Ride Routes - Tennese

5 ride rides in eastern TN (not far from western NC) 
I75 & Devils Triangle
start at I75 & south onto route 61 to route 85 to route 62
take route 330 & route 116 "Devil's Triangle" if you have an hour
route 62 to US 27 right at Huntsville onto route 63
to route 297 to US 25W at Jellico
south to route 9 and onto route 116
route 61 to US 441 southto I75 & route 61 start point
Blaine 'round Cherokee Lake (126 miles)
start in Blane onto US 11W onto route 1
left onto route 32/US 25E
onto route 33 up route 32/US 25E
before Cumberland Gap, go right onto route 63 and right onto route 345
route 33 into route 61 at Maynardville and back to Blane
Cherokee Lake & Douglas Lake (120 miles)
start in Dandridge near I40 go onto route 92 to route 34/US 11E to US 25E and by Cherokee Lake
route 34/US 11E to route 113 to route 160 to US 321
onto route 32 onto I40 exit onto route 92 and back to Dandrige after crossing Douglas Lake

Mountain ride (236 miles)
start in Lenior City on US 321 just off I75 and onto route 95
onto US 411 onto route 72 onto US 129 (Tail of the Dragon) onto route 143 past Santeelah Lake
onto route 165 (Cherohala Skyway National Byway)
onto route 68 and north onto route 304 near the Tennesee River
north on route 304 onto route 58 onto US 70
onto I40 and one exit east onto route 299 onto route 328 and rigfht onto US 27
left onto route 61 then right onto route 327 onto route 95 and back onto US 321 to Lenior City
Knoxville (136 miles)
start at I40 and onto route 33 south to Maryville left onto route 73/US 321
onto Liter River Road (old state highway 73)
north onto US 321 at Gatlingurg and onto US 441
onto route 71 and onto route 66 back onto I40
take exit 402 off I40 back onto route 33 and into Knoxville


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