What it means to be in a Dom Sub relationship

Is this the first time you come across the term Sub Dom relationship? Are you a non-practitioner in the kinky lifestyle but would still like to understand precisely what is a Dom and Sub? Below is a simplified explanation of what a Dom Sub relationship is.

A Dom, also known as the top, is the dominant partner while the Sub, also known as the bottom, is the Submissive partner in a dominant-Submissive relationship. Contrary to many people's thinking, a Dom Sub relationship is not all about sex but one that works in almost all aspects of life.

The dominant-Submissive relationship is guided by strict rules to be followed by both the Dom and Sub. Each partner in this kind of relationship has specific roles. Let's explore the roles of each:

The Dom

The dominant person takes partial control of the Submissive person in the relationship. A Dom should exert powers in and out of the bedroom through acts such as whipping and forced chastity. The consent to do these acts must, however, come from the Sub. Being a Dom in a relationship calls for a lot of humility as you are required to offer aftercare following a scene with a Sub. Although a woman can also be a Dom, many dominant-submissive relationships have the men taking up this role.

The Sub

A Sub is a partner that controls the acts of the dom. While many people think that Subs are totally powerless in scene plays, they determine most of the happenings in an adventurous play. The Sub on consenting the Dom must be totally Submissive by losing themselves totally into the experience. Although Subs can be of any gender, women's submissive nature makes them perfect for this role.

The bottom line

If you seek to add more fun in your relationship, you should give dominant-Submissive plays with your partner a try and how to find a dom online. Dom- Sub relationships not only bring fantasies to one's life but also contribute to enhanced understanding between partners.


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