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Digital Formula Review - Does Digital Formula Really Work?

Posted by Donald Wright, Thursday, 16th August 2018 @ 12:08pm

  • Digital Formula, Digital Formula Review

    Full Digital Formula Review here! at

    Digital Formula is a brand new cryptocurrency trading system. In this review we will see investigate if you can really make money with it or not.

    Is Digital Formula Really Legit?

    This is a zero-hype Digital Formula review to give readers a bit more information about how it works so you can decide whether it is the right system for you to give a go or not.

    An exciting thing to mention in this review is that the way this method is created to make money is with cryptocurrencies and not the typical internet marketing type of program.

    Workings of Digital Formula:

    Recently the entire cryptocurrency market shot up in the space of a couple of months, with Bitcoin and lesser known altcoins going to all time highs. So many people will have made good money from the uprising, however some people will have missed out on the gold rush. The good news is that there is another chance to earn money in this marketplace because all the prices have gone down significantly again. That means you can buy some coins and tokens at lower prices than they were previously at their recent all time highs. And that is where Digital Formula strategy comes in.

    It helps members identify the best low priced coins to buy in order to maximise their gains for when the market does go up again. The system also helps you time these trades to earn from those short term volatile price movements...

    Full Digital Formula Review here! at Review - Is Legit?

Posted by Donald Wright, Sunday, 8th July 2018 @ 7:49pm

Superstar Coach Review - Does Superstar Coach Really Work?

Posted by Donald Wright, Friday, 8th June 2018 @ 7:50pm

  • Are you looking to find out more about this Superstar Coach program? Read my honest Superstar Coach Reviews and see if this is right for you to join.

    This program is touted as the “The Truly Life- And Business-Changing Program Developed Specifically For Coaches, Consultants Service Providers, Teachers, Authors, Speakers, Experts Who Have The Knowledge To Guide Their Clients And Reach The Outcome They Desire”, but can you really trust that? We have gone through the training program, and there is a ton of content that took us quite a long time to go through, taught us a lot and certainly got us some desirable results.


    What Can You Expect To Learn From Superstar Coach?

    Superstar Coach is designed to give participants the frameworks, tools, templates, coaching support and the engaged learning community to effectively formulate a integrated marketing plan, in order to generate a consistent flow of clients for their coaching or consulting business. Superstar Coach is aimed at people that want to start a coaching business or those who are coaches right now who want to take their business to the next level.


    What is In Superstar Coach Program?

    Here is a brief summary of what you can learn from Superstar Coach:

    • Module 1: Fundamentals
    • Module 2: Conversion Conversation
    • Module 3: Strategy Session
    • Module 4: Ultimate Funnel
    • Module 5: Scaling Sky High
    • Module 6: Indefinite TrafficBonuses
    • Bonus 1: Social Domination
    • Bonus 2: Inner Game
    • Bonus 3: Evaluation

    Superstar Coach was designed to give participants the entire framework, templates, tools and coaching support to create a consistent flow of new clients for their coaching and consulting businesses. Developed specifically for coaches, authors, teachers and speakers to guide their clients to reach their desired outcome.

    Why Would You Want To Get Superstar Coach?

    Have you thought about boosting your reach, impact and income by offering coaching or consulting? If you’ve been following whats been happening within the Coaching/ Consulting industry, then you have very likely been seeing a rise in the number of average Coaches and Consultants who aren’t any smarter than you, scaling their businesses to the 6 figure per month mark and ultimately getting to 7 figures.

    It’s fascinating to see how different things are today compared to where they used to be a few short years ago. However, deciding in becoming a consultatn or coach is the easy part. The struggle starts when you need to create a constant flow of clients to sustain your business. That’s also why so many coaches and consutants give up in their 1st year because they dont have the system in attracting clients on a monthly bases.

    That’s why we’re excited to share with you this new masterclass from our friend and business coach, Oliver Momeni. In our opinion, he has cracked the code in generating a consistent stream for his coaching and consulting business.

    He has fine tuned a method of starting a Coaching and Consulting businesses and attracting high ticket clients, leaving the old methods shattered and obsolete.

    In this free Masterclass, members will learn:

    • The 3 fundamental pillars of any successful coaching or consulting business

    • How much to charge for Coaching or Consulting services
    • How charging low prices hurts your clients
    • How to only work only 10 – 25 hours per week
    • How to earn $2,000 – $15,000 each month for every client you book
    • How to create a system that creates leads that only pay you high premium fees...

    Full Superstar Coach Review here! at

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