Natural recipes to get rid of house insects

Download lagu Natural recipes to get rid of house insects For the most part, the first step to expelling household insects is to rely on dangdut koplo insecticides, with components that may be useful in exterminating the insects, but they are also harmful to human health, as well as to pets, in which case it is more harmful than beneficial stafaband mp3 download.  

The ecowatch site has advised the use of some natural herbs as an alternative to these chemical compounds to expel and prevent insects from the house.
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Lemon juice or vinegar can be used in the corners of the house to expel ants.

For example, peppermint and aromatic herbs can be used for the same thing. , By placing a few leaves of those plants on the edges of the windows or planting. To get rid of the flies, you can use mint, basil, rosemary and lavender.  

Effective insect removal tips in spring and summer   The site is recommended to place lemons and leaves on the balcony of the house to get rid of mosquitoes, and also can be placed lemon balm on the skin, to repel the insects biting.

The cultivation of purple flowers and hot peppers helps keep the insects away from home. To protect the clothing, the specialized environmental site recommends that a small bag containing lavender, mint, rosemary, cloves and cinnamon be placed in the wardrobe.

Flying insects and spiders   "Natural Living Ideas" recommends putting basil and peppermint next to windows and doors to get rid of mosquitoes, flies and annoying insects.

The smell of basil and strong herbs helps flush out mosquitoes and flying insects. The site "healthy food house", also some natural solutions to get rid of insects home, such as peppermint oil to get rid of spiders, by spraying in the desired areas, and can be used to spray vinegar in places where the insects.

  The flies, as the nutrition and human sciences specialist, Abdul Raouf Houboub, can be disposed of through his Facebook page by cutting a limestone into two halves, placing some carnations on them and placing them in flies.

A fly trap, a glass of water with a little vinegar, can be placed in the flies where it can fall into the cup, preferably a cup replenishment every two days.

download lagu gratis  Best and worst foods in spring   According to Sameh Noah, the best way to get rid of domestic insects is to prevent them, by taking care of the cleanliness of the house in general, and the kitchen and its tools in particular, so as not to leave an opportunity to collect insects.

It should be kept in mind that the crates and garbage cans are tightly closed, with their contents emptied continuously.  

planetlagu download  the lagu Onbest way to get rid of the mosquito, Ismael Dabamein advises, through the "treat yourself, Facebook" mix with camphor oil and lemon juice, put it into a spray box, spray the house, Where the two articles are rich in the disturbing and repulsive elements of the law.  

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