Observing Evening - Postponed due to Weather

Saturday, 14th March 2015 at 7:30pm - 11:30pm

Location: Society ClubRooms

This event is in the past.

Phoenix Observing Evening

Saturday, 14th March 2014 - Postponed

Location: Society Clubrooms

NOTE: This event has been postponed to Next Weekend, 21st March due to weather issues.

1pm Working Bee
contact us to find out what we will be working on at the clubrooms and observatories.

5pm Astronomy at the Pub
Join us at the Buckhorn bar and grill in Carterton
7:30 PM Evening program at the clubrooms
Night Sky by Richard Hall & Comsos

We have some really interesting science and astronomy news to share with you. A few Highlights are below.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

“When Knowledge Conquered Fear"

The episode begins with Tyson describing how pattern recognition manifested in early civilization as using astronomy and astrology to predict the passing of the seasons, including how the passage of a comet was often taken as an omen. Tyson continues to explain that the origin of comets only became known in the 20th century due to the work of Jan Oort and his hypothesis of the Oort cloud.

Tyson then continues to relate the collaboration between Edmond Halley and Isaac Newton in the last part of the 17th century in Cambridge. The collaboration would result in the publication of Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, the first major work to describe the laws of physics in mathematical terms, despite objections and claims of plagiarism from Robert Hooke and financial difficulties of the Royal Society of London. Tyson explains how this work challenged the prevailing notion that God had planned out the heavens, but would end up influencing many factors of modern life, including space flight.

Tyson further describes Halley's contributions based on Newton's work, including determining Earth's distance to the sun, the motion of stars and predicting the orbit of then-unnamed Halley's Comet using Newton's laws. Tyson contrasts these scientific approaches to understanding the galaxy compared to what earlier civilizations had done, and considers this advancement as mankind's first steps into exploring the universe. The episode ends with an animation of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies' merging based on the principles of Newton's laws.

8:30pm Supper and Observing
Bring your camera, telescope, biscuits and join us to have a look at the night sky.

Night sky Highlights

Venus is setting in the early evening then, Jupiter rises up later in the vening.
Cloudy Night – Sci Fiction Movie
If it’s Cloudy still make it along to enjoy a Sci-Fi Movie in the clubrooms.

Observing evening contacts

Richard 0272305191

Edwin 0212436992

Robin 0221904115

for any question on the night.

The evening will be cancelled If a severe weather warning is issued on the evening. This will be posted up on the Facebook group and website to let people know.


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