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Thursday, 1st December 2011 at TBD

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The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.
Mark Twain
WritingRaw is a monthly literary magazine dedicated to new and emerging writers. Our goal at WritingRaw is simple - to serve the literary community with the opportunity to have their work online and out in the world. In this world of disappearing literary magazines, WritingRaw is providing the blank pages for writers to fill. To view someone's writing, click on the link and a pdf version of the piece will open in your browser.

·        Besides the New York Writers Workshop providing a column, we are starting two new ones this month: Self-Publishing: How We're Doing It by Martin Willoughby and Book Awards Column by Mary Greenwood. These columns are sure to provide some valuable information concerning how a writers group formed their own publishing company and a description of many book awards won by Mary Greenwood in her amazing career. We are always up for more… drop me an email and let's talk about starting your own column,


·        Drop Us A Line: Let us know what you think of the site, or about something you've read, or promote something through a letter to the editor. Next month we would love to start a "Emails to the Editors" section of WritingRaw. In the subject line, write "Letters" and send to


·        FLASH FICTION REVIEWS: Send us your flash fiction book reviews - no more than 250 words per review. Send to


·        This month's winner is Denny and Maya Hoffman!    January Contest: Write a 500 word or less piece using the following prompt: Write a fairy tale based on a top news story from the last 3 months. The deadline for this will be December 25. The winner will receive a $20 gift certificate from and be posted on

The Staff of (Ditch, Weeb, Rib)
New in this issue:

·        4:30 by Joe Riley: Nights of drinking, forgetting, and wanting to forget: flirting with a beautiful woman, hung over dragging yourself to work, discovering a good friend is in a coma.


·        A Fading Star by Derek G Rogers: Harry Sheffield had been there done it and been lauded for it. But that was then...


·        Away In A Manger, A Baking Pan For A Bed by Barbara A. Beswick


·        Catch The Air by Sara Davis: Desperate and displaced, Nina finds herself frantic and deep in the thick of an unplanned felony. As night closes in around her, she makes the decision to sieze back the life she handed over so long ago, before it's taken from her forever.


·        Houses Close To The River: A Novella by Zdravka Evtimova


·        Macilroy, the Reluctant Dad by Dean Scurlock: John Macilroy - annoyance to his grandmother, amatuer time traveler, professional burk - has one mission while exploring the time vortex:  To go back in time and kill Hitler.


·        Pal Joey by Kim Offenburger: The only things that Joey wants are his cell phone... and a pillow.


·        Probing Feelings by Ronald L. Cherry: To be a woman head of a department in such a male-dominated organization as NASA, you have to be tough and shield your emotions.  Your work is your all that matters.  But sometimes the unexpected can penetrate the toughest shield.


·        Station of Mind Over Matter by Nick Millini: After receiving the opportunity to become a famous musician, Niall Everhart heads for the big city in hopes of fulfilling his dream. Along the way he meets Blair Raymond, an eccentric yet pleasant man who wants to help Niall achieve. Will Niall find success or will the pressure of being in this new world be too much for him to handle?


·        Trivia by Steve Myers: The story deals with the near impossibility of capturing a life. Almost all that is known is trivia while the experiences of war and personal tragedy escape.


·        The Green Eyed Monster of It by Joe Riley: After discovering his girlfriend with another man, a young man comes to terms with the end of their relationship.


·        The Visit by Frank A. Baburek: Does a family's bond during life continue after death? We all have feelings for those we have been close too in life after they die but do they reciprocate?


·        'Tis The Season by Jason P. Henry: Hell hath no fury like that of Santa and a woman scorned. 'Tis the season to be... sorry!


·        Broken Room, Fixed Photo by Kristopher Miller

·        Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Peter Fraser Macdonald

·        Lost Words by Jason Anderson

·        My Eyes Are Full Of Tears by G David Schwartz

·        Poetry Of Dead Things by Denny and Maya Hoffman

·        Red by Denny and Maya Hoffman

·        Riding the Rails by Mike Berger

·        She Walked Through The Door by Juliette Beswick Pokletar

·        The Cuckoo's Nest by Michael D. Brown

·        The Idol on the Square by Kristopher Miller

·        Tracking The Blues by John McKernan

·        Will-yng by Marrilynn Ready


·        Artist of the Month:      by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

·        Chemical Neutral by Rick Bailey

·        Fat Sex: Alice in Cyberland by Rebecca Jane Weinstein

·        Satan Speaks by Christopher Nagle

·        The Silent Lion by Elaine Rosenberg Miller


·        Daniel M. Annechino

·        Alan Bradley

·        Colin Cotterill

·        Julie Hyzy


·        Allbooks Review

·        Between the Sheets: The Secret of Crickley Hall  by James Herbert

·        Flash Reviews


really BAD Shakespeare Season 3 Begins!
Episode 2 online NOW: Nothing In His Life Became Him Like The Leaving It


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