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3 Ways to Personalize Your Girlfriend’s Birthday Cake

Everyone is excited about their birthdays as it is one of those days in a year which everyone feels special, therefore likes to celebrate in the best possible manner. One of the most conventional ways to celebrate it is by organising parties. A person’s birthday is something which delights not only them but also their family members and friends. The latter leaves no stone unturned to make sure that they do or give something special to the former so their birthday becomes memorable.

What would you do if the person in question is your girlfriend? You would need to go an extra mile to make it a special day for her. No matter how grand your plans to celebrate it may be, one thing which is likely to catch everyone’s attention is her birthday cake.

A birthday cake is at the heart of the celebration for one’s birthday. Without it, a birthday party would become dull and wouldn’t look like a birthday party. Beyond question, it is the most important element of a birthday party, and your best bet to organising a well-conceived party is to get it right.

When it comes to picking up the perfect birthday cake for the special woman in your life, merely visiting a bakery would not suffice. For that matter, checking for it online wouldn’t be of much help either. It takes proper deliberation to come up with the idea of a cake which ticks all the right boxes of requirements.

So, what should you do to personalise the cake? Here are some smart and fun-filled ways to do it

1. With her Favourite Quotation

Every person follows a philosophy in their life. They live by it, and it constitutes a fundamental element of their personality. Where does it come from? Maybe it comes from a quotation which they had heard at some point in time in their life and they held on to it since.

Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that it resonates well with their words and actions. You would hardly find a better way to show your love and care for her than attaching the quotation to her birthday cake. You can rest assured that it will bring a smile on her face – the perfect present for her birthday. By doing so, you can make it one of the best memories for her to remember forever.

2. With a Photo

One of the best ways to personalise a cake is by imprinting a picture on it. However, the choice of the photo is what you need to work out to execute this plan to perfection. Try picking up a recent memory for the special woman in your life. As for ideas, choose something which neither involves you or her alone but both together.

You could either go with the day on which both of you met for the first time, your memorable date, both of you together at a special event or anything similar. Chances are it will bring a wide smile on her face, and you are more likely to get a tight hug from her in acknowledgement when she sees the cake. This will bring both of you even closer and further strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

Don’t forget to capture the moment with a camera. More importantly, don’t forget to cash in on popular coupons such as Ferns and Petals coupon to save your money.

3. With a Theme

If you wish to try out something apart from attaching a quotation or a photo to a cake, you can opt for a theme cake for your girlfriend. Unlike the other two options, this one does not involve the personalisation of any specific portion of the cake but the whole cake in accordance with your needs.

As for the shape, you can choose any one of the popular shapes: of a keyboard, a guitar, a camera or anything which appeals you. For best results, go with something which she can’t live without. You may need to spend a little more, but you may also want to give her something which she falls in love with at first sight. You can make use of FNP coupons to assuage the price factor.

The idea of a theme cake is quite unique. So, you are more likely to impress your girlfriend and make it a special birthday for her by going for it.

So, there you go – choose your pick from one of the cakes as mentioned above and make it a special day for her. While there are other ways to do this as well, but they can be expensive and need thorough planning in advance. By going for any one of the three ways suggested here, you will be able to achieve your objective without feeling the pinch.

Save More with Online Shopping

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