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ENDOWMENT FUND: Pigeon Lake Watershed Association has a Family of Endowed Funds with the Edmonton Community Foundation. To contribute, please contact Noel Xavier at

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Help enhance & protect Pigeon Lake and its watershed.
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Pigeon Lake Watershed Association
P.O. Box 1353
Calmar, Alberta
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Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

The PLWA is a charitable, non-profit environmental advocacy group made up of people who live, work and play in Pigeon Lake and its Watershed. 

The PLWA partners with residents, groups and governments willing to step up because we are the lake stewards. Together we are enhancing the health of the watershed and lake... the place we cherish!

Learn more...

Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan

 The Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan, rooted in science & endorsed by the municipalities, is our road map for change.

Visit to review the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan (the "PLAN"). Key watershed actions and information for the health of the lake!  


Upcoming Coffee Conversations

Ice Quakes
November 15, 2020 at 9:30am - 10:30am
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Join us for the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association Online Coffee Conversation with guest Don Davidson. #BYOCoffee

Cryoseisms or "ice quakes" are a phenomenon,
caused by the sudden expansion of ice during certain climatic conditions, can result in spectacular ice ridges as well as considerable damage to property and shorelines. At Pigeon Lake, we frequently experience a large booming noise during the winter and can notice our cabins shaking when these ridges form. On January 1, 2018, a cryoseism occurred which was measured over 2.0 on the Richter scale at several
Alberta lakes during a period of rapid temperature increase.Find out why they occur and the effect they have on our shoreline.


Join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Aug 15 - Oct 12

With so many people out enjoying the lake this year, now more than ever, it is important to pitch in to clean up the shoreline along your property or the local public beach with family and friends. Once the cleanup is complete, send the Data Card to PLWA. PLWA will tally and report the results to the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup program. Results will be posted on October 14th. 

How to Participate in the Clean Up:
1) Complete the required waiver form or by Registering online with the "Pigeon Lake Watershed Association" Shoreline Cleanup

Your cleanup can be anywhere along the Pigeon Lake shoreline. (Cleanup is not restricted to the area listed in the web link).

2.) Review the Safety Tips 

3.) Print and Complete the Data Card

4.) Email your Data Card to:

(Alternatively, if you would like to be a Community Leader "captain" please contact us:

Note: This is not a single day event. PLWA is instead asking individuals, families or small groups to work independently and complete a cleanup anytime (or ongoing) between now and October 12. PLWA will tally and post the results on the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup website.

“Litter can have negative impacts on wildlife and ecosystems, including ingestion or entanglement, environmental toxicity due to harmful chemicals in plastics.”  @shorelinecleanup


First Annual Camp Directors Stewardship & Networking Meeting

An opportunity for directors and staff from local Pigeon Lake camps to get to know each other, learn a little more about PLWA and discuss ways we can work together to be stewards of the lake and watershed. This will be an online meeting (phone or internet).

August 20th, 2020 at 10:30am - 11:30am


❤️ Love the Lake Family Fun Week ❤️
August 1 - 8

Why only dedicate one day to lake fun and learning? This year our fan favourite Love the Lake Family Fun Day will become a whole week of activities you can do with your family and friends.  Go bug dipping! Get to know the lake! Enjoy storytime with a local beaver! Be a Nature Explorer! These activities (and more) are provided by our healthy lake partners:

  • Alberta Lake Management Society
  • Alberta Parks
  • Battle River Watershed Alliance
  • Cows and Fish

Activities and More Information


Invasive Species Threaten Alberta Lakes - PSA

Zebra mussels have been detected near Alberta. If they make it into our lakes, it can cost upwards of $75 million dollars a year to control them. These and other invasive species are nearly impossible to eliminate and will damage the ecosystem and economy. Protect Alberta Lakes this summer. If transferring between lakes, clean drain dry watercrafts and equipment. This message brought to you by the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association. For more information call Alberta's hotline at 1-855-336-BOAT (2628).

Created by: Pigeon Lake Watershed Association (PLWA)

Produced by: Miles Jackson, Ma-Me-O Music Ltd



Water Level and the Function of the Weir

Shifting from low water levels to high water, PLWA has been asked many questions. Learn more about the rapid change, risks for shoreline and find out more about who operates the water control structure ("weir"). 

Thanks to AEP for contributing to these two new information sheets.

Water Level Factsheet
Weir Factsheet


Questions About Water Quality or Swim Advisories?

We recommend monitoring the Alberta Health Services (AHS) page and taking the precautionary measures outlined by AHS. 

For more information: Cyanobacteria and Nutrient Loading


Upcoming Coffee Conversations

Birds & Conservation at Pigeon Lake and Edmonton Area - Encore!
August 5th, 2020 at 10am - 11am
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Ice Quakes
November 15, 2020 at 9:30am - 10:30am
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Annual General Meeting - July 25th 9:30 am

The PLWA AGM will be hosted via Zoom - join by phone (no internet required) or by web conference.

Meeting materials were circulated to members on Saturday July 18th.
To become a member click here.

Note: This is a PLWA business meeting only. In place of the typical open house with healthy-lake partners, please join our coffee conversations and other special activities.

Meeting Agenda | Presentation Slides


Explore Pigeon Lake with Native Plant Bingo

It’s BINGO time again! Get outside and get ready to go looking for native plants around Pigeon Lake with this family fun bingo card.

The first pattern will be one line, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Once you have finished each pattern (line, 4-corners, blackout), call “BINGO!” - post a picture of the card and tag us on Facebook, your Instagram story or Twitter.

Native Plant Bingo Card - Printer Friendly


PLWA Nature Explorer Trail Series

Nature Explorers, discover four local Pigeon Lake nature areas: Rundle's Mission, Graves Nature Sanctuary, Village at Pigeon Lake Walking Trail, and Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Campground Trail.

This summer, PLWA will be sharing self-guided nature challenges for each trail to help you discover local plants and animals. Nature Explorers who complete at least three of the trails are eligible to win a prize*. Watch the PLWA website and social channels for each of the challenges.

*Win a Prize: Anyone can become a Pigeon Lake Nature Explorer by either taking a selfie or by recording the code word at the secret location. To win a prize, you must show proof of completing at least three trails. You can collect your prize during the Love the Lake Family Fun Hike on August 8 at the Pigeon Lake Provincial Park.

Go to the Challenges


Do You Need a Father's Day Gift?

Create a custom birdhouse as a Father's Day present! Pick up a birdhouse from PLWA. The birdhouses will be for sale ($20) in the center of town square, Village of Pigeon Lake, on June 13th from 10am - 2pm. We will be accepting e-transfers in advance (preferred) for curb-side pick-up, but cash payment will also be accepted for onsite purchases.

Birdhouses at Pigeon Lake welcome birds and offer a safe place for mother birds to lay eggs, for the eggs to hatch and for baby birds to grow stronger. With a healthy bird population in the community, the birds help to fertilize the soil, add biodiversity, control pests and more.


2019 LakeWatch Report for Pigeon Lake 

LakeWatch has several important objectives, one of which is to collect and interpret water quality data from Alberta’s Lakes. LakeWatch reports are designed to summarize basic lake data and are not meant to be a complete synopsis of information about specific lakes.

LakeWatch Summary Report 2019
Pigeon Lake Report 2019


Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation in Areas Around Pigeon Lake

April 2020 - In the summer of 2018 the Alder Flats, Winfield, Buck Lake, Pigeon Lake areas and another location west of Wetaskiwin experienced an in flight of mountain pine. In 2019, 33 sites had been confirmed. This tree-killing bark beetle's main host is lodgepole pine. If you suspect an infestation on your property, get
confirmation from arborist and remove any dead pine tree by the beginning of June. Following the
recommended procedures for removing a dead tree is necessary to stop the spread. There are also
measures you can take to protect your healthy pine trees e.g. consider using a repellant on older or
distressed pines and monitor for signs of infestation. For more information:

Prevent Further Spread: AB Gov.

Fact Sheet: Natural Resources Canada


2020 Invasive Species Awareness Week

Did you know...Prussian Carp, and whirling disease have been found in Alberta waterways? Zebra and Quagga Mussels are in lakes as close as Manitoba and Montana. And, Eurasian Watermilfoil is in lakes in British Columbia.

These “happy travellers” easily attach to boats and marine equipment. When boats and watercrafts come to Pigeon Lake from other lakes the risk of infecting our lake is high. Once in the lake, it's almost impossible to eradicate invasive species and eradication efforts come at a high cost to taxpayers. Prevention is the best measure.

The Pigeon Lake Watershed Association and the Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities are working together to implement a prevention strategy.

Pigeon Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Strategy

Clean Drain Dry your watercraft and gear!

Aquatic Invasive Species

Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan

Objective 7a Pigeon Lake / In-Lake Management
Invasive Species: Improve education and build local defenses to keep out aquatic invasive species.


2018-19 Annual Report                                  

View the Report              


PLWA hosts another successful Love the Lake Fun Family Day

Families joined us for the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association’s Annual Love the Lake Family Fun Day at the Provincial Park on August 10th to have fun and learn about lake stewardship, nature, and biodiversity.  Families got to meet Rickie the Northern Saw-whet Owl, learn about wildlife, check out bat artifacts, and participate in crafts, games, and face-painting.

Thanks to the Mulhurst Fire Dept, Cows and Fish, Beaverhill Bird Observatory, Alberta Community Bat Program, Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Staff, Alberta Lake Management Society, Pigeon Lake Public Library, Pigeon Lake Chamber of Commerce, the PLWA staff and Director, and the terrific volunteers who all helped to make the day a huge success!  

This event was made possible with funding from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Land Stewardship Centre and the Government of Canada through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. PLWA would also like to recognize the Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities and the Pigeon Lake Watershed Mangement Plan, Steering Committee for support of this initiative.

Nature Alberta’s Living by the Water, Love your Shoreline Assessments (Norris and Itaska)


AB Gov Pigeon Lake Shoreline Assessment 


Key Highlights 


Watch the Video with your neighbours opinions about why we ALL need to participate in the Clean Runoff Program for the lake.


When it Comes to Water We're All Connected



PLWA Online Coffee Conversations

Monday May 18th 9:30 am - Water Levels & Weir with Bob Gibbs & Don Davidson
Sunday May 31st 9:30 am - Butterflies Around Pigeon Lake with Felix Sperling
Sunday June 14th 9:30 am - Birds & Conservation at Pigeon Lake with Emily Cicon
Sunday June 28th 9:30 am - Talking with Local Native Plant Suppliers with Ben Hartney and Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed
Sunday July 12th 9:30 am - Making Your Landscape Work for You with Jan Hardstaff
Wednesday August 5th 10:00 am - Birds & Conservation at Pigeon Lake & Edmonton Area (Encore Presentation) with Emily Cicon
Sunday November 15th 9:30 am - Ice Quakes with Don Davidson

Join online or by phone. Preregistration is required. For more information about check the Events page

What You Need for Clean Runoff!

Learn from the Clean Runoff Action Guide about the importance of clean runoff.  Evaluate your lot runoff, and choose what you want to do!

ADD NATIVE PLANTS! View the Native Pollinator picture filled guide and use the quick reference Native Plant List for the height, colour, sun/shade and blooming times. 

ADD NATIVE GRASS or CLOVER to your lawn! 250 gm pkg for 1500 ft. 

Use RAIN BARRELS to water plants; catch and redirect the overflow to trees/deep rooted plants. Includes overflow hose, spout and mosquito filter.

Visit PLWA Staff at the Lakedell Farmers Market fridays from 4-7pm for more information.

Community Update

SUMMER VILLAGES OF PIGEON LAKE REGIONAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (Media Release, March 17, 2020): In view of the current Coronavirus situation the Emergency Advisory Committee has voted to unanimously approve the partial activation of Regional Emergency Management Program to keep the public informed, monitor the situation, follow provincial requests and plan for business continuity to protect vital municipal services with our virtual Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC).

For more information please visit

Silent Auction

Auction Closed

Thank you to everyone who participated! We appreciate your support of the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association. Winners have been contacted to organize pickup.


Bob Marley the Pelican” : Matthew Thurm
Bob Stevenson – Birds of the River

"Warm Water" Medium Hand Crafted Quilt : Jay Brinker
Margaret Hrynew

Cattails” : Joe & Susan Ellis
Margot Soltice – Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Cheep Rent” : Trevor Frost
Gail Farewell – Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

“In Progress” : Karie Holt
Dale Shuttleworth – Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Twitter: G Mckenzie 
Marcia Schmidt– Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Clothesline” : Lois Field
Penny Stokes– Pigeon Lake Artist’s Society

Map of Pigeon Lake

Upcoming Events

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Report Invasive Species

If you have questions about watercraft inspections or to report invasive species please call AEP at:



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