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A successful meeting!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Saturday, 19th February 2011 @ 9:01pm

 You may have noticed I've just sent you an invitation to a Google group if you're on the mailing list and I can see your email address.  If not, no need to panic - you can request membership at  I don't like having all these different groups :( but Groupspaces has no option for a 'chat' type mailing list so here we are!  Hopefully it won't get too confusing, or we can work something better out with time.  

The meeting was fun as - don't you think?!  For those who couldn't be there, I'll update you on what was said when I'm back in Oxford tomorrow or the day after - suffice for now to say it was well-attended by lovely people who had cool ideas and fab discussion!  

Optimistic vegan love, 
Nessa xx

First meeting TONIGHT!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Thursday, 17th February 2011 @ 12:10pm

Just a reminder that tonight the inaugural meeting of Oxford Vegans is going to be at the Gardener's Arms on Plantation St at 19:30.  

Here's a map if you need it:

Feeling the excitement!  
Nessa x

First ever Oxford Vegans meeting!

E-mail sent by Nessa Carson, Sunday, 13th February 2011 @ 8:48am

Hello everyone!  I'm sorry it's been a bit quiet lately.  To make up for this, I want to introduce the first ever Oxford Vegans meeting!  How is Thursday evening for everyone?  (Seriously, we're a small group so I'd love as many as can to attend.)  I was thinking about the Gardener's Arms in north Oxford - a veggie pub with lots of vegan food, for anyone who doesn't know it.  

On the agenda is - well, what we're going to do with this group.  If you have any suggestions or something that you'd really love to do, bring it along and let's discuss. :) 

I thought a Facebook event, for those who use it, would be a good idea as a reminder - don't worry, I won't post anything there that I don't post here!  This is our shiny new Facebook page (please like it; as yet I'm the only one...), and I'm about to post the event up there so it'd be great if you could RSVP!  

Again if you're having date/time issues, contact me and we'll figure out something better.  

Vegan love, 

The birth of Oxford Vegans!

Posted by Nessa Carson, Sunday, 16th January 2011 @ 9:31pm

  • Hello!  I'm Nessa Carson; I'm the new local contact for the Vegan Society in Oxford.  You can view my details on the Vegan Society website here: (click on my name to send me an email).  

    I'm hoping to have monthly meetings; you don't have to be a member of the Vegan Society to go to them, but you might find you want to be anyway!  I think it'd be cool to have extra public interface events as well; Vegan Pancake Tuesday anyone?  

    If you have any ideas, any questions, basically anything you want to say to me then you have my email.  Let's make this happen!  

    Ethical love, 
    Nessa xx

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