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  • Three Occasions to Use Poly Mailers

Three Occasions to Use Poly Mailers

Letters have a personal touch on them. If you want a greet your friend a happy birthday or send an occasional holiday greeting to your family, writing a letter is the best way to express your love and care towards your friends and family members. Moreover, sending letters shows that they are important to you rather sending a rush email. 

So, are you planning to send a letter in the future holidays? 

If you do, make it more personal, unique and creative. Use designer poly mailers to send a letter to your long distance friends and relations. 

Printed designer poly mailers are different compared to your regular envelopes. This type of mailer is unique since you can get them in varying designs, colors and styles. You can choose one according to the occasion, for instance, there are a printed Easter poly mailers to send your letter during Easter holiday and many more. 

What type of occasions can you use a poly mailer to send your letter or package? Here it is. 


Birthdays are special as they come. Of course, a person celebrates his or her birthday once a year. Thus, it is important that you remember this special occasion in the life of your close friend or relatives. The good thing is there are lots of poly mailers designs for birthday occasions out there in the market. The Inspired Mailers, one of the leading providers of quality poly mailers offer various designs of poly mailers for birthday celebrations. You can find right here different colors, designs, and styles of poly mailers for this occasion. Whether you are planning to send a package or letter to a little girl, a young boy, a teenager or an adult, there are countless of options for you at Inspired Mailers. 


This holiday is one of the most awaited yearly occasions especially for kids and kids at heart. If you want to celebrate Halloween despite the distance between you and your friend, send them a Halloween treat or a greeting through a letter. Also, use a poly mailer with Halloween prints to pack your trick or treat. There are several Halloween designs of poly mailers at Inspired Mailers. You can find on this site solid colored poly mailers in orange and black at an affordable price. 


Before the year ends, another holiday that most people love to celebrate is Christmas. This holiday season is the perfect time to send gifts to your friends and family members. Not to mention, gift giving is a significant tradition during Christmas season to show your love and affection to the special person in your life. If you want to make your gift more personalized, you can use a poly mailer with Christmas prints. You can find some shipping envelopes with designs for such occasion at Inspired Mailers. In addition, if you are sending a letter or package to all of your friends, bulk buy poly mailers at this site. Right on Inspired Mailers, you can get a pack of 50 or 100 poly and bubble mailers. 

Now, are you interested to know more about these poly mailers? You can check them out at Inspired Mailers.

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