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RYO Clubs Presidents Opinion of the Injunction Chances & Ramifications

Dear Members & Friends -

I feel it necessary to express my opinion for what it matters in regards to the attempted injunction being pursued by a group of machine owners right now.

It reminds me of that old saying 'Be careful what you wish for!".

Keep in mind, that aside from the legal costs involved ( I hear up to 500k to be funded by machine owners if they go the distance with the government to court.), what happens if the injunction IS granted and one of the conditions is that operators must place any potential taxes in escrow until the court case? Does that help anyone at all?

Also, remember that retailers were dropped from the big case against TTB that is pending in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals now because the judge said that retailers clearly had the opportunity to attempt to comply with the TTB's ruling but failed to. He said that retailers should have tried to apply for manufacturers permits and then showed proof they couldn't get a permit. Or if they were granted one, they could have sued the government and recollected their unfair taxes paid if they won in court over the unconstitutionality of their requirement.

So I don't see much of a difference in this matter. It is still retailers who never attempted to comply with manufacturers requirements as far as I know, and an escrow requirement which would be useless. Also, if by some chance the injunction is granted without any escrow, then the old status quo of buying clicks will come back, and how good is that?

In my mind, the clubs are the future, unless you are in another country such as England, which I understand is the next prime marketing spot for RYO Filling Station UK.

Finally, be ultra careful if you decide to go it alone and simply apply for a non-profit entity and attempt running machines in another location under a new concept. That plan is completely fraught with danger and hidden traps if you arent fully aware of what the demands and requirements are. Some people are planning on operating with the risk of being a rogue operator. I fear that some of these folks will be targeted and made examples of to make everyone else rethink the whole thing. Remember, if you don't get it right from the start, you leave yourself open to Federal Crimes of running an illegal enterprise, and illegal cigarette manufacturing, tax fraud, etc..

Join our RYO Club Inc and help take the worries out of the unknown!

RYO Clubs Inc

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