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The Woman Men Adore Review - Does It Really Work?

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Recently, we encountered relationship expert Bob Grant’s The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want To Leave. The Woman Men Adore is all about stepping into your heart and living out from that emotional space.

What Does The Woman Men Adore Guide Teach You?

Instead of letting your emotions weaken you, you will learn how to stand firm and use them as a strength, step-by-step. This insightful ebook guide details the dynamics between men and women.

Grant understands that men and women have various kinds of energy, and that they are complementary. My own observation is that in their rush to achieve equality, often times too many women have tried to become men. Sometimes the workplace demands that, but it’s a shame to use that attitude to muddy your relationship. Women and men are inherently very different.

What Difference Does "The Woman Men Adore" Guide Explain?

We're not saying one sex is smarter or should expect a higher salary, but they do experience emotions and process experiences differently.

And of course, there are also huge differences in communication styles. I’m sure you would have experienced that already! All these differences can make communication tricky, but simple if done right.

No woman wants to be perceived as needy. If you constantly need your man to do things for you, if you are always telling your man how you would fall apart without him, then he will feel smothered. He’ll will disappear with the wind.

What Will You Learn With The Woman Men Adore?

If you are completely independent, however, his admiration for you will be tinged with insecurity. A man feels strong and necessary when he protects you, carries your heavy bags, or fixes the car. If your fear of being needy robs him of these experiences, then he will for sure feel less like a man in your presence. And no man wants to have his manhood diminished.

Do Grant's The Woman Men Adore Method Really Work?

Grant analyzes these differences dilemma clearly and offers specific advice. His prescriptions are are not just theory, but women all over the world have seen the results for themselves. They might not work in a country that is more patriarchal, and they might also not be needed here in 25 years.

But here and now, his methods have proven to be right on the money. There’s a thin line to be drawn between taking care of a man and controlling him, and you want to be on the right side.

Men do like to feel taken care of, but if you smother him, he’ll feel controlled. You’ve got to find the fine line between supporting him (by organizing his calendar, say) and controlling him (by telling him when he needs to get ready for a meeting).

Men love to hear about their own good attributes. If your guy is arm-wrestling at the local pub, Grant says, your relationship will be better off rooting for him and joining in the fun than teasing him for caring about participating in such a silly contest. That rule might seem obvious – but Grant shows why many women have break these rules every day. How often have you broken it? Grant explains many intricacies about how men and women share information. Men want to listen to information, Grant says, while women want to share them.

Learning The Differences in The Woman Men Adore

The average woman talks about 4 times as much as the average guy, Grant says. That’s also more than most men are able to listen to.

The predictable result is that men zone out – and that leaves their woman feeling unheard and unappreciated. If you want to share something with your man, Grant says, make it short and concise.

It’s fine to share emotions, but try not to do it while you are feeling emotional. Talk about them later, intellectually, instead of exploding like a volcano. Grant describes in-the-moment discussion of emotions as impulses, and that it is generally a bad idea to cater to them. It’s better to talk things through after both of you have calmed down, whether an hour or a week later. Then you can talk about your emotions instead of showing them. Grant makes many provocative and valid points that can help you understand yourself and your man better. Follow his advice and you will surely improve communication with your mate and reduce the hurt feelings and disappointments that arise from the different thinking and feeling traits of men and women...

Full The Woman Men Adore Review here! at

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