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Monday, 1st June 2020 at 1pm - 12:30am Tuesday, 2nd June

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In hand-to-hand combat training, you will have to stretch your popliteal and inguinal ligaments. Load them with a warm stream of cosmic energy, turn off the pain - and the results will exceed all expectations. After about four to five months of regular exercise, you should try to give up smoking and alcohol. When I quit smoking, after numerous and unsuccessful sessions with different needle-reflex-psycho-psychologists and a host of other therapists and psychics, I, one day meditating, accumulated a large amount of energy (for about 15-20 minutes), introduced my Habit to smoke in the form of a black ball in the lungs the size of a large apple and, pushing it out of himself with an exhale, took it in the palm of your hand and threw it out the window. I really felt the weight of the ball! And imagine, it turned out !!! After that, for a long time, even the smell of tobacco caused nausea, not to mention the attempt to take a cigarette. From the point of view of official, allopathic medicine, this can be called self-hypnosis, a psychological block - but you never can think of a name. The main thing is the result, and how did you achieve it - with the help of unscientific meditation or something else - what's the difference?

You can, of course, not believe all of the above, but I have not smoked for twelve years, and, frankly, do not give a damn if some pundits call me a charlatan and storyteller. During my coaching work, seven more people quit smoking. A trifle - but nice. However, keep in mind - after a small dose of alcohol, the desire to take a cigarette may return. Therefore, think - is it worth it at the same time to “throw out” the habit of “laying by the collar”, if any, of course, is present. All these energy tricks - not to mention the cured erosion of the cardiac section of the stomach - I did, having practiced my technique for about four months, which roughly corresponds to 25-30 sessions of meditation. So everything is in your hands. But you should not get too carried away with meditative training. Fifteen to twenty minutes a day at the initial stage is more than enough. Subsequently, this time is reduced by about half. Meditation, energy management and, if you want, magic - dangerous sciences that require considerable time to study them and a professional Teacher - preferably not a charlatan, of whom a great many have divorced today. The above meditation technique is just the first step to knowing your inner Strength, which is necessary for your health and fitness. But too long and unprofessional experiments with your own energy can lead to dire consequences for your psyche and your health.


"You need to live in high ..."


“So, I saw that there is nothing better than enjoying a person’s business: because this is his share; for who will bring him to see what will happen after him? ”

Bible, Book of Ecclesiastes, or the Preacher, 3, E2

"All the high-profile political acts and military victories are ultimately due to the simplest instincts - eat deliciously, mate beautifully, lead the pack, play."

Alexander Vonokin, “Animal grin of feminism”

“I’m not such a scoundrel to think about morality. A million years passed before my soul was released was a walk in the white light; and suddenly I would have told her: you, darling, do not forget and walk "in morality."

No, I’ll tell her: walk, dear, walk, nice, walk, nice, walk, as you know. And in the evening you will go to God.

For my life is my day - and it is precisely my day, not Socrates or Spinoza. ”

Vasily Royunov, "Secluded"

"An egoist is one who loves himself more than me."

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Aphorism from the wall calendar sheet

In life you need to do only what you want, and in no case do what you do not want. In principle, if you think about it, we all do only what we want. And if someone says, for example: “I’ve put it on you all my life (a), and you, ungrateful (s) ...” or something like that, it will be quite reasonable to note that if a person did this, it means , he wanted this, it was his choice, to which he was not forced (unless, of course, they were not forced).

For any human deeds - whether large or small - there are only two reasons: “I wanted” and “forced”.

As V. I. Lenin rightly remarked (and he, by the way, rightly remarked a lot of things), one cannot live in society and be free from society. And often the social factor stands between our desires and the procedure for their fulfillment. For example, a certain individual liked a foreign car. And the owner of that car seems to be frail ... Would you give that owner the head and pick up the car? But no, between the “I want” and the “I will do” the social gets in - a crowd of policemen will pile up, knock on the head and take them away for a robbery to distant and cold places. And the individual goes further, grinding his teeth with envy.

And again, Comrade Lenin was right: freedom is a conscious necessity. Realized - and free, move on. In certain cases, between the “I want” and the “I will do” there is a powerful barrier - the Law of the society in which you live. The law is no longer your flock or your circle, but the law of the species to which you belong. Clearly and clearly indicated in a book called the Penal Code. And for those who neglect the Law of Species and try to realize their “want” without looking back at the Criminal Code, there are not weak brakes in the form of institutions of the state penitentiary system (see the Prison chapter below on the survival system in these institutions).

But it is not necessary to shorten one’s life in these institutions.

Of course, no one is safe from the sum and the prison, but one can realize one's “want” in any society without violating the letters of the Law. Want someone else's car? Tear yourself away from the couch, buy the newspaper “From Hand to Hand”, read it, strain your brains, think about how people buy such cars for themselves - and go, everything is in your hands! Hypersexual? So it is not at all necessary to rush at the first lady you like and drag her into the bushes. Open any dating newspaper, find an agency in which for a reasonable fee they will offer you a voluminous album with photographs of people of the opposite sex burning up with passion - and the problem is solved. As Kozma Prutkov said, if you want to be happy, be it!

And so it is everywhere. Any problem can be solved, unless you yourself decided that it is insoluble.

Lao Tzu said: “Man follows the laws of the earth. Earth follows the laws of heaven. Heaven follows the laws of Tao, and Tao follows itself. " From which it follows that a person simultaneously follows the laws of Tao, earth and heaven, that is, follows himself. And if a person does not follow himself, it means that he lives his life in vain. Think! Decide! Do not sit still! Do what you want! Get what you want for yourself and your pack, because one of the greatest pleasures available to any creature living on earth is to feel like a Leader, a leader in your circle and in your pack!

And the notorious purpose of life is to receive pleasure from life.

And at the same time, do not ruin your life because of your stupidity and sense of self-importance, because there is nothing better for a person than enjoying his own affairs. Therefore, do only what you really want to do, and don’t be distracted by any nonsense, such as suffering, worries and self-digging (unless, of course, you get pleasure from this ...)

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The open mouths breathe with mold

Fingers clutching a razor touched his throat.

The city decides with its divine power

The fate of one who comes out of the general rhythm ...

Excerpt from my City Romance

As I said above, the relationship between the Leader and people outside his circle is determined by the principle "there is my opinion, but there is the opinion of people outside the circle, which can be ignored." This statement is also true because for people who are outside your circle, you are absolutely nobody (do you think, do not give a damn about, say, a butcher from a nearby store what you think about him?).

As Count Cagliostro rightly noted in the film “Formula of Love”, “all people are divided into those who need something from me and those from whom I need something.” Alas, in our world, if people outside your circle pay attention to you, it means that they either want to sell you something (unnecessary) or take something away (necessary). (If people of the opposite sex pay attention to you, then often they want both of them at the same time.)

Therefore, going out into the street, remember - you go out into the jungle, in which gifts of fate are much less common than troubles. Examples? You are welcome. Of those that I myself have witnessed.

A citizen of a slender appearance was slightly sprayed with dirt while a foreign car flying past. He sent obscene greetings after her, backing him with waving fists. The foreign car braked and returned. Two young men of the same gangster appearance and got out of it and already splattered the citizen thoroughly. And dirt and blood. And none of those around him even scratched themselves. Everyone just stood and watched. I did not stand and did not look.

I just left.

Why didn’t I intervene, you ask? Yes, because by that time I already had some experience of interfering in the affairs of people outside my circle.

At the bus stop, a slightly drunk citizen of quite impressive appearance beat a woman in the face. Fist. I walked over, took the citizen by the sleeve and asked: “Hey, countryman, maybe you will try this with me?” The citizen stopped the execution and thought hard. And then a woman, rubbing blood from her face, yelled at me:

- And what kind of ... are you climbing? ..

“Oh, sorry, countryman,” I apologized, letting go of the citizen's sleeve. - Please continue.

And the "fellow countryman", by the way, continued.

In exactly the same situation, a friend of a guy who more decisively stood up for a stranger girl went to the zone for a very long time. The girl at the trial showed that for no reason he attacked and mutilated her boyfriend. No comment.

I’m not sure that even after that I personally will be able to follow my own recommendations and get past the situation when the scumbag will abuse the woman. If the men still understand, this is one thing, but when a healthy boar demonstrates his nonsense on a representative of the weaker sex ... I admit that she was, this situation, about a year ago. The woman squealed “thank you” and ran away, the drunk who harassed her remained writhing on the pavement, and I quickly and quickly left the scene, thanks to providence for knowing the techniques of a “quiet” fight that did not attract outsiders' attention, and that was close there was no police detachment that could easily interpret the situation in its own way.

Several times I saw how violently the drivers of the colliding cars were fighting. As a group of drunks, they unobtrusively and seemingly even without threats and violence against a person “beg” money from lonely passers-by. Like superiors, shaking their fists, yelling at subordinates (who did not see this?). And who didn’t watch the “Road Patrol” with its many “working days”?

All this is the urban jungle that awaits us beyond the threshold of the apartment. All this is a relationship with people outside your Circle.

All the situations described above are deeply negative. It is not at all necessary that they will certainly happen to you as soon as you stick your nose out of the porch (or stick it in the dark porch in the evening). But when I was a bodyguard, I was very much helped by one postulate formulated by me: Always, no matter what you think and plan to take, count on the worst! Then ALL the negative aspects of life will be perceived not as grief, but as something taken for granted. And all the small pluses and joys will be perceived as a big and unexpected holiday.

“There is no trouble harder than underestimating the enemy,” Lao Tzu wisely remarked. And in any life situation, even if it does not portend anything bad, you need to be prepared for the worst. And if everything that you plan, succeed - rejoice sincerely and with all your heart. And if the people from whom you expected a blow did not inflict it - be happy because you met good people. Rejoice, but do not relax. Because this wonderful situation can change at any moment.

And then you need the ability to firmly and confidently strike back.

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