To establish a NPO with a fully functioning and staffed office including management relating to the services of the art, film & entertainment community including online.

This office should be responsible for all new technology interventions including press, film, commerce and other sectors not yet defined. 

To set procedures that will define holistic healthy online conditions which will not impact on society and job loss.

To take situations where this has occurred and to find solutions to create employment.

Our purpose is to rebuild the South African community through art and culture.


In 2002 ZWBDC platform ArtorCraft was formed to assist artists with marketing, press coverage and promotion of their work. The platform covered art exhibition openings, interviewed artists, published works, and handled sales. It has been successful and helped tremendously with the growth of art in South Africa. They then went on to cover other sectors which resulted in a huge impact on the country and the world in large.


To increase the acceptance of the online world and to change perception of the value of the internet.


1.    Art and Craft – Books, film, publication, press, music

2.    Art and Craft – Manufacture, marketing, and sales

3.    Transport

4.    Governance

5.    Social issues – inclusion, job creation, 

The idea is to start a show to develop talent thus direct and indirect jobs and then to build those talents into opportunities for transformation and poverty alleviation. Taking the disadvantaged and socially challenged people and showing them what reality can benefit them. By showing them that by taking responsibility for their environment they can benefit their health and wealth. Corporates can buy into the program  and earn social responsibility points. 

Creates direct jobs & indirect jobs

Builds skills/capacity in the workforce teaching better methods and creating new systems and products.
Creates opportunity for poor, rural, or marginalized communities. Changing mindsets to the media will transform the country.
Provides products or services that benefit those living in poverty Media persons are expected to work for FREE and to work on their stomachs. Nothing is done to help them earn a living wage.
Provides products or services that benefit disadvantaged groups. Media persons are disadvantaged in not getting the opportunities they cover others getting.
Provides products or services that improve social conditions. Media persons are higly trodden even though they work for the community.
Provides products or services that improve environmental conditions through knowledge and better systems.
Contributes Corporate Social Responsibility points

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