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Beginner's Guide: Ways to Create a Popular Blog

Are you not getting anywhere with the blogs that you religiously post every day? Well, you are not the only blog writer who is currently having the same challenges. 

Writing informative and relevant blogs is not enough to support your blog site; there are a lot of things to do and a lot of things to consider on how to create a popular blog. Also, you have to remember that it is not an overnight process.

Nonetheless, here are some helpful insights that will help your blog become popular:

1.    Use your plug-ins

Do not forget that you have extra plug-ins that can help you increase your audience – one, for instance, is using a plug-in that enables you to add comments on your blog post. Through adding comment plugins you are allowing your audience to get involved with the blogs you have created. There are a few types of comment plug-ins that are featured in WordPress that a beginner should know so that they can add this feature in the future:

•    The Native WordPress Comments:

Native commenting is one of the basic commenting options that WordPress has; it is a pre-activated and pre-configured system when you install WordPress. This feature allows the audience to leave their short comments and thoughts on the blog that you have posted. However, there is a draw of using this free commenting option and that is your commenters will not be able to receive any notifications about how the thread had gone through.

•    The Disqus Comment System

The Disqus comment system is one of the most popular commenting systems that almost blog writers use. The highlights included are the reply notification, social login, and nested comments.

•    The Facebook Commenting System

This commenting system is similar the Facebook commenting system, where the audience can leave comments, the same way they do in Facebook; additionally, the audience has the option to share your post on social media, specifically on Facebook. 

2.    Be creative when writing

To make your blog popular you need to be creative, informative, and entertaining. Even though creating one every day can be challenging, you should be consistent about it; to defeat problems in writing relevant articles every day, why not start your day with free writing exercises? Exercises like these help peak your creativity, encouraging you to write for more.

3.    Be part of blogosphere’s leveraging

In the blogosphere, you also need to support someone’s blog site in order to survive. In other words, you have to write guest posts at a site with the same niche you have. Through this practice, you are not only helping your site to increase its rank but also you can get a new wave of subscribers.

4.    Try to add free downloadable PLR contents

Who does not like freebies? One of the most effective ways to gain a new stream of subscribers is giving them downloadable PLR or private label right contents; however, you need to be aware of possible dangers when using this option.

5.    Always add a blog post

One of the most popular, safest, and effective ways to increase your SEO rankings is through frequent blogging; when you say frequently it should be daily. Your readers and potential readers are hungry for more information that you can provide them; so, make it a habit to write a relevant post every day. 

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