Tokaido uniform Buying Guide - for karate

Wednesday, 1st November 2017 at TBD

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After more than two years of baptism or more adequate pockets, a lot of people are going to march in the direction of Tokaido uniform and even double-track suits (type and group hands). In this comparison,  the Tokaido karate uniform    not too cheaper. However, because of sweat absorption, it is easier to be excluded from the options. However, some Aikido people wear such uniforms and they think they are more comfortable than ordinary judo suits.

The kind of service is mostly Japanese brands, the East Japan Sea Hall, HIROTA, keep the auditorium probably the first choice! However, his teacher-level service in Japan is probably only about 5,000 or so, but it is often over 7000 in Taiwan. However, compared to judo serving tens of thousands and Baruch serving nearly 10,000 specifications, it can be considered trivial!

 As Taiwan's karate was introduced by some Japanese coaches to Taiwan, it is also a good impression on Japan. In addition, the quality of Japanese-made products is better. Therefore, it is better to serve Japanese goods, but it is less convenient in purchasing After all, these three do not accept foreign orders, but some domestic agents should be imported!

 Although some people do not recommend Tokaido Karate Gi, but if it is the heart of those who take the service as a good choice, it should be noted that the single K220 ** series, the most expensive one of the Tokaido series, but it is rare for karate to buy Tokaido, especially when Tokaido is a Japanese-made brand of Pakistani and Japanese brands, perhaps with a little extra money for Japan System is better!

 Now about 30 at home, or about what style, but to wear to wear, I actually think martial is the most comfortable, mainly trousers that band thick enough, comfortable ah ~ material is also practice The kind used, very soft fit, but it will not be thin.

In fact, look at the form or with the hand or the shape of the hand or practice with hand, the group hand like Tokaido those are too thin, cannot practice, playing the game and feel weird, anyway, this is only suitable for athletic competition Road I Really wear not accustomed to.

 One major brands: The Tokaido uniform for karate is good brands. The quality of Tokaido uniform for karate is very good.

 Here's my opinion: Shaped Road I suggest not too considered beginners, one hard! Really hard, can stand on the ground up. The washing machine is also easily broken.

he hands of the road group is relatively thin for practice is not bad. However, the recent popularity of what pants Japan is the kind of closed-legged figure, I am thicker thighs, I feel uncomfortable to wear.

Practicing roadwork and group hand What is the difference between road and I now cannot tell, but really do softer. But I still feel comfortable arms ah ... ... ... ...



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