Primary School Science Experiments Classes

Sunday, 30th October 2016 (all day)

Location: London

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We know that science is an inevitable part of human lives. All the comforts we enjoy in terms of electronic home appliances, vehicles, and other amenities are with the application of science in various forms. Because of the importance of science, it is crucial that today’s kids are well aware of the various aspects of it. Learning science from an early age is thus one of the primary concerns of schools around the world. 

Despite the necessity of proper science education, there is a sheer lack of structured courses at preschool levels. Kids grow up to hate science related subjects because they were not taught about the basic principles. This ought to be changed and the only way to achieve this goal is to make them fall in love with science through simple experiments and develop a true insight about science from an early age itself.

Learning science

Many primary schools have now introduced different modalities to enhance the interest of school kids towards science subjects. These programs aim to make the kids learn science through project-based workshops in which they can learn about life, earth, galaxy, machines, human body etc. through simple examples and models.

The basics of many of the science concepts like gravity, motion, electricity, mass etc. can be learned through simple experiences. To create an interest in science, it is ideal to make students also listen to the stories of great scientists as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, and Isaac Newton etc.

Science experiments

There are many simple experiments by using the common materials, which are available at home and school for the kids to do. However, these needed to be done under the supervision of elders to prevent any potential accidents or hazards. These sessions also have to be made interactive and group activities. 

There are various experiment topics available online for children of all age groups as 3-4 years of age, 4-7, and 5-8, which one can choose accordingly. The major topics covered in these experiments include, but not limited to;




Human anatomy






Resistance and friction

Potential and kinetic energy etc.

Couple of examples for simple primary school science experiments

1. Coin cleaner

Kids can do this experiment on their own. Needed things are a few old non-shiny coins, vinegar, salt, a bowl, and paper towels.

First, you need to add a teaspoon of salt to one-quarter cup of vinegar and stir for some time. Then put the old coins into the bowl. Take the coins out after 20 seconds and rinse in clear water. Place them on to the paper towels to dry them up. The coins will now look clean and shining. Vinegar has acidic property and the salt also reacts to vinegar and removes copper oxide accumulated on the coins to make them shine.

2. Flying tissues

Kids may love science once they can see some magic out of it. With this experience you can see one such magic done by static electricity. It is a simple trick which kids can show to their friends.

The needed articles are tissue paper, scissors, and a comb. First cut the tissue paper into smaller 2 x 2-cm square pieces. Next run the comb through hair for 15 to 20 times. Bring the comb directly above the tissue paper pieces and you can see the paper starts to fly. The paper is pulled up by the comb as static electricity is created on the comb.

You can search internet to find many such simple but wonderful experiments to try with your little ones. Schoolteachers can do some research to find out such projects to be made a part of the curriculum while teaching different principles of science.


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