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Women Training Boxing Gloves

Whether a woman is a newcomer to the combat sport or a seasoned boxer, she definitely wants to use only the best women training boxing gloves possible so as to maintain or even improve her performance. In terms of what women boxing gloves to look for, it isn’t always an objective perspective that can simply get you the very best, because it sometimes comes down to personal preference. At a glance, training boxing gloves all look pretty much the same, whether they’re made for men, women, kids, amateurs or professionals.

What Does A Traditional Boxing Glove Include?

Traditionally, a Starpro boxing glove’s anatomy is a ballooned, curled-top portion to protect hands and absorb impact, plus a hook and loop cuff for a tight, precise fit.

Why Women Boxing Gloves Differ From Men’s Boxing Gloves?

Generally, women have smaller and slimmer hands and fingers as compared to men, the hand enclosures of women’s boxing gloves are smaller and are better able to protect women’s specific bone density and structure. Furthermore, they are also better at absorbing the impact of executing a punch thus allowing better form and performance.

Unisex training boxing gloves are supposed to fit both men and women. Even though the hand size between men and women vary a lot. According to a study, on average, women’s palms are typically shorter and narrower than men’s. As well as, it has been noticed and recorded that a male thumb is a bit shorter compared to a female thumb. That is why, many female fighters find boxing gloves too loose inside, because of the wide area that creates too much space and/or lack of sufficiently tight wrist support.

Starpro is a high-end brand with a broader array of offerings and you can find a variety of training boxing gloves that work for you. Read on and understand to make an informed purchase.
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Points To Consider While Buying Training Boxing Gloves For Women

Know that it is exactly like car buying, the last thing you want to do is buy a pair of gloves based solely on their color so save that for last. Read on to know the main concerns when it comes to buying boxing gloves for women:

  1. Style of gloves
  2. Size of glove
  3. Type of gloves

What Style of Gloves to Get?

When it comes to a careful purchase, ask yourself what is the right style of glove for what you want to do and the level of protection you need? Do not get substantial gloves for just speed bag or light work, but know that if you’re hitting heavy bags you better make sure your hands are fully protected and secured.

Women training gloves are kind of like the all-purpose boxing gloves. These are the gloves that you usually what you want for heavy bag work and they’re versatile enough for most everything else. Whereas, bag gloves are only the gloves that are used for bag gloves and light gloves. One can also use training gloves for sparring and bag work, but it needs to be consulted as heavy bags are padded lighter on the knuckles. Many bag gloves will leave the thumb open and offer minimal wrist support, that’s why they are ideal if you only want it for working speed and agility bags.

What Size And Weight Of Women Boxing Gloves To Consider?

While opting for best women training gloves, keep in mind; comfortable fit that is just snug enough to easily slip in and don’t compress hands and fingers in them. Women’s boxing gloves are generally smaller in size and thus have a smaller weight listing. Optimum protection for women’s hands and wrists is necessary because that corresponds to the power of punches. Size and hence weight because of padding makes sense at the side of safety, but at the same time no woman wants to be burdened with extra, unnecessary weight; even if that means a couple ounces. Even though it doesn’t sound much, but it does make a difference and it could mean fatigue set in quicker.

There’s no easy way to determine the best training boxing glove weight for women boxing training gloves without trying out. For a woman who has regular physique can go with getting a 12-ounce glove while a larger physique woman might get comfortable with 14 ounces. Moreover, keep in mind that when using training boxing gloves to hit, you should always wear hand wraps. There are no exceptions in that.

What Type Of Gloves To Look For?

For most women training boxing gloves, opt for Velcro gloves as Velcro strap is a better choice over laces simply for the reason that women can get them on and adjusted pretty easily by herself. On the other hand, the drawback is that there can be a limit to how snug you can get them secured. A longer Velcro strap allows some extra torque, but then the Velcro gloves can at times get snagged on things when they’re not fastened, including hand wraps, which can cause damage. Also, if to use lace up boxing gloves, then make sure the laces are contained and not fly up and hit you.

Boxing gloves at Starpro come in an incredible variety of styles with many unique features. Choose a pair that helps bolster your game, without slowing down or causing injury. At Starpro, browse through a variety of quality training boxing gloves, and find the appropriate pair of training boxing gloves for women. Because at Starpro, we aim to understand that fit, feel and comfort are paramount to excelling in any sport.

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