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Different Hamstring technique

The hamstring is an injury which is mostly happened in athletes. In this case, their muscle gets tear due to some uncomfortable circumstances and resist their movement. This injury can create a lot of problems in their career. These exercises will also help you to get six pack ab as well.

Because while doing abs exercise there are high chances to get hamstring but if you do these exercises along with that its chances reduce to zero. Many companies are assisting with these exercises they came up with different stretching techniques which will help these athletes to recover easily from this injury.

Partner hamstring stretch

There are different types of partner hamstring stretch techniques which will help you out from different hamstrings. In every technique of this category, you need a partner on your side which will help you do these exercises. The main parts of your partner in this technique to apply pressure and by doing so increase the limit of your muscle stretch.

Technogym hamstring stretch machine

The technogym hamstring stretch machine is one of the best machines used to increase the flexibility of your body and decrease the ratio of getting hamstring. This machine plays the role of a partner in your exercise.

You can perform all exercises on this machine regarding hamstring but all those as well which you performed with a partner. So if you have this machine with you the need of a partner eliminated for hamstring stretch exercises.

Reclined hamstring stretch

The reclined hamstring stretch is a great technique is one of the ideal stretch hamstring techniques.

For that you have to lie down on your back then raise your left leg as high as you can in the air. In the meantime, you have to keep your pelvis flat on the ground. Then hold your lower thigh and try to move your leg toward your head. Along with that, you have to flex your foot to stretch your calf too.

To increase the intensity of stretch try to place a yoga strap or towel on the ball of your foot and try to pull the strap with the help of your both hands. Try to do it for 30 seconds then switch the leg.

Hamstring doorway stretch

The hamstring doorway stretch is one of the best hamstring exercises.

To perform this exercise lies down on your back in a doorway with one leg through the door. Then slide your leg up along with the wall to straighten your knee by doing so you will feel a gentle stretch down the back of your leg. You have to hold it to the maximum limit and try to increase the time duration with more practice. While doing this do not stretch your back and do not bend your knee as well.

There are some other hamstring techniques as well like supine hamstring stretch with strap, resistance band hamstring stretch, trx hamstring stretch, 3 way hamstring stretch, band hamstring stretch and lunge hamstring stretch the only purpose of all these techniques to increase your body flexibility so you can avoid the chances of the hamstring. Some of these techniques required a different kind of objects to support the exercise and deepen its effects.

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