How to Use Recoverit Data Recovery Tool to Restore Deleted Files Mac PC?

Even a very cool and calm person can lose his temper due to loss of valuable data. That data can be some important business files, precious pictures, recorded audio, or anything. People usually believe it is impossible to retrieve that data, but Recoverit Data Recovery software emerged as a new hope.

This software is designed and produced by Wondershare. It is tested and proven beneficial when it comes to recovering deleted data. You can trust this tool if you do not want to lose files which are permanently removed from your Mac computer. Let’s find out how this program works and how to use Recoverit Data Recovery for MacBook recover deleted files.

How does Recoverit Data Recovery Software Work?

Many people presume that a file is permanently removed from their computer’s hard drive once they remove it from Trash. In reality, that erased file still exists right there on the storage drive. You only erase the entry and not the file. This might seem pretty weird to believe but it is what it is. It allows you or anyone else to restore that deleted file.

The modern computers are equipped with operating systems that keep track of files’ storage location on the hard drive. They use pointers to keep track of stored files. So each folder and file stored on your computer has a pointer that informs the operating system where that file’s data starts and ends. The Mac OS only removes that pointer when you delete any file stored on your computer’s hard disk. Its data remains as it is until new data is written on that space.

The Recoverit Data Recovery software is designed to find and retrieve that data. So now you can take a deep breath and feel calm because this program is going to do its job and recover files you have deleted accidentally or intentionally.

How to use Recoverit Data Recovery Software?

If you are wondering how to recover unsaved word document Mac or how to restore deleted files Mac, this guide is going to be very helpful for you. Follow each step carefully to reduce the chances of losing your data.

  • Download Recoverit Data Recovery software:

You can download Recoverit Data Recovery directly from the official website. It will take just a few seconds to download. Once the program is on your MacBook, now install it. Installation is a very handy process and it will also take just a few seconds to install. One thing here is important to notice that you will have to buy this program.

It is a premium tool that costs a very affordable price. The task it performs is pretty big and therefore its cost is very economical in comparison to another program. You will never face any kind of trouble while using this program. In addition, you will get frequent updates to upgrade the performance of this program with time. So, as the installation process will complete, this program will redirect you to Recoverit data recovery software’s official website. Here you can choose a package and buy it to use this program to its full capacity.

  • Initiate the recovery process:

Once you have got a perfect package and finished all the formalities, now is the time to find deleted files Mac and recover them. This program provides various modes of data recovery. As you will see after launching this program, it features eight different data recovery modes.

  1. Deleted Files Recovery- to recover accidentally deleted files on Mac PC.

  2. Recycle Bin Recovery- to recover files deleted from the Trash bin on your computer.

  3. Formatted Disk Recovery- to recover data deleted from formatted disk.

  4. Lost Partition Recovery – to recover data lost due to partition.

  5. External Devices Recovery- to recover deleted data from an external storage device.

  6. Virus Attack Data Recovery- to recover data corrupted due to virus attack.

  7. System Crash Data Recovery- to recover data lost due to system crash.

  8. All-Around Recovery- to perform all around scanning and finding files which are missed in the normal scan of the drive.

All in all, this program provides all the possible options to find and recover deleted data.

  • Select the location of the file and scan that location:

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\XYZ\Mitzy\18-4-19\screenshots of Recoverit data recovery for Mac\Step 1-select a device.jpg

The Mac PC users get a luxury of initiating the recovery process by selecting the location of the lost file. Click on that drive and recover deleted folder Mac with ease. As you will select the location, this program will start scanning that drive and fetch all the deleted files and folders.

  • Select the files and recover them:

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\XYZ\Mitzy\18-4-19\screenshots of Recoverit data recovery for Mac\Step 2- scanning.jpg

As you find important files, simply select them and click the “Recover” option.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\XYZ\Mitzy\18-4-19\screenshots of Recoverit data recovery for Mac\Step 3- preview and recover.jpg

That’s how simple it is to recover deleted files from Mac PC. As mentioned earlier, this program features an All-around Recovery option to recover files which you cannot find in the normal scan. It is the best in the market to recover deleted data.  


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