What's Dom and Sub and How to Find Dom Sub

Dom means you are dominant during a sex experience. A Sub means you are submissive. Submissive and dominant use the concepts of control and power rather than a physical sensation. In a Dom and Sub or D/S between the participants in the kink. The person in Dom roles takes total or partial control over the person in the submissive role.

How to find Dom sub

Find a person that suits you

The ideal partner you choose should meet your BDSM fantasies. Choosing the right partner will ensure you get all you have dreamt of. Visit bdsm sites that offer DDSM services to ensure you get a perfect partner for your experience.

Arrange for your Dom and Sub experience

Come up with a perfect plan on how you want to enjoy the company of another person. Have a plan of how you will buy the required tools to enable you to have the best BDSM experience. Ensure you also arrange for the location of where Dom and Sub sex experience will take place as it requires some specific house requirements to enable ease usage of Dom and Sub tools. 

Decide on the type of BDSM partner

Forget about the porn videos of you watched. Ensure you get the best that suits you both. If you have never done that, start by watching DDSM porn videos to help you decide on the type of BDSM that suits you. Decide if Dom or Sub that helps you achieve your sexual desires and which will help you get the best orgasm.

Arrange your BDSM

Come up with a perfect plan on how you want to enjoy your DBSM experience. Have rules that abide by your BDSM experience. Rules will ensure nothing unplanned happens ruins your prior arrangement. 

BDSM will help you spice up your marriage life and know what you have missing in your relationship. Ensure you follow the above tips to make it more successful.


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