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Termly Meal and Meeting

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Tuesday, 22nd November 2011 @ 9:46am

Mornin' TrekFans,

Next Monday brings our termly meal, and this time we're heading to the fabulously sci-fi Atomic Burger. In case you're unfamiliar its located a couple of minutes down Cowley Road, serving a good range of reasonably priced meat and vegetarian meals (for a peek at the menu see

If you would like to attend, please email me back before 9pm Thursday. We will be looking to book a table for around 8pm Monday, but if we make a big group we may need to be flexible regarding time - if you can't make before/after a certain time let us know and we'll bear it in mind.

The meal will be followed by our termly meeting in the handily located G&Ds (almost next door). This is when we'll brainstorm theme ideas for next term, so if you want to get involved please do come along!

See you there!

Captain Lucy

Weekly Meeting: Transporter Accidents

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Saturday, 19th November 2011 @ 2:54pm

Greetings TrekFans!

This week is the last episode week of this term! Because of this, we will be going out in style with our theme for this week: transporter accidents! As always, you can suggest episodes on our Facebook page, and come along on Monday at 7:45 for the results of problems with the pattern buffer, accompanied by awesome snacks and drinks, of course. We will meeting at Hertford College as usual, so see you then!

Trekkie love,
First Officer Louise

Weekly Meeting (14/11) - Q Night and Crew Date news

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 12th November 2011 @ 5:08pm

Evening TrekFans,

Firstly an update on the crew date situation - after a positive response from our members we are investigating setting up a crew date with RGPSoc and/or AniméSoc. Sadly this is taking a little longer than anticipated, so its unlikely to happen this week. We'll let you know as soon as these societies get back to us!

This brings us to our next meeting; the eagerly anticipated 'Q Night'. We all have a favourite episode (unless you're of the opinion that anything with Q is a classic- we can't blame you), so tell us yours on our facebook event page and we'll bring it along! There will as usual be a range of refreshments to see us through the night.

Meet us outside Hertford College lodge around 7:45 for an 8pm start.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Captain Lucy

Weekly Meeting (07/11) - Pub & Introductory Episodes

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Friday, 4th November 2011 @ 11:49am

Good morning TrekFans,

This week we have our first social - a trip to the pub before our regular meeting. We'll be settling down to some great food and drink at the Turf (4-5 Bath Place, down an alley along Holywell Street) from 6:30pm, so come along and get to know us all a bit better before heading off to Hertford...which is conveniently only a minute's walk away...

Our pub trip will be followed by a regular meeting, and this week we present you with a set menu as we embark on our termly 'Introductory Episodes' theme night. Over the course of this year we will be showing the first episodes from all the Star Trek series, and on Monday we'll be kicking off with Voyager's 'The Caretaker' parts 1 & 2, and if we have time we'll add in the Original Series' first episode, 'The Man Trap'. The first episodes tend to be classics, and if you are new to any of the series you should definitely join us for an introduction! There will of course be the usual fabulous refreshments (...if you have room after the pub)!

To recap, we're meeting at the Turf at 6:30pm for dinner and drinks on Monday, followed by our regular meeting at Hertford College (at the lodge around 7:45pm for an 8pm start) on the same day.

I hope to see you all there!

Captain Lucy

Weekly Meeting (31/10) - Halloween!

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 29th October 2011 @ 11:30am

Morning TrekFans,

When we discovered that Halloween falls on a Monday this year we couldn't believe our luck, and we invite you to share this celebration with us with a screening of First Contact! A dark room, a big screen for the best Next Generation movie and of course popcorn...what more could you need?

Meet us at 7:45 for an 8pm start by the lodge of Hertford College (any problems ring me on 07702779307). 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Captain Lucy

A Reminder

E-mail sent by Louise Peterken, Monday, 24th October 2011 @ 11:29am

Attention all crew members!

This is a reminder that this is the last free meeting, as well as the last chance to take advantage of our Super Freshers' Introductory Membership Offer, which entitles you to a memebership of your choice (with all the confectionary and Trek you can handle) at incredible reduced prices.

The reduced fees are:
£3 for a term (normally £5)
£8 for a year (normally £10)
£13 for life (normally £17)

But this amazing offer cannot last! So if you haven't signed up yet, bring along your latinum this evening, to where there will be Trek and biscuits for all.

And now I shall stop talking like a Ferengi.

First Officer Louise

Weekly Meeting (24/10) - Mirror Universe

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 22nd October 2011 @ 4:48pm

Afternoon TrekFans!

Monday's coming back around and its time to look to our next theme, the Mirror Universe. If the sight of Spock with a beard isn't enough to get you buzzing in your seats we'll bring you twisted Trek history and strange alliances...along with a generous dose of confectionary and a nice warm room!

Like last time we want you to give us your episode suggestions on our facebook event page (find it through the link below) and we'll vote on three when we meet. We had a fantastic number of suggestions last Monday so lets keep it up!

The meeting will take place in the Ferrar room at Hertford College, so meet us by the lodge at 7:45 for an 8pm start (any problems call 07702779307). I look forward to seeing you there!

Captain Lucy

Weekly Meeting (17/10) - 'I'm a Doctor, not a ___'

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Friday, 14th October 2011 @ 6:47pm

Good evening TrekFans!

It was fantastic to meet so many of you on Monday, and our next meeting is already fast approaching! We're going to be celebrating Star Trek's doctors; from McCoy to Crusher, Pulaski to Bashir and then the EMH Mark I, we know you have a favourite and we want to watch them in action.

This week we'll be resuming our usual format of voting for 3 episodes on the night, so we need your episode suggestions! If you can think of any you enjoyed that feature a Trek doctor post the title on our facebook event page and we'll do our best to bring it along.

Our venue on Monday will be Hertford College, and will remain the same for the rest of the term. Join us outside the lodge at 7:45 for an 8pm start and if you're late ask the porters for directions to the Ferrar room (its handily near the lodge, but if you have any problems phone 07702779307). There will of course be refreshments to see us through the evening...

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you on Monday!

Captain Lucy

Freshers' Meeting and Termcard

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 8th October 2011 @ 2:21pm

Greetings Trekfans, old and new!

This Monday brings our first meeting of the year and we can't wait to see you there! As per tradition we will be providing you with interstellar cocktails and refreshments, while enjoying Trek classics 'The Trouble with Tribbles' and 'The Naked Now'. 

For one week only our location will be the Pauling Centre (Human Sciences faculty building); only a minute's walk from where Parks Road meets Banbury Road. We have a map for you here: - just head North on the right side of Banbury road until you spot the TrekSoc signs pointing the way (if you have any problems phone me on 07702779307). We'll be meeting at 8pm, and we expect to finish around 10pm.

This is a great opportunity for our newly signed up Freshers to come and meet our friendly members and learn about our format, and we strongly encourage those of you who've signed up in the past but never attended to come along this week; its shaping up to be a great meeting and its free for all new members!

I've also attached our termcard (TrekSoc Termcard Michaelmas '11.docx) - it has been updated with times and venues since Freshers' Fair so do take a look. We hope you'll agree that this Michaelmas is set to be a good one!

I hope to see you all there,

Captain Lucy

Our email list...

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Wednesday, 5th October 2011 @ 4:49pm


Just a quick message before we get started on the term's meetings (termcard to follow shortly)!

I have recently received a couple of requests from ex-members wanting to be removed from our email list, and if there are others of you out there who no longer attend the society and/or don't want to receive the emails I would encourage you to follow their example before we add freshers to the group. There are two methods: email me and I can take you off the list, or you can go to our groupspaces page (link at the bottom of this email) and remove yourself. 


Help out at Fresher's Fair!

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Wednesday, 28th September 2011 @ 11:31am

Hello TrekFans,

We're reaching the end of what I hope has been a long and prosperous summer vacation, and Michaelmas is just around the corner. The termcard has been finalised and preparations for the fresher's meeting are underway, so now all we need is your help at Fresher's Fair

The more people we can attract to join our society the better our meetings will be, so if you love Star Trek and have the time and enthusiasm to encourage first years to sign up, please do consider volunteering for one or more of the shifts below. Earlier shifts may involve an element of setting up just as later shifts will probably require some tidying up, but the main duty of both shifts will be to encourage as many freshers to join as possible!

Wednesday 5th October: 10am - 2pm/ 2pm - 6pm
Thursday 6th October: 10am - 2pm/ 2pm - 6pm
Friday 7th October (ReFreshers' fair): 10am - 1pm/ 1pm - 4pm

If you think you can help, please email me back with which times you could do asap. On Sunday I will then contact all the volunteers with the rota and details of how to get in. 

Thank you,

Captain Lucy

Termly Meal and Meeting Confirmation

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Friday, 17th June 2011 @ 10:35pm

Evening Trekkies/ers,

The final list for those attending the meal on Monday 6:30pm at Noodle Nation is as follows:

- Hector
- Ian
- Nicola
- Abigail
- Stephen
- Louise
- Alun
- Clem
- Asif
- Helen
- Me

We'll meet out the front, but if you arrive and can't see us check inside; otherwise my mobile number is 07702779307.

I hope that those of you who couldn't make the meal will join us for the termly meeting, taking place in the Old Lodge at Hertford College 8 - 9:30pm (meeting outside the current lodge at 7:45pm as usual). We will be discussing ideas for welcoming in freshers next year and reviewing how we currently run the society so please do come along and share your ideas with us. If you know you can't make it but would like to share a suggestion email me before Monday evening and I will be glad pass it on.

Once again good luck to those with exams, and I look forward to seeing a number of you on Monday!

Captain Lucy 

Termly Meal

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Thursday, 16th June 2011 @ 11:22pm

Evening all,

The deadline for booking a place at our termly meal has passed and I have the following people down as attending:

- Hector
- Ian
- Nicola
- Abigail
- Stephen
- Louise
- Alun
- (Me)

However I did originally book a table for 10, so if anyone else reading this would like to join us in Noodle Nation at 6:30pm on Monday I will accept two more on a first come first served basis.

The location for the meeting following the meal has yet to be confirmed, and details will be sent out as soon as a room is booked.

Captain Lucy

- Termly Meal at Noodle Nation

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Tuesday, 14th June 2011 @ 3:27pm

Good afternoon Admirals, Commanders, and Ensigns,

This week's email is going out early because your Captain is taking bookings for our termly meal, this time at Noodle Nation, 6:30pm on Monday 20th, to be followed by a special termly meeting (time and location to be confirmed). For those of you who haven't been to Noodle Nation before (you poor, deprived people) it can be found off George Street down the road next to the Odeon and the menu can be read here:, in summary cheap noodle and rice based food, generous portions and well catered for vegetarians. 

I have made a provisional booking for 10 people; if you would like to attend you must reply to this email by 5pm Thursday

After this time I will send out another email confirming who is coming to the meal, with details of the meeting afterwards. If you can't come to the meal I would encourage you to attend the meeting as we will be discussing ways to change and improve our society - get thinking as this is a great chance for you to put forward your ideas.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on Monday, and good luck to those with exams in the meantime!

Captain Lucy

Time Travel

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 11th June 2011 @ 3:39pm

Good afternoon Ensigns,

This week we will resume watching episodes after last week's quiz (congratulations again to the winning team, 'Elementary my dear Kirk'), with the theme of 'Time Travel'. Declared impossible by the Vulcan Science Directorate in 2154 we will laugh at their mistake as ships are trapped in times long gone and Captains strive to correct fatal mistakes. Suggest episodes on our facebook page; the episodes we have watched so far this year can be found in the wiki on our groupspaces site so try and give us some new ones.

We will be returning to Oriel College this Monday, meeting outside the lodge at 7:45 for an 8pm start, with the usual awesome snacks and drinks.

Start suggesting episodes!

Captain Lucy

Annual TrekSoc Quiz

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Friday, 3rd June 2011 @ 10:54am

Greetings Ensigns,

This week's email is going out early because next Monday is a special meeting - the Annual TrekSoc Quiz! We'll give you the chance to show off your knowledge with specialist rounds on each series, interactive rounds to test your creativity, episode clips to test your memory and much, much more. 

If you haven't attended any meetings before this is a great opportunity to get involved, so come along to join in the fun and meet some new people. Oldhands, take a break from revision/essays/punting and bring friends/fans to show us what you can do!

The quiz will take place at St Catherine's College, Monday 6th of June. We'll be meeting at 7:45pm by the porters lodge for an 8pm kickoff in the JCR lecture theatre. For this meeting we're going to bump up the refreshments, and of course there will be an extra special mystery prize for the winning team!

I can't wait to see you there,

Captain Lucy

We need speakers!

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 28th May 2011 @ 9:38pm

Good evening Ensigns,

Just a quick message from your Captain: if anyone attending this Monday's meeting owns speakers/can borrow some we would really appreciate it you could bring them along. Otherwise we may be huddled around laptop speakers.

Please email me back if you think you can help.

Captain Lucy

Klingons/Movie Night

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 28th May 2011 @ 11:59am

Hello Ensigns,

Earlier this week you had the chance to choose the format for this week's 'Klingon' themed meeting and the votes are in....we will be watching the sixth Star Trek movie, 'The Undiscovered Country'.

'After an ecological disaster leads two longstanding enemies - the Federation and the Klingon Empire - brokering a tenuous truce, the crew of the USS Enterprise must prevent war from breaking out on the eve of universal peace'

This week you can join us at Hertford, meeting as usual at 7:45pm on Monday outside the lodge for an 8pm start (any latecomers wanting directions can phone 07702779307). As this is a movie night there will be popcorn and the usual array of snacks and drinks.

I look forward to seeing you there

Captain Lucy

Klingons - Episodes or movie night - Vote

E-mail sent by Lucy E, Wednesday, 25th May 2011 @ 10:58am

Admirals, Officers and Ensigns alike, the choice is yours:

Following on from ‘Borg week’ of last term, the theme for the 30th of May (next week) will be ‘Klingons’.

We could do what we usually do and collect relevant episode suggestions, or alternatively have a movie night (regulation popcorn provided) and watch ‘The Undiscovered Country’ ; the sixth Star Trek film, arguably one of the most exciting, and very Klingon related.

If you would like a say in what we do on Monday, you have between now and Friday to vote by emailing me with your preference.

I will then send out the normal weekly email on Saturday with the results.

Captain Lucy


E-mail sent by Lucy E, Saturday, 21st May 2011 @ 2:55pm

Good afternoon Ensigns,

As a loyal member of the crew, are you tortured by jealousy when watching your off-duty companions lose their heads on Romulan Ale? Are you the ensign who experimented with Maraji Crystals? Have you ever wished you could lay your hands on the Venus drug?

TrekSoc will give you the opportunity to live vicariously with this week’s theme: Intoxicants. We’ll watch crew members struggle against addictions, discover that even the Borg aren’t immune to the effects of alcohol, and shake our heads when Elasian tears give Captain Kirk yet another reason to chat up a guest.

For this Monday’s meeting you are invited to the Captain’s ready room, a.k.a. St Catherine’s College. As you enter the college down Manor Road you will see the porter’s lodge ahead of you in a glass-fronted room; we will be meeting outside it at 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start as usual. If you are late, enter the lodge and go up the staircase to the first floor; our meeting will be through the first door on your left. Otherwise the access code for my communicator is 07702779307.

As ever we will provide the usual Starfleet regulation food and drink.

I look forward to seeing you there, and in the meantime put forward your episode suggestions on the facebook event wall.

Captain Lucy

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