Important advice for a couple seeking a unicorn

A couple may decide to have a third person for unicorn dating in their relationship just to spice it up. Of course, it is not a bad idea to try something new in a relationship, but the problem comes in when you know nothing about a unicorn. You don’t know how to start, where to find them, and how to approach them.
Approach matters a lot because this is the place where the third party needs to know who you are exactly. Remember, they are human too, and they need to be treated well. Let us look at some of the things you are needed to do when couple looking for a unicorn.

Talk through it

After finding a potential unicorn, you should talk and know him or her well. You are a couple, and there are some things the third party should not be included talk about it so that you don’t ruin your relationship at the end. Everyone should be clear about what they want, and if need be, don’t forget to discuss how to protect yourselves from infections or pregnancies.

A unicorn, in this case, is there to spice up the relationship and not to carry pregnancies. Of course, you did not need a second wife. Talk about what will happen during the threesome, what happens after threesomes will there be a threesome or not? Talking about some of these things is important because it helps the unicorn to decide if they can join you or not.

Clear communication

When talking to a unicorn, ensure that you tell them whatever they need to know and the boundaries that should be observed. Tell them what you want exactly if it’s the only night for fun or a relationship where you meet them up after a month. A unicorn should know this information to help them avoid messing things up.


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