuesday instead :P
Before coming, in the interests of safety, you should all watch this video. If this health and safety video, and others like it, were standard in Starfleet then maybe they'd get into less trouble all the time.

Monday - Social and meeting "Behind the make-up"

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 6th February 2011 @ 11:24am

Greetings, culture fans!
This week, before the regular meeting at 8, we have our second social of term, pub! It will be in Ten Forward, and we can relax after work with food, drink, and Guinan's wisdom! You're welcome to come to either or both.
For the social our 'Ten  Forward' will actually be The Mitre. We'll meet outside at 6 but if you'd like to come along later then that's fine, find us inside. We intend to eat there, but that's not compulsory if you're the sort of person who doesn't eat. You're all welcome to drink your fill of synthehol, if you're the designated helmsman of your starship, or of alcohol, if you're just a passenger on that starship, or if you live on Earth. I expect they also serve tea, earl grey, hot, and lemonade, lemonadey.
The meeting this week breaks the fourth wall as we go Behind the Make-up! For once our focus will not be characters but will instead be actors. I expect it's never really occurred to you that Worf is not a Klingon security chief, but is in fact a character played by an actor. This week we will learn more about that actor and his colleagues when we see them on-screen without their usual coverings, as they finally come face-to-face with their audience. This will no doubt be a life-changing experience for you, because from then on you'll be able to dream that you'll one day recognise them in the street and start a conversation with them, maybe even find that you have a lot in common and strike up a friendship, and maybe they'll even welcome you into their lives and treat you as their very own Wesley. You'd like that. Well, it can never happen if you glance around restaurants hoping to see a 7 foot klingon with a forehead made of noses, you have to be looking for the right face to be in with a chance.
(Of course, we'll be seeing the real faces of a number of actors, not just Michael Dorn. He's just the coolest one.)
So enjoy the episodes, and happy hunting! We'll be The Mitre from 6, Oriel lodge at 7:45, and the Harris Seminar Room from 8. Refreshments and biscuits and things will be there, willing you to eat them. Enjoy them without me, I won't be joining you this week :(

Formal and film night tomorrow!

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 @ 8:02pm

Hi everyone
Just to remind you that tomorrow we are having our first social of term, formal at St John's. You can still sign up! Email me ASAP before midday tomorrow if you'd like to come but haven't signed up yet. Meet at the lodge at 7pm, in your gown, with £5 payment for Ian.
This is followed by our first film night! We'll watch the first two movies, The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan.
For those not coming to the formal, we'll be at the lodge again at 8:15 so you can meet us, and then we'll start The Motion Picture at 8:30, and then we plan to start The Wrath of Khan at 10:50, if that's not too late for everyone present.
They are both compulsory viewing for Star Trek fans!

Captain's Ready Room

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Monday, 31st January 2011 @ 4:03pm

Dear Treksters,

As Captain's business goes this is pretty hot stuff. . .

I have just bought not one, not two, but three types of cake for tonight's meeting.  As an inclusive society I feel we should welcome all denominations of cake into the fold.  As usual we'll be meeting at Oriel at 7.45 to start the meeting at 8 back in the Harris Seminar Room.

See you all this evening for some cake-y clone-y action!

Live Long and Prosper,


Monday - Clones

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 30th January 2011 @ 10:56am

Greetings, clones!
This week's meeting is about Clones!

Many years ago, the Star Trek society was very small with too few members for a good atmosphere. The captain at the time, Captain Fraser, grew worried. Over four terms he watched the society's membership dwindle, gradually, as at each meeting there would be fewer people than the last. The captain didn't notice straight away, of course, but the nagging feeling that all was not right began to grow. The number of members fell from fifteen, to ten, to four. In time it became impossible to fail to notice the poor turnout, and the Captain went into denial. He would phone and email people asking why they weren't there, so that he could listen to their excuses and convince himself that they would all return at some meeting soon, just as soon as they weren't so busy. This didn't last long, because it was around then that the first meeting with only one member occurred. That day, in the fourth week of a busy Trinity term, Captain Fraser went to the meeting as usual, put a tape into the machine and was about make some comment out loud about the poor science in the episode when the reality hit him. The society was dying. Something needed to be done.
After a few more 'meetings' by himself the Captain formed a plan and took action. In a desperate bid to save the society, Captain Fraser used his access priviliges to break into the Oxford genetics lab and steal the DNA of hundreds of ordinary people. The DNA was experimental, and couldn't survive well outside of the computer-controlled environment at the lab. Captain Fraser knew this and did his best to rush the DNA back to the Star Trek society room where he'd rigged up a similar environment. The almost tripped several times in the dark streets of Oxford but he reached the room in just nine minutes. He put the DNA in the machine and found that almost 90% of it had become unusable in the time he'd taken to travel. The disappointment was crushing, but at least the remaining DNA was of twelve prime candidates for Star Trek Liking Gene Insertion. He altered the subjects' DNA to make them love Star Trek, and cloned himself a new society.
In the years following that, the twelve clones attended the society every week, not knowing they were clones. The society blossomed and no-one ever found out just how the membership had increased so quickly. Perhaps it doesn't matter.

Some say that the events of that story are an entertaining legend, but there are others who say that those twelve still go to the society, never knowing who they are! It could be you! You could be a clone!
So you should come and watch some episodes about clones, and maybe you'll learn something and you'll be able to figure out if you're one of the twelve or not!
This week we were planning to give everyone a taster of The Animated Series, too, with the seventh episode, "The Infinite Vulcan", where there are two Spocks.
We're in the normal room again this week, so biscuits and refreshments will be provided! Woo!

Thursday - Formal and film night!

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 30th January 2011 @ 10:21am

Greetings, hungry people!

For the first TrekSoc formal of this term Ian invites us to St John's! It's on Thursday. Ian writes:

Star Trek 'Formal' for John's on Thursday 3rd.
Attire: Casual, with gown.
Time: Beam in at 7pm, SJC Lodge (on St. Giles), for 7:15 prompt start
Cost: 5 strips of gold pressed latinum (£5).  Either bring cash on the day, or pidge a cheque/cash to Ian Cutress, St. John's

If you wish to attend, let me know ( before midday on Thursday the 3rd, so I can inform the kitchens of numbers.


So please come!

After the formal we plan to have our first film night of term too. We'll watch Star Trek 1 & 2 : The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan. I'll bring it up at the meeting on Monday. In the mean time be aware that any of you who haven't already seen these films must watch them, because they're both really good. The Wrath of Khan, in particular, is reckoned to be one of the best Star Trek movies (definitely in the top three, if not better, in pretty much everyone's reckoning).

Live at least until Thursday evening and prosper.


Mon - Strong Females

E-mail sent by Member 1dc162, Sunday, 23rd January 2011 @ 12:32pm

Greetings, space feminists!

The theme this week is Strong Females, where we will watch agressive women and try to hide how intimidated we feel.

In our society sexism is widespread in the workplace, high streets, TV and homes. TV cameras look at men as little as possible and stare women up and down constantly in a way that would get you slapped if you tried it in real life. Children grow up watching adverts where boys play with toy racing cars and make them run over Disney Princess dolls, and girls play with Barbie and Ken dolls and have Ken come home drunk and beat up Barbie for being a slag but it's her own fault. Children watch and form expectations about their futures, which subconsciously become self-fulfilling.

That's why everyone should watch more Star Trek!

We're gonna watch Tasha Yar beat up the bad guys with her sweet moves and implacable determination. We're gonna see Kes overcome the worsts cards life can deal, and Kira keep her cool and kick cardassians' butts. We may also watch Dr. Crusher save the ship and Ro Laren give Geordi a run for his money, but we won't see T'Pol taking any crap from any man. But most importantly we're gonna tremble as Janeway takes charge of an entire quadrant and makes the men around her scream for their mothers! XD

(We probably won't be watching any TOS, because the dickensian women invariably faint, cry, hug Kirk, generally fail to cope, and talk incessantly how difficult it is for a woman to not be constantly overcome with emotion and/or hormones. Sometimes they have a period all over Spock.)

Write in with episodes where a major or minor female character doesn't let the side down! =D

This week we're in the Harris Lecture Theatre, next door to the normal room, because we couldn't get the booking. We meet outside Oriel Lodge at 7:45 for the meeting at 8:00 as usual. Sadly, there will not be any biscuits or refreshments because the women have been too busy, enjoying gender equality and going to jobs, to do the cooking (and because food isn't allowed in the Harris Lecture Theatre).

See you there! It's gonna be great! XD


Monday - Weird Experiments

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Greetings, warp engineers!

The first meeting of a glorious new hilary term is approximately 1.3523837222 days away! New members are welcome, as always!
This week we will be learning about weird experiments.

In the future, science is so important that there are little or no laws restricting what experiments can be done, and scientists are unconstrained ethically. There are apparently no official sanctions against testing giant energy beams that will destroy planets in the event of a malfunction, nor against the secret genetic modification of innocent people, nor even against creating new life forms without any safeguards limiting their potentially deadly powers. We will be examining the effect of legal loopholes like this on societies, individuals, and starship captains.

We will likely learn that man should not play God and that actually science is evil. But it's sci-fi so we'll forget all about that when we go back to our labs (or arts students' equivalents) on Tuesday. ^_^

The meeting is at Oriel at 8:00. We'll meet outside the lodge at 7:45.
We will have a variety of new experimental biscuits and unknown drinks, and we are studying their effect on humanoid life-forms. We need you to be our test subjects, and to eat as much as you can of them! Of course, if you don't consent we'll just teleport them into your stomach anyway, for SCIENCE!

Reply to suggest episodes. I'll bring a copy of every episode suggested, for us to choose from on the night.


The Termcard has landed!!!

E-mail sent by Nicola Mansfield, Tuesday, 11th January 2011 @ 4:45pm

Greetings Treklings!

I hope everyone has had a most pleasurable and productive vacation and are raring to start a new term.

Attached is the Hilary termcard packed full of exciting theme nights.  All that's missing are formals, so keep your offers coming.

I look forward to seeing you all at our first meeting on Monday of 1st Week :)

Live Long and Prosper,


New term! Please bring your Trek DVDs?

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Greetings, hopeful Starfleet trainees!

It is time to launch the starship TrekSoc on a new eight-week mission to discover freaky new worlds and far-out civilisations! TO RECKLESSLY POWER IT INTO PLACES WHERE NO-ONE'S BEEN BEFORE!

The theme nights for this new year have been decided, and the termcard could very well be being written by Captain Nicola at this very moment! :O

Now you're all packing for the new term, I'd like to ask a favour. Can you please bring to Oxford all your Star Trek DVDs, and let me know you're bringing them. I'd like to be able to call on your collections on Sundays/Mondays when I'm gathering together episodes for the meeting. You will probably recieve some sort of confectionery thank-you or something :)
(We already have: all of TOS, seasons 1-3 of TNG, all of Enterprise, and all the movies. I'm going to buy TNG season 4 for myself at some point this term too, but not straight away because I'm watching House season 3 first.)

This term we plan to have another three formals! The society's two previous formals, last term and last Trinity, were GALACTIC successes, so we're having more! At this point we'd like to get an idea of where we might be going, so if you'd like to host a formal at your college please email me back, and say what days of the week formals are on, and we'll get back to you in a week or two when we start sorting it.
It's a great opportunity to show off your college and your formals and make the other trekkies reluctantly admit that your college is actually better than theirs, maybe, in the right light.

Finally, to anyone who hasn't been along to a meeting yet, please come along this term! We plan to remodulate the subspace emitters and discomoboooodulate the laser hydraulics, and simulations suggest it will increase fun by up to ONE GAZAMAJILLION PERCENT! ^_^
So see you there!

Happy packing and see you soon!

The Oxford Star Trek Society

Networks: Oxford University

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