Stewardship & Education

Lake Stewardship & Education 

Everyone can become a healthy lake steward by minimizing their own impact on the land and water.  Please check out the Lake wise resources and programs below to learn and to enjoy our beautiful lake.

Biodiversity at Pigeon 

The LakeWise project was funded in part through the Watershed Stewardship Grant, a program of Land Stewardship Centre financed by Alberta Environment and Parks.

Featured Activities 

❤️ Love the Lake Family Fun Week ❤️ August 1 - 8

Why only dedicate one day to lake fun and learning? This year our fan favourite Love the Lake Family Fun Day will become a whole week of activities you can do with your family and friends.  Go bug dipping! Discover underwater plants! Enjoy storytime with a local beaver! Be a Nature Explorer! These activities (and more) are provided by our healthy lake partners:

To top it all off, come pick up a prize on August 8th at the Pigeon Lake Provincial Park once you’ve completed your Family Fun Hike. For you Nature Explorers who have been completing our trail series, this is also your opportunity to pick up your grand prize! These activities (and more) are provided by our healthy lake partners.

Love the Lake Family Fun Hike

Go for a hike around Pigeon Lake. During your walk, keep your eyes peeled for the plants and animals on the bingo cards. Complete a line on at least one of the cards and collect your prize on August 8th, 10 am - 2 pm, at the Provincial Park Day-Use Area.

Don't forget that :
1) not all plants are safe to handle
2) wildlife are best viewed from a safe distance

Print the Bingo Cards

Happy trails! 

Alberta Lake Management Society

Thought you missed your chance to complete the ALMS scavenger hunt?
Think again! The deadline to complete this photo scavenger hunt has been extended to September 8th! No need to collect anything, just be sure to take photos (it is a photo scavenger hunt after all :p).

ALMS has provided PRIZES for anyone who tries this activity. You don’t need to find everything...but if you do, you get an extra special big prize. Submit your photos using this google form, then email us at to arrange your prize pickup.

ALMS endeavours to promote understanding and management of lakes and their reservoirs across Alberta.

Start the Scavenger Hunt

Hint: you can find Pigeon Creek on our Weir Factsheet

Alberta Parks

Enjoy storytime with a local beaver! Some very keen AB Parks staff managed to track down a talking beaver at the Pigeon Lake Provincial Park ... and they had a lot to say. 


Battle River Watershed Alliance

Go bug dipping! Look for water-living invertebrates with our friends at the Battle River Watershed Alliance. Did you know that an invertebrate is a creature with no spine? Things like bugs, shrimp, and snails are all invertebrates! Be sure to explore the water safely and respect the invertebrates by keeping them in water while you investigate. Don’t forget to put them back once you’re done!

The Battle River Watershed Alliance leads in watershed management by connecting people through research, education, and advice to positively influence the future of our watersheds.

Cows & Fish

Spot the difference! Try this fun activity booklet

….but what’s a riparian area??
Riparian areas are the green zones of water-loving plants next to streams, wetlands, lakes and sloughs that help to keep water clean and are a home for wildlife. Think of them like armor for our water - keeping it protected. 

Cows and Fish is an Alberta-based group that works with landowners, communities and local stewardship groups to have functioning riparian areas for the benefit of all.


PLWA Nature Explorer Trail Series

Nature Explorers, discover four local Pigeon Lake nature areas: Rundle's Mission, Graves Nature Sanctuary, Village at Pigeon Lake Walking Trail, and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Campground Trail. This summer, PLWA will be sharing self-guided nature challenges for each trail to help you discover local plants and animals. Nature Explorers who complete at least three of the trails are eligible to win a prize. Prize pick up is on August 8, at the Provincial Park Day Use Area from 10 am to 2 pm.

*the final challenge (Challenge #4 - Provincial Park) is our Love the Lake Family Fun Hike - see above. Complete at least a line on one of the nature BINGO cards.

Challenge #1 - Rundle's Mission
Challenge #2 - Graves Wildlife Sanctuary
Challenge #3 - Village at Pigeon Lake Walking Trail
Challenge #4 - Provincial Park



Bingo Bonanza!

Get outside and get ready to go looking for plants & wildlife around Pigeon Lake with these family fun bingo card!

The first pattern will be one line, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Once you have finished each pattern (line, 4-corners, blackout), call “BINGO!” - post a picture of the card and tag us on Facebook, your Instagram story, Twitter, or send us an email at:


Native Plant BINGO Mammal BINGO

Preventing Invasive Species

As stewards of the lake preventing the spread of invasive species is essential to maintaining a healthy watershed and shoreline. What to do?

Noxious Weeds

Noxious (and Prohibited Noxious) weeds are regulated invasive plants which must be controlled or destroyed in accordance with the Alberta Weed Control Act.

  • Know the weeds common to Pigeon Lake 

  • Remove noxious weeds, persistence is key!

  • Dispose of weeds at the landfill in a sealed bag (alternatively, some can be dried in the sun) but never compost.

  • Prevent the spread 

Noxious Weeds of Pigeon Lake Poster

Aquatic Invasive Species

Keep Aquatic Invasive Species out of Pigeon Lake

Did you know...Prussian Carp, and whirling disease have been found in Alberta waterways? Zebra and Quagga Mussels are in lakes as close as Manitoba and Montana. And, Eurasian Watermilfoil is in lakes in British Columbia.

These “happy travellers” easily attach to boats and marine equipment. When boats and watercrafts come to Pigeon Lake from other lakes the risk of infecting our lake is high. Once in the lake, it's almost impossible to eradicate invasive species and eradication efforts come at a high cost to taxpayers. Prevention is the best measure.

Clean Drain Dry your watercraft and gear!

Invasive Species Threaten Alberta Lakes - PSA

Zebra mussels have been detected near Alberta. If they make it into our lakes, it can cost upwards of $75 million dollars a year to control them. These and other invasive species are nearly impossible to eliminate and will damage the ecosystem and economy. Protect Alberta Lakes this summer. If transferring between lakes, clean drain dry watercrafts and equipment. This message brought to you by the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association. For more information call Alberta's hotline at 1-855-336-BOAT (2628).

Created by: Pigeon Lake Watershed Association (PLWA)

Produced by: Miles Jackson, Ma-Me-O Music Ltd




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