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Sunday, 8th May 2011 (all day)

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May 2 issue of is now online
The Evolution Continues with becoming a Weekly!
NEW Material Every Monday – to start your week off right.
Writing Raw is a FREE weekly literary magazine dedicated to new and emerging writers. Our goal at Writing Raw is simple - to serve the literary community with the opportunity to have their work online and out in the world. In this world of disappearing literary magazines, Writing Raw is providing the blank pages for writers to fill. New in this issue:
A Perfect Fifty-Fifty Split by David Meuel
Crossing the Bar by Ken Sieben
Driving To Work Early In The Morning by Kristine Y Snow
Ginger Rogers Once Played Tennis in North Vancouver by John Joyce
Noises Behind His Eyes by Tyler W. Stinson
Silent Wings by Alice Baburek
The Heartache by Tammy Ann Burley
The Peak of the Day by John Joyce
The Wastes of Sleep by Andrew Vastag
Valentine's Day by Brian Hartman, Kenneth Weene, and Salvatore Buttaci
Anywhere But There: Chapter 4  by Marcella Simmons
Destiny Diverted: Chapter 1  by Don Clifford
Panes of Blue: Segment 2 by Jason P. Henry
really BAD Shakespeare: Season 2, Episodes 3 and 4
Bad Day at Bikram Yoga? by Tonn Pastore
Blaze Of Light by Kristine Y Snow
Bosnia by Christopher Nagle
Cosmist Worm by James Dye
Little White Cat Paws by Michael Lee Johnson
Making Soup by Carolee Bertisch
Saturnalia by David Clarke
Sleepover In A Strange Place by Rosa Saba
Sometimes I'm Scared by Unique Carper
The Ghost by James Dye
Twenty-Eight Days by Rose E. Grier
Emergency Alert by Gary Beck
Gaijin Skin: Chapter 3 (Final Novel Excerpt 6) by Allen Davies
Silence with the Storm, 9: A Life's History by Rattan Mann
Window Onto A Windowless World by Tony Culver
Jael McHenry
Brenna Yovanoff
Patricia Nelson
Allbooks Review
Between the Sheets: The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok
FLASH REVIEW by Ditch - Walden by Henry David Thoreau
Rib Reads
Now, some announcements:

·        NEW Column - Panes of Blue by Jason P. Henry. What better way to introduce this creative column... allowing the author to introduce it for us:

An Introduction to Panes of Blue
by Jason P. Henry
          Not long ago I came across an older woman who, though I had encountered her on a few occasions, knew nothing of me. She spoke three words that completely silenced me... 'you're a writer'. I was flattered, however, I had never been published so I was dying to know what brought her to this conclusion.
          'I watch you observe everything... people, conversations. You take it all in and I see your wheels turning... you are a writer.' she said.
          Though the writer part remains to be seen, the rest of her words were true. I have always been a watcher. I have index cards filled with ideas that have been born of things I experience in everyday life; People, thoughts, conversations and much more.
          If you are at all like me, you have spent hours online reading the how-to and advice pages in abundance. You have probably encountered this phrase time and again... 'writers write'. While this is true, I feel there is a less encountered phrase that holds as much bearing... 'writer's live'.
         I see people who walk with their heads down and, for all intents and purposes, with their eyes and ears closed. If asked, they likely could not describe the back of their own hand let alone a sunrise or a thunderstorm. Writers are a different breed, they watch, learn... absorb. We take everyday, random things and develop plots, scenes and characters. We allow ourselves to become those characters in order to puppeteer their actions, commandeer their thoughts and guide them through our stories. Inspiration comes in many forms and writers search for it eagerly, more importantly, they allow themselves to be susceptible to it... they live.
          In this column, I hope to use that theory and my own observations to bring you the story of Blue... a man with a 'front row seat' for his eye on the world. Allow me to show you how things I've seen, excuse me, how things Blue has seen can turn from simple into, well, look through the Panes Of Blue and see for yourself... .
(Remember... write and live... everyday.)
© 2011 by Jason P. Henry


·        Calling for all artists – If you would like your artwork showcased on – please send 5 pictures, along with a short bio (hot links and other information accepted) to Weeb at


·        Click HERE to visit our NEW WritingRaw Conferences Page: Listing upcoming conferences and workshops from all over the world. If you would like to have your conference or workshop listed, please contact Weeb at


·        NEW books in the bookstore - Use the Writing Raw Book Store to promote your novel or poetry collection: If you have a novel or collection that you would like to place in our store, we would be more than happy to do so – for FREE. Just send us a copy of the cover of the book (jpeg, bmp, etc. – please don’t send pdf), a brief synopsis, and a link as to where the material can be purchased.


·        really BAD Shakespeare starts with repeats this week - starting with Season 1. Two expanded episodes will appear in each issue for 12 weeks... building to the start of Season 3.


  • WritingRaw also supports other sites that help writers: believes in reaching out to other sites, writing groups, forums, and organizations. Contact us on how you can place a FREE banner, announcement or link on our site! Or, perhaps you would like to partner in some way with WritingRaw (column, monthly essay, writing tips, etc.). We are open to ideas…


  • Or, use the Writing Raw Book Store to promote your novel or poetry collection: If you have a novel or collection that you would like to place in our store, we would be more than happy to do so – for FREE. Just send us a copy of the cover of the book (jpeg, bmp, etc. – please don’t send pdf), a brief synopsis, and a link as to where the material can be purchased.


  • We are also looking for people to write weekly columns, such as – book and publishing news, exercise and tips, or… well, we are always open to suggestions to help make the site one of the most informative and innovative out there. Let us know if you would like to help in this aspect. All columns will have your byline, your bio information (with hot links to your site), and you will retain all copyright.


  • The archive has been somewhat purged (after 2 years of material, we needed to clean up some) but, if your material was on before the purge and is no longer listed in the archive, we will be more than happy to place it back. Just contact me at and let me know.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop in and discover a new and emerging voice today.
Thank you.
Shame: A Novelette by R. E. Heinrich
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