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We are creating a comfortable environment where we can explore Tantra into its fathomless depths safely. There are efficiencies of mind that, when used in daily life, rapidly cut to the chase of most any situation we may experience, greatly enhancing our personal effectiveness in our creative endeavors in life, including love, in all its aspects.

Classes, discussion groups, and online forum are available to learn more about developing intuition through Tantra's sahaj practices, how to reach greater thresholds in learning capabilities for people of all ages, and the implications Tantra can have on human evolution, how it can influence a more progressive and vital momentum towards a more sublime future for you and all people, bereft of sectism and dogma.

Together we will release the shroud of tourism insulating you from the truth and mysteries about Tantra, making it experiential while anchoring ourselves in the wisdom capabilities practicing true Tantra brings to us.

What is Tantra?

The Sanskrit root verb "tan" literally means "to expand". The word tantra is derived as: tan + trae + d'a. Tra [trae + d'a] means "that which liberates." So Tantra means the science which shows the path for the emancipation of humans through psycho-spiritual expansion. In other words, the spirit of Tantra is ever to continue expanding, or "vistara" in Sanskrit, from which we get the word "vista" in most Western languages.

Tantra is a practical science — the science behind the secrets of spiritual progress, the secret behind "The Secret", the Matrix of the Universe — making you aware of the architecture of the Universe, the mind, and the pathways to further your progress toward your ultimate goal. This scientific approach sets Tantra apart from other schools.

Through Tantra you will understand how shamans do their work, and through which you can actualize your capabilities toward creating a healthier society in every realm life. Most transformative leaders were Tantrikas. With love, ethics and Tantric practice you can be too.

Whatever may have brought forth the Universe and its current status and dynamism, it's continuity is retraceable to the subtlest origins and upon that discovery life begins anew for you, the explorer of these causal realms of existence, and for your loved ones and all lives you affect. Ensconcing ourselves in these subtler realms liberates us and adds value to what and how we may offer far greater contributions to the world and preserve living beings and posterity while doing so more justly.

Tantrika practice is 98% experiential, only 2% theoretical, in contrast to the speculative wonderments and proclamations found in sectarian texts rooted in the limited, and sometimes nefarious imaginations of their authors.

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Tantra Psychology

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