Do you believe in God

As time passes by people's mind become more and more conscious. In the early days, who woul'd to open their mouth to ask or question anything about God. Perhaps from where you're from that wasn't the case. But from where am from; coupled with the upbringing I received from childhood. Our parent made us to understand that the day you dare open your mouth to question God about anything, will be the very same day you die.

Growing up with that set of mentally coupled with the same one I copied from people around while growing, It really sealed my mind for accepting and believing that truly if i dare such, then I'm a dead person.

"A quick question for you.
IF when you were growing up as a child, had it been someone showed you a button on your head that the day you press that button; you'll die.

Best honest.. Would you ever press that button??
I will leave you with the answer... "

Anyway, let's continue. Recently i was browsing through the internet and came across a website where human beings stream their knowledge there and get paid on each and every vote they received from other members. Then i came across this question where someone asked "do you believe in god"? And the best part of it is; it’s a paid question where everyone is free to contribute their thoughts, idea or voice out what they think regarding a specific topic.

Then the question title "do you believe in god" immediately remind me of my short life story i tried to explain to you about; where i was been trapped as believing that I have a button on my head that the day I press that button; will be the day I die.

Anyway.. My story is a very long one. If i start writing it here, you can keep reading till tomorrow. I will leave below the paid question details; maybe you have something to contribute to that question. Your unique life experience about God can help motivate the next person who might just be in need of that unique experience you have.

What's fascinating is that, as you stream your knowledge with over 4.2 million Thinkle users, each time a user upvote any knowledge you've dropped. Your automatically get paid $0.01, while YouTube only pays $0.0015 now you see the point..

Monetize your knowledge daily with Thinkle. Question: Do you believe in God? Answer now: for $3.90 USD –> Not religious? You can choose your topic of expertise on their list collections.

1> I think, 2> I drop on Thiknle, 3> I go to the bank, 4> YOU, guess what's next.

You can find me here https://www.takido.io/thinkle/user/trippydude


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