Loading Imagery Data - My Mistake

 I made a simple rookie mistake but it took me a second to find the fix so I thought I would share my issue.  FYI the entire process (work) took place on my server (as opposed to my personal computer).

After receiving the new 2014 imagery, I created a new “Mosaic Dataset” in my SQL/SDE database base. 

I right click the “Mosaic Dataset” and selected “Add Rasters”

I browsed to my tiles which were located on my Server (the D drive) --- This is what caused the issue because the ArcCatalog tool saves the Drive letter (absolute path name) and not the UNC/relative path.

Next I Optimized by building Overviews.  --- Overviews are built in SDE/SQL, which is a key point.  I took the default LOD setting for the Overviews, which if I would have defined them I might have solved my issues at this point.

I launched ArcMap (on the server) and everything looked great. 

 Next I moved over to my personal computer and tested everything.  I noticed once I was zoom-in past a scale of 2000 (Larger scale) my imagery would turn to a black and white checkerboard. 

I did some research and found this blog -- http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2012/08/28/is-your-mosaic-dataset-look-like-a-checkerboard/

I went back to ArcMap --- add the imagery—right clicked on the “Footprint” layer --- selected a value/cell  in “Raster” Column.  When you click in a cell you will noticed a small arrow to the left --- clicked on that arrow.  This will open up a new properties dialog:


Click on the Functions Tab

Right click the name of the tile (in my case it is “61502080.tif”) 

Select Properties  --- look in the “Folder” value to see where the image is stored:


If I’m zoomed in larger than 2000 (between 1:1 and 1:1999) I noticed my Folder was referencing the D drive absolute path.  If the scale was smaller than 2000 than it was reference my SDE and the Overviews I built.    

I fixed my problem by right click the “Mosaic Dataset”  --- Selecting “Modify”  --- Selecting “Repair”

I simply replaced the absolute path with the “New” relative/UNC path. 

Hopefully this was clear and helpful.



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