Automatic and Natural Large Insect Modification for Military Use

The General Motors OnStar system is a cool system for any family. There is even the ability to unlock your door from Space, if you lock yourself out of your car you simply call a number and they unlock the door. With this great technology and the fact it always knows where you are with GPS means the OnStar system could do much more, if it were designed to do so. For instance OnStar Satellite System could be used for Engine Efficiency, self-driving buses, BAE Systems Unveils Advanced Unmanned Robotic Military Vehicle over the road trucks, train controls or even street sweepers at night and Garbage Trucks in the early mornings.

With GIS information data sets figured into the GPS Navigational system it would be easy to control unmanned ground vehicles in our civilization. There is a shortage of truck drivers and cities need to cut labor costs. Many of our Nations Largest Municipal Transportation Systems have had strikes in the last year. Additionally with fuel costs up, we must cut costs somewhere. By over laying map systems, ESRI software and XML database sets this system can be integrated and that is not a problem. Thus taking care of the coming shortages in drivers and the escalating labor costs, which threatens to sink our nations most critical transportation systems.

There would also be military applications for this to save fuel and increase range on the heavier bullet proof re-enforced Humvees. Indeed as we saw in the DARPA Challenge all these technologies are fully feasible and during that event much of this technology was not even used or allowed due to contest rules. These systems for true autonomous ground transportation along with anti-collision devices now available by German and Japanese Automakers this whole plan could be a done deal in relatively short order.

This could also prevent wartime deaths from roadside bombs and be used for robotic warfighting vehicles especially for army tanks, robotic vehicles and UAVs too. By developing these systems and technologies to the fullest we maybe able to allow for the transfer technology to the private sector to insure a greater advantage in efficiency in Ground Transportation, think on this.

From robotic construction trucks to robotic submarines, the world of robotic vehicles is being employed to revolutionize our lives. Traditionally associated with the military, robotic planes, submarines, tanks, trucks, cars, mechanical bugs and other types of mobile robots are being developed for civilian use as well. Futuristic advancements are no longer a matter of "How," but more so a matter of "When," as to when the technology will be affordable enough for average citizens.

"The good thing about this system is you don't have to send a marine out and risk that life," Captain James Lee said of his bomb-disassembling and reconnaissance mission robotic vehicles. The machines may cost $100,000 a piece, but they're fairly durable, especially considering that duct tape and common materials can be used to patch them. The Packbot Scout Robot (developed by Robotic Systems JPO) quickly takes apart a bomb, saving an entire Humvee full of soldiers.


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