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Schumacher Wallpaper: Zoning with Canvas, Making Accents, Work with Light

Tuesday, 24th April 2018 at TBD

In this article we will keep on talking on combinations of various designer wallpapers in the interior design. The first part you can read here.

Vertical combination of wallpapers

As a rule, the presence of vertical stripes would raise the ceiling visually, but this does not mean that the stripes should be on all the walls. Modern design allows the Schumacher wallpaper or Phillip Jeffries wallpaper with stripes to be present only on one wall, and on all other walls the wallpaper with a hardly noticeable pattern or texture is glued.

Many glue designer wallpaper with a vertical pattern, distributing it on all walls evenly. The interval can be different on different walls.  

The bands may not be the same, both in width and in pattern, and in color. In this case, the texture of the selected Schumacher wallpaper should not differ; otherwise there will not be a harmonious combination. As a rule, in such cases, they buy wallpaper from one of those collections that are there in Mahones Wallpaper Store.

We mention that because some firms produce wallpaper with several pictures that are combined with each other, but at the same time, differ in color. From one collection you can choose 2-3 tones, which have the same type of drawings. As a rule, this is enough to decorate your apartment in a modern style.

Three types of Schumacher wallpaper or Phillip Jeffries wallpaper from one collection can make the combination that is just perfect. This indicates that the designer wallpapers were tested before they went on sale. In some photos in, the wallpaper is selected from one collection. This approach simplifies the selection of wallpaper with a different texture.

For the ceiling to seem higher, there is another way to glue the wallpaper. It assumes that one of the stripes is on the ceiling, blurring the border of the transition, which is why such an illusion is obtained.

Separation into zones

If you use Schumacher wallpaper of several types, then you can select certain zones, depending on the functionality. As an option - this studio apartment, where the option is suggested with the allocation of zones, such as a dining room or recreation area, while not forgetting the zone where food is cooked.

Such an approach can really be applied in children's rooms, where it makes sense to distinguish the playing area, sleeping area or table area. This approach is also relevant if two children live in the nursery. Naturally, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of children.

This option allows the use of wallpaper of different textures. Do not use molding for separation. It is desirable to join the wallpaper in the corners; otherwise the joint areas will not look very attractive.

Panel and decorative painting

Tendency for applying different wallpapers in one room exists from ancient times. But in the past the wallpaper was made of fabric, so they were framed in the form of a panel. Only the rich people could afford such a luxury, since the wallpaper cost a lot of money. This approach to wallpapering has survived up to present day. This design is considered as classic. Material for the formation of panels can serve as inscriptions silkscreen, as well as embossed or textured, expensive wallpaper.

To support this style, actually, the wallpaper of another coloring or texture is framed in a molding. Typically, this option is suitable for other styles, such as province or country.

The Art Nouveau style, which is considered more modern, also allows the form of a panel, but with a more different approach to framing.

Another interesting option is pasting of niches. In this case, the Schumacher wallpaper or Phillip Jeffries wallpaper for niches can have a completely different texture, depending on the style used.

And yet, in any case, one should adhere to one rule: it is desirable to use wallpaper from one collection, only so you can get an excellent result. You can choose Schumacher wallpaper yourself, but for the better result it's better to contact a professional.

Arrangement of color accents

There are several approaches to color highlighting of some elements. The first approach involves distracting attention from some element that looks inharmoniously or unpleasantly stands out. For example, you can take uneven walls. This is especially true in old apartments, where the surfaces can be sloping. To ensure that these unevennesses are not seen, the wall opposite is glued with wallpaper of other very attractive and perhaps very bright colors and patterns.

The second option works the other way round: wallpaper gluing is associated with highlighting an object or drawing attention to it. Here everything depends on what kind of object it is supposed to be allocated: if it's a bedroom, then most likely the bed is allocated, and if it's a kitchen, then, perhaps, it is dining table in a dining area that is allocated. This option can be compared with zoning, although, in this case, distract attention from the kitchen area.

Accentuation of attention around an object is a great way to glue Schumacher wallpapers of two kinds. In this case, the focus may not necessarily be vertical, but also horizontally, although the first approach is much more common. This is due to the fact that in our premises the ceilings are low, mainly, therefore, we have to sort out to suitable options. In the presence of high ceilings, the accent can be placed horizontally, in the form of wide stripes.

There are rooms with ledges or niches. Quite often they try to disguise them, although this does not always work, especially since they can serve as an object of interesting design decisions. In such cases, you will definitely have to glue wallpaper of two kinds, which indicates on a certain interest in the decoration of the room. After all, everyone wants their interior to be different from others, and this is just the case when you can surprise everyone.

Coming to a conclusion, we can safely say that there are a lot of options for gluing wallpapers of two types, as well as a huge number of wallpapers types, their colors and textures in Mahones Wallpaper Store. In addition, there is a choice of a whole set of solutions already tested, indicated in the photo.

One more very important factor will not be superfluous: the quality of the work, which can be guaranteed only by professionals.



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