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How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally

Not a common problem if existing pimple on the face can be disturbing appearance. Upon arrival - got your face smooth tumbuhi pimple will certainly make frantic. Not a bit of treatment and prevention measures undertaken for pimple on the face as soon recovered. But do not stop there sometimes pimples that grow on the face can result in itching of the face. Indeed, pimples that itch is not a too heavy but if in fact there scratching feared infection in the face. On the other hand itchy pimples that leave it alone also can make them feel uncomfortable.

Before discussing how to get rid of pimple itch, we have to recognize in advance what are the factors that cause pimple becomes itchy. The cause of pimple itch on the skin caused, among others:

1. Weather

At the time of particular weather conditions of pimple can be arrived - arrived itch. Generally pimple itching at the time of hot air. This occurs as a result of dust flying in the air against the face with pimple that emerges itching. An effective way to stop the itching can be by washing your face immediately.

2. bacteria

pimple on the face caused by bacteria called pimple vulgaris. These bacteria multiply in the skin and can cause itching pimple. Now many anti-pimple drug that can kill the bacteria so that itch in facial pimple is reduced.

3. Cosmetics

Again -lagi selection of cosmetics for the face can affect itching of the face. Cosmetics should be used that have compatibility with the skin type. That's why you must know in advance the type of skin. Only after the use of cosmetic products are suitable.

4. Stress

The next factor that triggers itchy pimple is stress. Stress has long been in the know have a negative effect on the skin and pimple. That is why the stress must be managed properly by myself for the sake of skin and overall health.

Source: PimplesRemedyIdeas - All About Pimples Causes & How to Get Rid

That is the cause of pimple becomes gatalpada skin. We recommend that if the pimple itch do not scratch or push because it will leave scars jaringat permanent scar on the face.

Get rid of pimple or treat pimple is a step that must be done immediately. It is intended that the condition of pimple is not severe semain and not spread throughout the skin. To get rid of pimple are many ways to do and make sure it is using a safe manner. How to get rid of pimples that itch more safely done using natural materials. This is because natural ingredients do not have any side effects in the long-term use. The following natural ingredients that can eliminate pimple itch:

1. Honey and cinnamon

Honey is a natural fluid that comes from the nectar of flowers processed by bees. Medical and beauty benefits of honey is very important and good for the body and skin. To treat pimple itchy own honey has antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria that cause pimple. As for the cinnamon can stop pain in pimple. Here's how to make a mask of honey and cinnamon:

  • Take some teaspoon of cinnamon powder and then add honey to taste.
  • The second material was stirred with flat to merge its entirety.
  • After that just rub a pimpled face to relieve itching.
  • Wait a mask to 30 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Use of masks of honey and cinnamon can be used as much as once a day at night time.

2. Lime

Lime has long been believed as the fruit is good for the skin because it can clog your pores - pores on the face so that the dirt does not easily fit. The cause of pimple on the face stems from clogging pores - pores due to dirt and dust. That's why a lot of lime used as the manufacture of facial cleansing products. And how to make a mask of lemon, among others, are as follows:

  • Provide one lime juice then split into two parts.
  • Put a small plate and squeeze the juice into the dish.
  • After the last lime juice apply on face thoroughly and let stand for 30 minutes.
  • As for the excess lime juice can be stored in the refrigerator for use on the next day.

So lime can help you to cope with itching pimples on the face. To use lemon mask can be done only once a day while helping to overcome inflammation of pimple.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is a vegetable that is rich in water. That is why cucumber can also be used as fresh vegetables to accompany the meal nasi.Di behind it all cucumbers are also many benefits in addition to the health side also in the field of beauty. As for how to make a mask of metimun to get rid of pimples that itch are:

  • Provide cucumber then peel the skin to clean, then rinse the cucumbers under running water.
  • Grate cucumber until smooth and put into small dishes.
  • Afterwards cucumber paste on the face for 30 minutes to soak into the skin.
  • Then just rinse your face thoroughly.

Be noted Pemakian cucumber mask can be every other day because besides relieve itching on pimple mask cucumber can also cool the skin.

Pimples - Acne

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