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Welcome to Honduras, Properties504 are your real estate in Honduras, your guides and experts in one of the most dynamic and competitive real estate markets in the region. We offer our knowledge of the country to give you the best advice, so that your investment in real estate is fast and reliable simple. We have lived in Honduras for over 40 years so we know the whole country, inside and out, know their neighborhoods and their homes.

In Honduras you can find a wide variety of activities, so you can incorporate your lifestyle, it's a great choice if what you want is to live in this country and for this you need to acquire properties that allow you to have a rhythm of life quieter or a change from country to bring you closer to your family, we give support in all the paperwork so you can buy home or rented according to your needs and budget.

But if what you want is to come on holiday or for a relaxing time, our region offers diverse opportunities to experience new things, such experiences as breathing the mountain air, enjoy exotic beaches, places of temperate climate, and elevations very cold, even there we will be your allies to help you locate apartments or rest homes near the beach or the mountains, that have all the amenities, and are equipped with utensils and required furniture, spacious kitchens, clean bathrooms, spacious rooms , common spaces and greenery, all this as long as you do not miss any of these experiences, so you can find on our website, any property or property that you require for your stays long, medium and short term.

How about a cabin style house in the mountains? It would be the perfect break for those who enjoy being in contact with nature and the outdoors activities Or a house near the beach? Ideal for those who enjoy the sea and the sea breeze. Or maybe a house, hacienda with horses and a great pool to relax, the perfect plan for those who want to get away from the bustle of the city. Maybe what you need is a rest house where you get with your family and where each member feels at ease, as if they were in the comfort of your home, we have all options to make your rest is deserved.

If what you need is to rent furnished apartments for your business or workers, are at your disposal and we are leaders in the real estate market, we have apartments available to suit your budget, with a full complement, so your workers sit taste arriving each day of work at home.

We have all kinds of properties at your fingertips, drove from lots that sold apples for agriculture or livestock, sell and rent warehouses to maquilas or businesses, to luxurious and exclusive properties for distinguished tastes, all with the sole purpose of give you the property you need, let us look for what you need and let us bring you the best real estate solutions in the country. Take care of your investment and give REALTY you need is our mission.

We know the popular movement, but also high-end high standards, Honduras is that and more. But our company does not stay in it but also inside the country, where both flora and fauna combine to landscapes give us that are fascinating, from the south of my country with the best dairy and seafood nationally and globally , to the north with our Islas de la Bahia, exotic our white sandy beaches, from Tela Bay and across the Atlantic seaboard, or if you are people who are passionate about the Archaeological topic see our Sultana of the West the famous ruins of Copan world heritage, our culture, our folklore, combined with a remarkable and majestic rainforest known as Biosphere river banana it found in the second largest department of Honduras, thank God. There will also provide and advise not only spaces but places combining the following concepts modernity, traditionalism, comfort, quiet, green spaces, spaces for spiritual retreats where peace and harmony converge being your greatest allies to fit perfectly with your style and life requirement.

We give you the chance to make a safe investment in high-valuation, whole habitats, bold and avant-garde, bringing together all that is needed for all times; work, study, interact with others, meet, eat, talk, create, live.

Our properties can offer you the chance to attend big business, they are located in large shopping areas, in quiet and exclusive neighborhoods. Strategic locations in different parts of the different cities to which we can go with you.

We specialize in buying, selling, leasing, rental houses, apartments, suites, apart studios, farms, rest house, houses rustic houses minimalist, beach house, buildings, gardens, lots, warehouses, business premises, offices rooms, offices, everything you require for your business, permanent or temporary stay in Honduras.

Also if what you want is to invest in real estate, our philosophy of life is work less, earn more and live so that you feel free to things that really matter, we want to help you find yourself and learn with us how to how to get out of this financial cycle where you feel that you work to live and live to work, we want our lived experience help you find the best way to profitability in your business without being enslaved to a business. We have a wide variety to satisfy all tastes, new projects that tend to be recovered over time, making you have high profitability, even if you're outside the country, are committed to give you our support, to advise the best we form the best professionals ,

Are good investment options buying property and then rent them, or expect is recovered and then rented them out if any gain that generated goodwill. If your need is to offer your property, we also receive it in order to give the best advertisement so you can be sure to find the right people who just look for what you offer. It will be a pleasure to serve as intermediary for the sale of your property. So if a property to accounts which are not giving use, please call us and we will provide the best options to make your heritage and produce good profits in the business of real estate.

 We have a wonderful team, committed people whose main goal is to meet the real estate needs of our customers. We support, advise and provide our expertise to acquire your dream home, apartment, office or commercial premises, are met, in the most simple, reliable and secure manner. We are dedicated to providing high quality solutions in residential and commercial matters to meet the needs of real estate services to our clients in a timely manner; as we seek to protect and optimize the return on equity of the owners or tenants (tenants), in a professional, ethical and legal framework, based on the efficiency of the service, responsibility and fulfill our social function;

We are the best alternative in Honduras for those who want the help of an estate agent offer a close and decisive relationship, looking for the most innovative ideas for our customers to fully feel accompanied and advised throughout the process of buying a property or rental the same, to improve their quality of life and enjoy a good time relaxing.

We have property surrounded by nature, houses and apartments filled with anecdotes and stories, where our customers have experienced great moments where our prospective buyers or tenants could also acquire great experiences, from the view of the setting sun, even the best and most deserved night's rest. Our properties are original and are located in the best areas, you will have the best neighbors, so it will not be difficult to make new friends, you'll be pleased to acquire property or rent it with us because we have what you want and need at this time.

For those who are looking to buy, we understand that a property is not purchased alone, we offer to be the supermarket property, where what is advertised is certified and ready for sale, without cumbersome procedures with safe and legal support.

So here we are, at your disposal, to publicize the property you want to sell, for this we have a web platform where the user can search for a property and owners can advertise. Although, it is clear, that is not published anything until you are certified by one of our representatives, ie, collect legal documentation, verify that it is not disqualified on succession processes or mortgaged, then access a contract to provide services exclusively, we take photographs of properties and so we ensure that these properties offer what they promise and collect signature according to real estate development business. This means that a property offered on our site is ready for sale.

Look for properties that best suit your needs in our database, we have options to purchase real estate prices and needs. Houses and apartments in major cities of Honduras, the best opportunities unmissable estate prices.

We know that every day thinking about winning and getting good dividends from your investments, is why this time we invite you to take full advantage of these properties used with the opportunity to remodel to sell or ease of rent it if you have is obsolete.

Our real estate company is a private entity that creates an interaction between buyers, renters and people with the need to manage their assets in conjunction with agents specializing in equipment sales, rental and property management. Whether the sale or lease of real estate, our role is based on searching connect owner and potential customers for the final out of business in the best way, so that both parties are satisfied with the terms of the deal has been achieved .

Our work focuses on the marketing of land, for we rely on technological tools and methods of direct selling, this depends largely a successful and rapid closure of the business, because we know that as much tools and best practices and sales tactics, less time of sale or lease.

Permanently select the best projects of houses and country apartments, offices, warehouses and shops, places offering security, tranquility and the possibility of being in touch with nature for a client who wants to escape from the noise of the city, or for a client you want a good place to start your business. More and more people in big cities like Tegucigalpa or Tela go to cities like San Pedro Sula or cuts in finding the home of your dreams so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the best quality of life that you can live in cities still small. We also advise those Hondurans or foreigners who live in other countries and dream of returning and build a house in his hometown to reunite with his family.

We have known for having houses for sale in exclusive locations in the city of San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of Honduras, such as: Colonia La Trejo, Rio de Piedra, Quintas el dorado, Residencial La Floresta and Villa Macay, so if your interest is buying homes in Honduras, which are equipped with large bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room please contact us, we have a team of real estate agents, ready, able and willing to do so.

Each project has the characteristics we selected the seriousness and trajectory of sellers or vendors, environmental responsibility; try that projects are near the city, its spaces are generous so you can have your garden and your garden, but also that they can fulfill your dreams in terms of areas, finishes or particular requirements you have about the place where want to live or vacation.

Properties504, the specialist in real estate in Honduras not only offer these services, but in turn provide our customers the best service and information possible to meet their needs in terms of properties, our professional staff is trained for proper guidance in finding solutions, meeting the needs of the seller or purchaser or lessor and lessee, without forgetting the details that make it unique each transaction.


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