• Delete Yahoo account in 5 simple steps – A brief guide

Delete Yahoo account in 5 simple steps – A brief guide

What would be your first objective, when you realize that the Yahoo account has been hacked? The breach in security will, of course, be a setback. When you are using the Yahoo mail as the primary account, it also means that confidential information along with personal data is not safe anymore. Perhaps, upgrading the security of the Yahoo might be of some help. However, it will be almost like too little, too late.

Why not delete the Yahoo account?

Deleting the account is perhaps one of the best possible alternatives. At least, in doing so, you have a chance to get rid of the problem, once and for all. Nevertheless, deleting the account isn’t exactly that easy. If you have made up of your mind to proceed ahead, then it all comes down to knowing the procedure.

5 Simple Steps to Delete Yahoo account

1. Log into Yahoo account – Make sure to enter the correct username and the password. If you have forgotten the password, then follow the instructions to retrieve it and continue the same.

2. Proceed towards the “Account Termination” link – To locate the Account Termination link, look for the help button on the bottom right page. Once you are on the help page, click on the My Account Link. Within the My Account page, select the Register or Delete the account. From here, click on the closing your Account. To confirm, click on the Account Termination link.

3. Make sure to enter the login details – In order to complete the procedure, you are required to enter the login details twice. This is done in order to confirm that you really want to complete the task of deleting the account.

4. Account notification termination - If you are looking to delete the account, it also means, you are not anymore going to access services such as Yahoo mail, Flickr and that of the contact lists. In addition to this, make sure to unsubscribe from any paid services, before moving onto delete the account.

5. Enter the password and you are done – As far as deleting the Yahoo account is concerned, the last and final step is to enter the account password, after going through the account termination page. You also need to fill the CAPTCHA, so as to prove that you are human.

It is not as if Yahoo will instantly delete the account details. The details are kept safe for a period of 90 days, after which it will be erased permanently.

For those, who are having problems or issues with the account deletion process, to know more, they can prefer to contact the experts by using the 24x7 Yahoo customer service number

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