Monthly Club Meetings Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 09:35

The 2018 "Iron Butt" dinner in J-Ville FL on Friday night ahd 275 members in attendance
The Longest riders came from the Pan Handle area in Mexico
One rider did the 1000 mile minimum ride within 24 hours in 48 states
SanDiago CA to J-Ville FL in 50 hours (15oo miles in 24 hours) and 2 members in attendance did that

Tresures report - all 2017 taxes filed
Bank balance is $3000

The monthly ride - well organized to the Sailors Creek battlefield park which would be 150 miles
The restoration is nearly complete on this of the last battles in the Civil War
Lunch will be in Farmville

The latest monthly dinner had 6 turn out
The next dinner will be on the 27th at Penny Lane Pub

VIR events on the RBMWR site

Scoot Richmond open house

BMW MOA looking for a corridinator for VA 3 major clubs

BMW MOA national ride along with the annual Lake Fontanna NC ride in April and annual GA ride in early May


The meeting was called to order at 09:19a


1. SHERANDO. What are we going to do about Sherando? Taking on the site, someone interested in taking on the rally. Since no one knows how to get ahold of Charlie, it is difficult to continue the rally. 

Steve suggested that those who are interested could use the reserved campsites to use the site, which is the weekend before Labor Day.

Rusty asked if Morton's could fit into the picture.

Hank moved that we cancel the motion. Mike seconded the motion. The motion carried overwhelmingly.

The president then opened the discussion about casual camping at Sherando the weekend before. Each site costs $150 and each site can hold 15 tents. Stuart suggested we cancel four of the five already reserved sites.

Stuart moved that we keep one site and Steve seconded. One site will be reserved.

Questions also arose about what to do with the trailer and tents and grill and such.

2. Legal release forms. We have been talking about this for ages. Stuart suggested contacting one of the lawyers in the club to create a master release form to cover the club from liability, based on his New Year's Eve ride.

Richard asked who would monitor signing? He suggested that, if there is such a form to be used, the ride leader can download the form for signature. He expressed concern about knowing who had signed. Stuart expressed concern that that approach might be unworkable. Ed Jarvis suggested having the forms available at dues payment. Cross-discussion ensued. 

Steve moved that Stuart go to E. Miller to look at the NYE document to adjust it to cover it for the year. Discussion on the motion occurred before the motion was seconded. Steve sec indeed. Motion passed.

3. CAMPING. Eppa suggested a camping trip to Bath County Pump Storage Facility campground. 22 miles form Monterrey, 18 miles from Warm Springs. Heated bathhouse, 30ish sites with fire rings.    Probably opens mid-April. 

4. Dinner: Rosie Connoly's on the 28th. 

RIDE: West south of the James, cross at Columbia, E&E to Columbia. 

5. WEEKENDS: Mike brought up club weekends. Stag is ok but couples are cool., April 28-30 at Peaks of Otters. Also May 19-21 is Morton's Spring Fling. Monterrey Festival July 13-15. Floyd weekend is tentative August 10-13: They haven't set their schedule. New one is Blowing Rock at the Hemlock Inn: September 15-16.

Stuart will post them on the web site and Mike will be a contact. 

6. Suzzy brought up June 4 Ride for Kids: Start and end is now Virginia Raceway. Ride will start on the track, then through the countryside as an escorted ride. Chance to meet kids and also take a lap after the ride. Volunteers encouraged. is the official page.  

7. Joe brought up the MotoGuzzi rally. Here's the info: 

Jun 23 to Jun 25, 2017


Willville Motorcycle Camp, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, just off the Blue Ridge Park. Registration: $55 pre-registration by June 1, 2017. $65 at the rally. $35 for non-campers. Includes: 2 nights camping, Friday and Saturday catered meals, coffee all day, rider awards. Information: Bob Corfield, or 724-272-5827. Rally website/Registration form: Join your fellow Moto Guzzi riders and motorcycle enthusiasts and enjoy the great roads of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Virginia! Visit with old friends and make new ones! You'll be glad you did!

8. TREASURER'S REPORT: In high cotton.

9. Guest: James on a 2002 R1150. Drew 50-50: Roger won and got $41. 

Meeting was adjourned at 0959.


Meeting opened at 0930


Slate of officers accepted without objection.

  • President: Stuart Ostroff
  • Vice President: Paul Greiner
  • Treasurer: Richard Hinman
  • Secretary: Joe Sokohl


Stuart brought up the issue of nonresponse to his emails concerning Sherando, especially his frustration concerning engagement and communication.

Discussion was opened about whether to do Sherando. Labor Day weekend does not have all camping spaces available. Should we do it the weekend before Labor Day? Steve Johnson brought up the question of whether a third-party would do the rally. Charlie Robinson was mentioned. 

Joe thanked the rally committee.

What are people's comments? Who is interested in joining the committee? Dave gave an overview of the committee and the needs. Members of the committee tend to be people who just do the work. Mike Stevens did awards. Matt Stone did door prizes. Registration, obtaining the property (which has turned out to be a big challenge). Getting food and insurance is also a challenge. Danner did food before. 

Issues such as weather and weekend have a big effect. Dave made the key point that the only true tie to the club is the ability to get the insurance. Do we want to do it? Discussion ensued.

Stuart suggested waiting until next meeting to take a vote. 

Motion to reserve the site was made, seconded, and passed. 

Richard brought up issue of getting replacement parts for equipment. He also brought up the mechanics of preregistration. 

Joe brought up the anonymous suggestion of sponsorships.

Suggestion was made to piggyback with another club. 

Bottom line is, anyone interested in helping with the rally committee should contact Stuart before the next meeting.

Dave Mitchell stressed the lead time necessary for advertising. Bob Corfield discussed the need to advertise based on rally folks from other states.

"Other than that, everybody loves Sherando!"


Paul Greiner leading the ride today. The recommended ride will be published on the Website a week in advance...or a day before if weather is dicey.

We have a disclaimer/liability waiver form that we will have soon.


Financial report showed a loss overall for the year. Details available from Richard Hinman. Membership last year was lower than last year. Winner of 50/50 got $30.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15.


Joe was away and Paul provided note-taking for this meeting.   (My additions are in italics).   Thanks, Paul. 

A couple of new members for 2017 showed up.

Iron Butt (Egg-Sanity 1000 Ride) recap of Emporia ride last weekend and photo shoot before the 501 mile ride to GA for lunch where weather was nice.  Ride with thru TN and back into VA and eventually back to Richmond after midnight.  1016 hours in 16 hours of on the rode with interesting Waffle House breakfast.  Four breakfast places were visited qualifying riders for the Egg-Sanity Gold Certification.  

Nov  is last organized meeting and X-mas party is Dec 11th.

Dues to be collected in Jan

Are any new officers ?  No new officer candidates have presented themselves, and no potential candidates have contacted me. 

New Years Day ride if there is not bad weather (rain or snow) - cold is OK and will be 45 miles meet at Bottom's Bridge exit off 64 and riding back way to Williamsburg    Stuart will post more detailed info towards end of Dec.  

Extra Billy's Tues lunch specials

Guest from Newport News - Bill A made the ride

Treasures report:    Last year was $4600 but this years is $3900

- X-mas party people estimate is for 50

- no DJ will cut costs

- $550 loss on annual rally

Meeting adjourned at 9:50AM with no ride planned. 



The meeting was called to order at 09:28am


Guests included Mike Mcallister, who rides an 1150RT.

Walt Klute, who used to ride with us 4 years ago. Been in South Africa. Rides an SV650.


Steve Johnson volunteered to lead a spirited ride through twisties and turnies to Crozet, VA, stopping at Starr Hill Brewery.


Dinner is 24 Oct 2016 at O'Toole's on Forrest Hill Avenue in Richmond.

November's meeting (20 Nov) will be the last for the year. It is also the day for nominations to the officers of the Board. Richard Hinman. Has announced that he is happy to serve again as Treasurer.


Finances are sound. Funds are available for the Christmas Party (which will be 11 December).


Generally, open a cash basis, we were barely short. Food service was the big thing, but they did reduce it a bit. Looking at finances another way, over the entire budget, the loss was more. 


Rusty announced that 22-23 October is the Celtic festival as a fun thing at the Virginia International Raceway. He wants to get  some vintage British bikes to show up. Let Rusty know.

Nov 4 on Friday--Urbanna Oyster Festival. Will. Meet at the eastbound I-64 rest stop, ride to Urbanna, and park in preferred parking.

January 1 is the New Year's Day ride. Stuart volunteered to lead it...depending on weather.

Stuart, Ed Jarvis, and Bob Annandale are going to do the Eggsanity 1000 next weekend. Talk to them for the details of this insanity. 

The meeting was adjourned at 0951


Meeting was called to order at 09:40


Wes is a guest riding a BMW 20something GS

Paul Nolte (02 R1150R) (and he became a member today (pending Patrice's involvement) and John Clark (2002 Multistrada) as well


Dave Mitchell mentioned rally:
39 people. More than half were first-timers. Weather was fine except for a Friday night storm. Great rally. Finances will be reported later. There is a delay because of the MOA's method  of obtaining insurance.
Expenses were drastically reduced, which could help our outcome. For the first year, we had a significant amount of donations from day trippers, expenses not reimbursed, and so on.
Bluegrass in the amphitheater Saturday night reflected how the rally has moved from a family rally to a music rally. For example, a couple from Charlottesville anchored at wonderful assemblage of musicians, including Eppa, Richard and his son,  and the West Virginia/Ohio crowd.


Treasurer's report was postponed.


Classics on the Green at New Kent Winery is this afternoon. There is an admission charge.

Paul Greiner talked about the impromptu car rally across from the Hopewell Beacon Theater, where he saw Pure Prairie League last night.

Saturday the 24th in Topping, VA (Rappahannock) -- Wings and Wheels.

Sunday the 25th is the Distinguished Gentleman's ride. Fundraiser for prostate cancer awareness. 

Dinner is 27th at Brother's Pizza on 250 near Oilville.

Saturday, October 1, is the re-opening of Scoot Richmond. They will have bikes for test riding, food trucks, and music.

Meeting was adjourned at 0950am.

RBMWR Minutes, 15 May 2016

Was called to order at 937a


Tuesday club dinner at Debbie's Kitchen on 33

Class BMW Rally on Memorial Day. No preregistration required

June 5. Virginia British Motorcycle Club at Hardywood. Houston Sith is NOT having his annual Japanese vintage bike club.

Worse for Wear is having an open house at Scoot Richmond this afternoon. First they'll ride from their factory on Broad Street and wend its way to Scoot Richmond.

Joe mentioned the RVA Bike Night at Mission BBQ that occurs every Wednesday night at 5-9pm.

2 rides in June: PBTF Ride for Kids is Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 26 Poker Run that had to be rescheduled. Starting at Honda House on Broad Street. 80-mile ride on your own. ends at Mission BBQ

New member:

Mary riding a new 2013 Harley Davidson Dyno Switchback. Today was her first ride on it. 


Treasurer's Report:

Financially sound. 

Stuart gave a 2500-mile report of his Hawk's Head tire pressure monitoring system. Reliable and interesting. Interesting in that he can also monitor tire temperature as well--and it's interesting that the PSI increases by 4-5 PSI rear and 3-5 PSI front...yet the temps are definitely different vs. front and rear. Rear has consistently more heat due to engine and exhaust heat washing over it.

Eppa mentioned that you can get versions with readouts on your phone.

Sherando is still going on. No glitches nor issues so far. Reminder: it is being held August 26-28, the weekend BEFORE Labor Day weekend.

Meeting was adjourned at 1003a


Meeting called to order at 9:27

Guest is Mike McAllister, who rides an 1150 RT. 

Recent events. 

- Vintage ride (no attendees)

- Morton's (about half a dozen attendees from the club). No one won any major door prizes. The BBQ was good, though. 

- Stuart volunteered at the Aerostich pop up in Woodbridge. Lots of sample sizes, and folks were being fitted so they could order effectively.

New old business

Rusty renewed friendship with Tommy Hearn. Expert on old fire engines. 

He also Doctor William "Bill" Clark passed away recently. 

Paul reported on the BMW MOA in Fontana Village, NC. next weekend. Rusty suggested a visit to Dale Walksler's Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley.

Fall ride is Labor Day weekend at Pine Mountain, KY. 

Paul exhorted members to post information to the website. 

Today's ride is at the Dollar General at 10:45. Route will be wandering around northeast of the city.

BMW is offering rider training to youths, 13-17. 

Bob Annandale mentioned that he was recognized at number one in mileage for 2015, 27k. 

New Business

Dinner is at Jake's Place in Ashland in the 26th. 511 Thompson (RT. 54 west of Ashland).

Treasurer's report: we have money. 

Discussion of Sherando Rally communications needed. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:59


Meeting called to order at 9:32.

Stuart announced that, due to ABC regulations, please don't bring cups into Babe's.


Report of members who attended the IBA dinner in Jacksonville. Ed Jarvis gave a report of his trials and tribulations of returning on his KTM 1290. Having broken down at exit 1 in Georgia, he called Stuart Ostroff, who raced up to his location to try to help him. Stuart headed to the KTM dealer in Savannah, who told him that they worked on dirt bikes only. Instead, Ed ended up having the bike towed to Jacksonville and renting a car to get home. 

Steve Johnson reported Kathryn Ritter is selling her bike, her 2007 F800ST. She had had some work done over the winter, but the fuel pump connections were corroded. Steve's advice is to ensure your bike has fuel if stored.

Stuart showed off his Bluetooth-enabled tire pressure monitoring system. Doran system, about $200, has a difficult battery system that users can't replace. So he rejected that. He found HawksHead from Canada, that he bought and installed. About $145.


Treasurer Richard Hinman gave a report. We are in good shape. BMW RA sent a gift certificatee for a membership, that went to new member Tom Harmon from South Chesterfield, riding a 1998 BmWR100RT.

Dinner Tuesday at 6pm will be at McCormack's Big Whiskey Grill at Regency Square Mall (Parham & Quioccasin).

Ride: Paul is prepared to lead a ride, but few takers. Richard suggested that people post their ride the week before. Paul Greiner suggested posting the rides to the Web site.

Steve suggested that Paul send a reminder to the ride leaders before the ride. A discussion ensued about expanding the communications about the rides.

Richard suggested we update our security in PayPal, based on information from PayPal.

We have a limit of how much space we have available on the Website. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:13am


Meeting was called to order at 0930  -    approx 31 attendees

Laura from Worse for Wear 
Bob Corfield - <joined and paid today>

Old Business

Elections resulted in the following slate:
Secretary: Joe Sokohl. Stuart thanked Perry for his years of service.
Treasurer: Richard Hinman agreed to continue to serve
Assistant Treasurer and Membership Chairman:Patrice
Vice President: Paul Greiner
President: Stuart Ostroff.

A treasurer's report was given. 

Richard discussed the Web site, hosting, and email lists. MyList will be expired. Joe Sokohl and Steve Johnson suggested keeping MyList for another year as part of the transition. Ed Jarvis represented the alternative viewpoint. Steve suggested using a method to send a group mail.
A motion was seconded and passed to cut off MyList and convert to the new email based on the Website's capabilities.

Stuart suggested no attachments under any circumstances with broadcast email. Rather, links will drive content to the Website or other appropriate destination. Richard highlighted courtesy in emailing.

Stuart highlighted these upcoming events
March 10--Iron Butt Pizza Party in Jacksonville, FL
April 2-3--Raleigh Eurobike
April 15-17--Peaks of Otter weekend
April 16--Morton's Open House
April 16--Antique ride
April 17--RBMWR meeting
May 14--Asheville boogie & bikes

Guest Presentation: Laura from Works for Wear. Presentation of her business of creating riding gear for women. Riding for @20 years. Her background in design has informed her passion for creating gear. Mill work and materials being sourced from USA supplies. Looking for first product in April. Distribution from Shopify (direct to consumer on line). Making to order (not necessarily to measure). 16 different sizes. Hip protectors and knee protectors.

Joe is leading a ride.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:06

RBMWR MINUTES 17 January 2016

Stuart called the meeting to order at 0936.   Approx 14 attendees in spite of snowy weather.  

Galen moved that elections be postponed till February. Seconded and so approved.

No old business.

Treasurer's report: Financial report is done. Taxes not yet filed.
$1050 in dues 2015      $1126 in expenses      Rally contributed $400.
Revenues of $5000. $377 expenses $750 for Xmas party.
Spent over $5K, took in a little over $5K in 2015.    $3847 cash balance.

Profit on rally was $400. 
All in all it was a good year. Increasing membership in 2016 is a goal.
Expected expenses--loss carry-forward means no State or Federal taxes, but SCC and RA dues are, well, due,

Revenue ideas       * 50-50 idea? Discussion on the history why we stopped. No decisions, no motions, only discussions.

NEW Business
Dave Mitchell--one in five spots taken at Sherando by another group. Weekend before is available for the rally. Twin Valleys and Richmond race conflict after Labor Day.
Problem with electricity--the group that has reserved the one spot has the spot we usually set up.
Dave mentioned that he's not comfortable with having another party in the area.

Dave discussed issues of the caterers to ensure they don't lose money. 
Insurance: MOA lost their underwriter, so they have to pay for their policy up front. 
Suzy opened discussion about how many people expect to come on Friday. Some felt that people might want to come because it isn't Labor Day weekend.

Motion to move the rally to the weekend before was seconded and approved.

Dave presented a list of dinners and weekend getaways.

Ed Jarvis announced he has applied for the Iron Butt Rally (for 2017)

Morton's BMW open house is April 16  (Sat).

Ride leaders: Joe Sokohl mentioned that Paul had asked for ride leaders for 2016.

Bob Annandale and Ed Jarvis are leading a spirited ride to Mineral, VA.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:07

Joe Sokohl

RBMWR CLUB MINUTES for 11-15-2015

Meeting was called to order at 9:35AM.   15 attendees including 1 guest.  

Treasurers report:  bank balance of about $4500 with no taxes due this year.  Collecting dues in January 2016.

It was reported that Velocity will be closing by end of January 2016.  

Ride will be led by Richard H and will be south and west of Richmond with a tentative lunch stop at Powhatan Sports Bar. 

It was confirmed that Perry will not continue as Secretary so a search for a new Secretary is underway.  

Paul G reported the finding of the site "" as a good source for BMW parts.  

The next meeting will be Jan 17, 2016 at which time officers will be nominated and voted in for the year.  

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 AM.       Stuart Ostroff - filling in as secretary.  

RBMWR CLUB MINUTES for 10-18-2015

Meeting was called to order at 9:40AM.  26 attendees.  

Yesterday was Morton's Octoberfest, attended by many of our members.  A fine lunch was provided along with demo rides and various suppliers on hand.  

Steve Johnson told about his and Eppa's trip (by truck) to Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham.  Lots of cool bikes on exhibit and on the racetrack.   

Bob Annandale told us that he and his BMW rolled up 10,378 miles during the month of July.  Included numerous Iron Butt certified rides. 

Treasurer's report - balance of about $4700 including a profit of approximately $400 from the Sherando Rally.  As before the Christmas dinner on Dec 6 will be free for member and one guest each. 

Our monthly dinner (Tues 27th) will be at Debbie's Kitchen on Rt 33 (Staples Mill Rd) just west of 295.  

We continue to need more volunteers to lead rides following our monthly meetings.  Paul will lead today's ride.  

With no other new business the meeting was adjourned at 10:10AM

RBMWR CLUB MINUTES for 9-20-2015

Meeting called to order by our President at 9:13am. Special meeting place at Panera Bread Co. Rt 33 and N Parham Rd.  22 members were in attendance

Old Business: Final numbers were released by the treasurer for the Sherando Rally Event held last September. 

84 Guests/Tickets Sold

Net Profit of $405.00 for the weekend

1 Black Bear ate for free

Checking account balance now in the neighborhood of $4800.00. End of Treasurer’s Report.

Two guests were present: Abbot Tinsley and Lance Rogers

New Business:  A new chapter in the Spotwalla tales was introduced by Stuart explaining the benefits of those who wish to monitor their rides and the rides of others in real time.  The Christmas Party date was set for the first weekend in December. Patrice offered to prepare crepés non-stop all evening long. There was an autonomous suggestion to move the weekend for the Sherando Rally away from Memorial Day thereby attracting more people that had no long standing family obligations. And it also involved club members preparing the food for that weekend. The room was awkwardly silent and we moved on to the next item of new business.

Ride Leader: Rick Price took us on a whirlwind tour of the greater Sperryville area. We travelled the routes of 33, N321 and 522.
9 motorcycle type vehicles and 1 4-wheel vehicle were constantly at Rick's tailpipe

Meeting was duly adjourned at precisely 9:38:17

RBMWR CLUB MINUTES for 7-19-2015

Meeting held at Babe’s, Carytown. Called to order by the Vice President at 09:27am.

Old Business: Club president invited to the BMW MOA for a leadership training lunch. He will not be able to attend.  Sheared project is on track, meals have been arranged and things are falling into place nicely.

New Business: Eppa introduced the club to a hi-capacity battery pack for jump starting bikes and even cars in emergency. Battery pack in only 8” x 3” and weights about 10 oz.

Treasurer’s Report: Richard reported our balance at $3855.00 with little activity this past month. Two membership payments received.

Ride Leader: Patrice organized today’s ride leaving from Babe’s to 522W onto 17N and return by 360. It was hot and there were a limited number of attendees.

Meeting adjorned by 9:48am (same day).  

RBMWR CLUB MINUTES for 6-21-2015

Meeting held at Babe’s, Carytown. Called to order by the Vice President at 09:33am.

Paul G was conducting the club meeting. Stuart O. was not present. It was 79 degrees.

We welcomed three guests this Father’s Day:  Josh Hill, Kevin Emory and Greg Pozzi (from Culpepper, VA). Greg rode in to pose the question to club members of what to do when you leave a 2001 GS running in you garage until the sight glass blows out and remodels your walls with a design etched in scalding oil. Fortunately he happened to be sitting next to Eppa and his question was promptly answered.

NEW BUSINESS:  We are currently looking for volunteers to lead rides for August, September, October and November. The Treasurer’s report was nonexistent since the treasure was nonexistent. Patrice was at a loss due to the fact he had no knowledge of the club kitty at the time.

OLD BUSINESS: None to report.

After a few minutes of cackling and hissing, the meeting was adjourned at 9:47am (the same day). A record was made that day for the shortest meeting held by the RBMWR club to date. A scant 14 minutes.

RBMWR CLUB MINUTES for 05/17/2015

Meeting held at Babe’s, Carytown. Called to order by the President at 09:40am.

We welcomed two new members to the club this month. Treasures report – balance is up to about $3800. Dues is up to about $1000 this year

Dinners conflict dates – August 25th (move Rumble Seat dinner to July)

Tee shirts option still unknown at this point. There may be a BMW copyright problem if using this on tee shirts, etc.

Should be able to develop a small flyer for BMW bike dealers for handouts.

Post on our web site Problems with old web site which has not been shut down yet and problems still exist with Google search engine (Anther notice should be sent to sun-set the old web server and URL)

Tee shirts option still unknown at this point. There may be a BMW copyright problem if using this on tee shirts, etc.

Iron Butts – 2011 annual ride startup – Memorial Day sponsored ride for 05/25 (1000 miles) (In-state route to be published?)

Bike pickup hoist – digital pics, basic measurements can be published

Ride for Kids– charity ride set for June Register to ride @ (enter web site URL)

Publishing ride maps on the web site (PRG)

Richmond BMW Riders Club

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