Hi, there...

You joined this group(or are looking at it) because you are looking for an agora- a meeting place, a place to chat, a place to hang out in.
Thats why this is here.

Further, the IRC room is there- if theres at least one person present(get an adults permission before using that network).
(freenode server -or

The room is aptly caled:


(It will be created if nobody else is there)
Nick is of your choosing, its not set.

While people need to be respected, there is no "forced kiddie language" or other stupid rules.
While I could impose-

and certainly YOU dont own anything on other SILOS-
(you are a "granted permission to use , user"...)

-I wont.

But one "out of line attack" -
or "arrogant comment directed at the site maintainers" (IT admins, etc..)-
and your account is finished. That sort of action is out of line.

Anyone can join, but you need to register and be semi-vetted.
Theres major problems with blindly allowing people into any group online.



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