Tips for finding a online dom

Finding a Dom online is not a simple task; you have to be patient and persistent throughout the process.  The first thing that you need to ask yourself when you are looking for a Dom online is what you want.  Do you want a partner for a night out and have fun together or do you want someone whom you can start with a serious relationship?  Are you looking just for a role-play or a real atonement? Or even just for the experience?

Once you’ve made up your mind and it is clear to you on what you exactly want, then it is your time to start looking for one. A Dom will not just come your way and say hi I am here for you. We have some things that you have to do in order to get your dom quickly. We have various websites where you can easily find your Dom without much struggle. 

If you are looking for a Dom online, it is advisable to visit the following Sub Dom dating sites:

Spank seek

With spank seek what you have to do is to sign up with the sit and fill in your details after you’re signed up, browse over the dom sub websites and select one that suits you well.


Shadowlane offers another perfect place where you can easily find your dom within a very short period of time. The website has an excellent user interface, thus making it easier for you to navigate over it.

Nu west

This is another excellent source that you need to checkout. It has plenty of options to consider

Once you have registered with these websites, you need to come up with chartrooms. Your ad needs to be more transparent and honest. Also, when you are giving out a description of yourself, you need to be honest, nothing upsets a dom like finding out the information you provided under your profile is not what you are. 

When you start a chart, be respective and tell him your needs and find out his. Remember to keep the chart interesting, in the end; you will find your perfect match.


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