Helping You Keep Up with the Technology Status Quo and Grow Your Business Along the Way

In today’s world Custom Development, businesses are met with the constant challenge of keeping up with ever-changing technology. Though sometimes overwhelming, this isn’t a bad thing, as the goal of new technologies is always to simplify processes for your business and for your clients. Unlike implementing a new marketing strategy or business plan, business owners aren’t always equipped with the experience and know-how to build the technology they need. That’s where we come in.
Transparsoft is led by a team of highly skilled architects, developers, programmers and marketing professionalswho are experts in virtually all aspects of software and web development. We have decades of experience providing our clients with top-notch software design and development across a multitude of platforms.

Developing Custom Technology That Works For You

Specializing in key New Age technologies, Transparsofthas all the right tools to create custom solutions for your business, including:

·         IoT (Internet of Things)

·         Blockchain

·         Enterprise Mobility

·         Progressive Web App Platform

·         Cloud Apps & Security

·         Data Analytics

·         Augmented Reality

·         Custom Web Design & Development

How Do These Technologies Actually Help My Business?

A Smooth Experience is how!

At Transparsoft, we aim to make it as easy as possible for your customers to utilize your services. We have a variety of different solutions that make this possible. One example is progressive web applications. Progressive web applications provide a more seamless online experience that makes it easier for users to interact with your business.

For instance, these applications offer the ability to reserve tables online at your restaurant, online ordering and easy payment at your retail store, and appointment scheduling for your patients if you are a physician. All of these services and more are delivered through a web browser with a seamless, app-like experience without your customers ever having the hassle of visiting an app store.

We also build utility applications that offer unique services such as facial recognition, remote monitoring, and smart shelves. These applications can cut down on manpower, save you money, and give your customers a better experience all at the same time. Beat your competition to the punch; be the first to use these top-of-the-line technologies!

A Smoother Experience for Your Employees

We know that the easier it is for your employees to keep track of their tasks, the more likely they are to do them well.

Our custom Enterprise Applications essentially provide a variety of management solutions. Our Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS), for example, is a cloud-based system that helps automate the maintenance cycle. Employing RFID software and integrating seamlessly with your ERP Platform,this system helps simplify the process of managing assets, automating maintenance tasks, and streamlining work orders. By automating the maintenance process and helping you go from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, CMMS helps cut maintenance costs over time.

Transparsoft offers many custom enterprise applications using a mixture of technologies that can help track and trace your company’s assets, finances, point of sales, purchasing data.

So Much More

The Blockchain technology that has come into view in recent years can be an invaluable tool to your industry. Transparsoft is extremely well-versed in Blockchain and IoT.

Our Blockchain IoT Hub offers support and solutions to IoT device manufacturers, solution providers, and enterprises. This solution can employ RPA technology using software robots that reduce human error and save money on human labor. It also utilizes smart contracts to manage the negotiation and performance of a contract between “things and devices” (M2M and Machine to Human) with an IoT ecosystem.

Get Started Today!

For more information on the services we offer and to get started on your custom solution, visit www.transparsoft.com


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